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Make a video of a famous archeologist, anthropologist or paleoanthropologist

In the style of an A & E Biography


Create a 5 entry (3 paragraphs each) diary of a famous anthropologist, anthropologist or paleoanthropologist in the style of an A & E Biography


Imagine you are Lucy or Ardi or a Neanderthal human and draw 6 frame cartoon using 10 vocabulary words. Set your cartoon in a specific place and time.

”I’m an idea man”


Considering the Benefits and Controversies of the Human Genome Project,

Choose 1 subtopic and make a 4 slide powerpoint using the DNA link on your teacher’s website.


Museum Artifact

Recreate an artifact or fossil from

Prehistory and place it in an exhibit that you design and label. See rubric and directions on your teacher’s website.


Make a drawing of Stonehenge . Label it with the date of its creation, the place and its name. Place 10 notes around it or on the back of your drawing. See your teacher’s website for more directions and website links.


Defend one theory about why Stonehenge was originally created. Support this theory using facts and analysis in 3 paragraphs. See you teacher’s website for more detailed directions and a rubric.

Movie Review

Pick a popular movie set in Prehistoric times and review it for entertainment value and as an historical resource.

What is historically accurate about this movie? What was added for entertainment value?

See your teacher’s web site for further directions and a rubric.

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