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Regional and State Competitions - Explanation of Scoring

  1. The Academic Decathlon has ten events. Each event is evenly weighted at 1,000 points per competitor for a possible 10,000 points total. However, only six cumulative scores per team are counted for the team ranking - top two Honors, top two Scholastic, and top two Varsity. So the highest possible team score is 60,000. Scores of winning teams at the national level are usually in the 47,000 - 50,000 range.

  1. Six of the objective tests have 50 items. The raw score for these tests is converted to 1,000 points with each item worth 20 points. The math test has 35 items with each item being worth 28.6 points.

  1. The essay is scored based on a rubric. Each essay is independently read twice. If there is a divergence of more than 200 points in the two scores, the essay is read and scored by a third judge. The third score replaces the divergent score. The two scores are averaged for the final score.

  1. The speech and interview are performed before a panel of two to three judges. The judges complete the appropriate rubric which is based on a maximum of 100 points. That rubric score is then converted to a comparable 1,000 point final score. (100 rubric score = 1,000 final score)

  1. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded in each event and for each category (honors, scholastic, varsity) for both large and small schools. All ties are awarded.

  1. Team overall ranking is determined by the six team members that make up the top two scores in each category (honor, scholastic, varsity).

  1. For Super Quiz Oral Relay™, only the first place team will receive a plaque. This award is given based on the total accumulation of all nine members’ scores during the oral relay. Super Quiz Oral Relay™ scores will not be counted towards the individuals or team score.

  1. There will be two divisions based on school enrollment - small (650 and below) and large (651 and above).

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