Evaluation: + well done consistently √ needs work or inconsistent

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Peer Review Sheet

Rhetoric | A. Herb
Author’s name: Rebecca Halleck Essay 1 2 3 4 Revision

Reviewer’s name: Kristin Grandberry Date: 4/29/10

Evaluation: + well done consistently √ needs work or inconsistent

- needs substantial work or rare - no evidence of technique




I. Central Idea/Thesis/Controlling Idea

Is there a clear statement of purpose? Does the thesis prepare the reader for the themes to be discussed in the body paragraphs? Does the thesis tell the reader what the essay is attempting to discover, prove, or describe?

The essay as a whole has a very clear purpose. The paper is still in its beginning stages, but it would be interesting to see what the thesis would read. Although there isn’t one present, I have high hopes for its strong development simply based off the rough draft.

II. Essay Coherence/development

How are the ideas arranged? Do the supporting paragraphs support the thesis/main idea? Are there effective transitions between paragraphs to show a relationship between ideas?

The ideas are arranged very well There is a definite flow within the paper making it much easier to read. I think the transition sentences could be more revealing to what the paragraph is going to be about though.

III. Answers question and takes risks

Does the essay fulfill the requirements? Does it take risks?

It fulfills the requirements. I think more input from the author is needed though.

IV. Evidence of Critical Analysis

Did the essay explore the ideas presented in full? Does the idea support the thesis? Does the essay explore the idea through examples, comparison/contrast, illustration, cause/effect, division or classification, quotation, or other means?

The essay does a good job of portraying the ideas of the research sources. I think slightly more analysis needs to be in the paper about the information made. Maybe there needs to be more “cause/effect” in the paper.

V. Paragraph Focus/Development

Does the essay contain effective topic sentences? Do the ideas reflect/relate to the topic sentence? Does the essay coordinate sentences to show relationships between ideas?

As mentioned, I like the transition sentences. They help with the flow of the paper however I think they need to reveal more about what the paragraph will be addressing.

VI. Sentence level issues

Is the writing fluent or choppy? Does the essay contain sentence variety for rhetorical effectiveness?

Very nice writing. The only suggestion I can give is repeating phrases like “yet” and “so many”. Changing up these phrases will make the paper flow even more.

VII. Surface errors/mechanics

Grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling, typographical errors, MLA format, inventive title.


VIII. Style, tone, and audience appeals

Does the essay have a “hook”? Clever title? Particularly strong voice? Author’s personality comes through?

There is a strong voice in this essay. It is very evident that you are critical towards the justice system in the United States when it boasts tolerance and justice in comparison to other countries. I think more information about Amnesty International will make this paper a little clearer.

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