Extra Credit Assignment

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Extra Credit Assignment
On Study Island, there is an extra credit option available to you. You may choose to write a five paragraph essay on the following prompt:
Write to convince your parents that you are ready for a new privilege. It could be something like having your own cell phone, having a later bedtime, having a later curfew, or something else.
You can earn up to 10 extra credit points. Plus, it is good practice for the upcoming ISAT test.
To get started:
1. Login in to study island

Username: First two letters of your first name followed by your last name plus @cusd10

Password: Your Lunch Account Number
2. Click on the assignment titled “Extra Credit-Persuasive Writing
3. Then follow the directions on the screen and be sure to read the prompt carefully.
4. Begin typing your essay in the space provided. There is no need to have a large font or put it in different colors or use any other font effects.
5. If you would like to save your draft for a later time, you simply click “Save for Later.”
6. When you are done with the essay, you click the button “Turn in Composition.”
7. When you wish to exit after saving your draft or turning it in, you can simply click the “Exit” button.
8. If you run into any problems, feel free to ask because this is a new feature on Study Island.

Good Luck!

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