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SOC 102 Itagaki

Social Problems Fall 2007


These extra credit essays are worth 20 points each. You are to analyze either or both videos, An Inconvenient Truth and/or Sicko. You will apply and integrate relevant concepts and theories about social problems to this video.

The essay should be approximately 2-3 double-spaced pages, according to the format listed below and is due on through Turnitin.com by Sun., Dec. 17, 2007. Videos will not be placed on reserve or loaned to students. If you have further questions about this, please see the instructor.
Organization and Format of Video Analysis Essay:

  • Summary: Briefly describe and summarize a social problem addressed in the video. In this section, also cite three examples of objective conditions and subjective concerns related to the social problem from the film. You must cite at least one objective condition and one subjective concern. Essays that do not include the objective conditions and subjective concerns in the summary section will lose points.

  • Relevant Concepts/Theories: The goal of these next two sections is to explain the social problem in the film through a particular sociological lens. In this section, you must define which theoretical approach and/or concepts you plan to apply to the social problem displayed in the film. This section must include at least two references to your textbook, or another academic source, to accompany your definitions of your theoretical approach and concepts

  • Application of Relevant Concepts/Theories: Connect examples from the film and show how those examples illustrate elements of the theoretical approach and concept that you defined in the previous section. The goal for this assignment is to help you apply what you have learned in the course to something you can observe in our everyday world.

Grading Criteria:

Your grade for this assignment (worth up to 20 points) is based on:

  • Analysis (most important) - the understanding and application of relevant concepts and theories listed.

  • Organization and Flow

  • Delivery – the clarity of articulation and grammar of your analysis.

See your syllabus under the writing section of STUDENT PERFORMANCE REQIUREMENTS for further details on grading criteria of written assignments.

Provide citations of work utilized, and a reference section of works cited, including your textbook. APA format is the desired format for this class. Points will be deducted if academic and media sources are not cited.

Citations, References and APA style

As noted in the section above, you must correctly cite information about the sociological principle you are applying for this assignment. A correct citation must include the following:

  • Last name of the author (Henslin) and year in parentheses

  • In parentheses, have the page number where you located the information in the text book.

  • An example:

Vaughn (1986) stated that keeping secrets from our partners is necessary for maintaining our relationships. Otherwise, our intimate interactions would be “a tedious matter-of-factness devoid of surprises” (p. 11).

  • Each paper should have a brief “References” notation included, like the following which is in APA style:

Henslin, J.M. (2006). Social problems, 7th ed. (p. xxx-xxx). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Assignment Format (points will be deducted if the following instructions are not followed):

  • Papers should be between 2 to 4 pages using 12-point type (Times New Roman).

  • Papers should have one-inch margins, all the way around.

  • The text should be double-spaced and flush left.

  • Include headings for the following sections: Summary, Relevant Concepts/Theories, Application of Relevant Concepts/Theories, and References. Heading titles should be underlined and flush left.

  • No title page/cover sheet is necessary.

  • Put your name, Row and Seat #, and SOC 102 @ top, right-hand corner of each page

  • Paper must be stapled, if they are longer than one page.

Turnitin.com instructions:

To receive any credit for written assignments in this course, students must submit this assignment as a Microsoft Word document attachment through the Turnitin.com website, prior to bringing the assignment to class. Follow these steps to submit the assignment via the internet:

  • Go to the Turnitin.com website (http://turnitin.com).

  • Login with your email address and password you designated when you signed up. If you don’t have an account yet, follow the steps through the “New Users” link.

  • To enroll in the class first, use the “Enroll in a class link.”

    • Enter “Class/Section ID”: 1936095

    • Enter password: problems Then press “Submit.”

  • Once enrolled, a menu lists turnitin.com classes you are enrolled in. This class is called “07Fall Soc 102” with “Itagaki, M” listed as the instructor. Click on our class link.

  • Our class assignments should be listed. To submit your essay, hit the “submit” link

  • Title your essay in the “submission title” box, then use the browse button to help locate the file of your essay that you wish to submit, and double click on the correct file name.

  • The site will ask if it is the correct essay, showing the first few lines. Double check to make sure it’s the correct one, then press, “yes, submit” to submit the essay.

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