Exam #3 – Take Home

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David A. Sonnenfeld Fall 2006

Washington State University

Soc 430. Society & Technology
Exam #3 – Take Home

Due: 9:00 am, Wed., Nov. 29*

In Challenging the Chip (2006), Smith et al. aim to "re-articulate [producer] responsibility and provide a vision of what a sustainable electronics industry can look like" (p. 3), based on the development and implementation of new, more environmentally friendly, electronics technologies and manufacturing processes. The editors suggest further that "All citizens and stakeholders must help determine the future of this industry, its employees, and the environment of impacted communities around the world" (p. 11). Picking up on these statements, for your third exam, your assignment is to write a two-page (typed, double-spaced) formal essay related to the theme, "Towards More Sustainable Electronics". For evidence, draw on Challenging the Chip, supplemented by additional sources as necessary and appropriate. In your essay:

Your commentary should:

  • Be well written: use paragraphs, be proofread and spell-checked;

  • Properly quote, cite, and reference all material from the original text and other sources (citations for the primary text may be abbreviated, e.g. Chip, p. 66); and

  • Be maximum of 500 words in length.

(Well-written essays may be invited for publication online or elsewhere in a revised/ edited form.)

* Attendance mandatory; come prepared to discuss your answers.

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