Exercises 1 Look at this essay question and consider whether you agree or disagree with the statement

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Essay writing exercises
Test Tip

Before you start writing, read the question very carefully and be sure to address all of the points raised. Use your introduction to rephrase the question. Don't repeat words and phrases from the question.

1.1 Look at this essay question and consider whether you agree or disagree with the statement.

A lot of students find it difficult to write good essays. There is little that you can do to make your essays better or to make the job easier.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?
1.2 Replace the underlined words in the introductory sentences below with a suitable word from the box.
task less difficult struggle produce high-quality many improve

It is true that a lot of students find it difficult to write good essay. I don't agree that there is little you can do to make your essays better or" to make the job easier

Linking words

2.1 These words and phrases can be used to link ideas together. Put the words and phrases into the correct column according to their function. Use your notebook.

Similarly that is now

as a result alternatively in other words

indeed and consequently

nonetheless while to illustrate this

finally whereas firstly

however in conclusion therefore

although but because

secondly because of or

despite not only ... but... also.. also

in addition furthermore on the other hand

such as to summarise for example

Sequencing Adding Introducing Giving Giving an Giving an Drawing

ideas supporting a contrasting examples alternative explanation a conclusion

ideas idea

firstly furthermore however such as or in other words in conclusion
Vocabulary note

Because is a conjunction and is used to give a reason: The car crashed because the brakes didn't work. Because of is a preposition and means as a result of: The hospital closed because of a lack of funds.

Test Tip

Support your ideas with evidence and relevant examples. Make sure that your ideas are well organised and easy to follow by using the correct linking words.

2.2 Underline the correct linking words in the following sentences.
1.It can be difficult to write an essay, because/ although there are several things you can do to make the job easier.

2. There are several things you can do to make writing easier. For example / However, it can be helpful to make a rough plan of your ideas.

3. It can be helpful to practise writing within the time limit. You can time yourself with a clock and / or a stopwatch. You will not be allowed to use equipment as a result/such as a dictionary during the test.

4. I think I did well in the test although / in spite of I did run out of time at the end.

5. I think that my vocabulary has improved because/as a result of reading this book.
2.3 Improve the essay by inserting the correct linking words and phrases. There may be more than one possible answer.
however firstly in other words furthermore also such as alternatively now nevertheless in addition because similarly
It is true that many students struggle to produce high-quality essays. (I) .However/Nevertheless I don't agree that there is little you can do to improve your essays or to make the task less difficult.
(2)………… let us examine what an essay needs in order to be considered 'good'. To begin with, a good essay must answer the question fully. (3)………………..it must address each of the points raised in the essay title, (4)……………..it must present these points in an organised and logical way. A good writer will (5)……………….avoid using the same words and phrases. This can be easily achieved by using techniques (6)………………paraphrasing. (7)………………,you can use synonyms of words rather than repeating the same ones. (8)…………….,all of the ideas presented in your essay must be relevant and supported by examples.
9)…………..let us consider what students can do in order1 to improve their essay-writing skills. Clearly, a good knowledge of the language is required to be able to write an essay that has few errors and communicates well.

(10)……….., writing a good essay requires more than good language skills (11)………..people

often find it difficult to write essays even in their own language. As with any skill, the best way to learn is from our mistakes. To learn how to ride a bike you need to get on one and fall off a few times. 12)…………..students can improve their essay writing through making and correcting mistakes and through constant practice.

Vocabulary note

The following linking words and phrases must be followed by a noun and cannot be followed by a clause: because of, as a result of, in spite of, despite. I enjoyed my holiday in spite of the bad weather.

Opinion words
Vocabulary note

We often use adverbs to show our opinion of an idea.

3.1 Match the adverbs in column A with the correct meaning in column B. A
1 personally A it is easy to understand

2 unfortunately B it is easy to understand

3 clearly C it is well deserved

4 obviously D this is my own opinion

5 justifiably E I believe this is a sad thing

6 thankfully F I believe this is a good thing

7 fortunately G I believe this is a good thing

Error warning!

Be careful with punctuation. You must use a comma after the following words and phrases when they are used at the start of a sentence. In addition, Also, For example, In conclusion, Finally, However, Furthermore, Lastly, In my opinion, Similarly, To summarise, Therefore, Unfortunately, To sum up, e.g. To sum up, in my opinion taking a gap year is a very good idea.

3.2 Complete the sentences with adverbs from 3.1. Don't forget the necessary punctuation.
1 …………., I think learning vocabulary is a good idea.

2 …………...I remembered how to spell the word correctly on the day of the exam.

3 When I received my results I was…………..proud.

4 ……………my friend didn't study for the test so he didn't do very well.

5 ……………if you work hard then you will improve.
Finishing off and register

Test TIp

Use your conclusion to summarise your main points. When you have finished, carefully edit your work and check your spelling.

4.1 It is easy to make careless spelling mistakes if you are writing quickly. Read the following paragraph and correct the spelling mistakes.
Recnet resaerch at an English uinervtisy sugegsts taht it deosn't mttaer waht oredr the Itteers in a wrod are, the olny impotarnt tihng is that the frist and Isat Itteers are in the rghit pclae. Eevn thuogh the mddile ltteers mghit be mxied up, people dno't hvae a prolbem raeding the wrods. Tihs is becuase we raed the wrod as a wohle rahter tahn eevry ltteer by iteslf.
Test Tip

Slang = very informal, taboo = this word will offend people. The IELTS test is a formal situation, so you should never use informal words, e.g. kids, guys You should also avoid using abbreviations: number NOT no, for example NOT e,g. You and your not U/UR

4.2 Correct the mistakes with register and spelling that have been underlined in the conclusion. Which words do you have to change because of register?
To sum up, even through many "guys think writing essays is a bit difficult, there is stuff they can do to imporve there writing skills.: Personaly, I belive that if you wanna get a good score in an exam situation then you need to make sure that you aproach the essay question in a logical and organised way. Finally, you need too leave enough time to check over your work throughly at the end.

1 7

2 8

3 9

4 10

5 11

6 12

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