Extended Essay 1 in Geography hl author: Ewa Ilska Topic: The urban planning response to the flooding hazard in the city of Amsterdam

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Extended Essay 1 in Geography HL

Author: Ewa Ilska

Topic: The urban planning response to the flooding hazard in the city of Amsterdam.

(Temat: Planowanie przestrzenne w mieście jako prewencja przed powodziami w Amsterdamie.)
The extended essay research question, which is expressed as: What is the urban planning response to the flooding hazard in the city of Amsterdam? was to investigate the presence and effectiveness of the urban planning defence as the city’s response to the hazardous cases, one of which a flooding is. Amsterdam is particularly exposed to them because of the fact that it is situated below the sea level, which worsen the situation the more. That is the reason why examination the event seems to have an essential basis. By giving the evidence of the major problem of flooding in the city the causes must be recognized due to ability of analysis them and select the corresponding and right solutions to the created problem the city struggles with. Responses either older or fresh ones are going to be presented and explained in order to find the significance of them relatively to still present threats. Work would be focused in particular on innovative solutions and unique ones. Namely, solutions based on modern architecture and urban planning which were acquired by means of geographic books, guide book, magazines and websites as a base for inquiring, analysing, checking out and examining them to meet the challenge and to help relate to the stated research question.

The stated solutions will reveal the extent they contribute to working against the hazard. Still if they fulfil their functions. The summary of the work will remark the utility of adapted operations that in fact contributed to the partial change at the same time the improvement and a recovery, hence decreasing the hazard risk in Amsterdam.

Extended Essay 2 in Geography HL

Author: Jacek Dajewski

Topic: Revitalisation in Poznań. Focus on Półwiejska Street

(Temat: Rewitalizacja w Poznaniu. Przykład ulicy Półwiejskiej.)


The aim of my investigation was to answer the Research Question To what extent does the urban transition process on Półwiejska Street fit the concept of revitalization?’ In order to collect data that help to answer that question I found books and geographical articles about the theory of revitalization. To illustrate the practical actions that had place on the Półwiejska Street I used books and data that I collected during one – day long trip to Poznań. Using many definitions of the Revitalisation I created basic concept – theoretical actions that has to be undertaken in the perfect revitalization process. Next I examined 3 actors that were taking some actions to revitalise Półwiejska Street. These actors are City Council, Grażyna Kulczyk – Investor that restored Old Brewery present one of the most important buildings in Poznań and landowners who were responsible for the restoration of their tenements. The answer of the Research Question and conclusion of the essay is that Półwiejska Street incompletely fulfilled the condition of the area which should be revitalized It was vivid in the past and losing its vivacity, on the other hand it was not abandoned by the majority of dwellers. The Process of transition was lacking Planning strategy, which is crucial for revitalization, but still the results of the process are surprisingly similar to the results of theoretical revitalization. Because of that, processes that undergone on the Półwiejska Street can be called revitalization even without a planning strategy. However, it is not a perfect revitalisation.

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