Essay on Ghadir -contents

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Essay on Ghadir -Contents

By Zulfiqar Ali email:

Essay on Ghadir -Contents 1

Reality- Status of Muslims 2

No mistakes during Holy prophets (s.a.w.a.) physical presence 5

Differences immediately After Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.)- 6

An Analysis of events & differences 12


Location of Ghadir: 16

Date 16

Event Backdrop: 16

After the Last pilgrimage: 17

Revelation of the verse 5:3 19

Hassan Bin Thabit’s poetry: 19

Oath of allegiance: 20

Revelation of the verse 70:1-3 21

Three Basic Excuses given for non acceptance of the Ghadir appointment & their Rebuttals: 22

Excuse 1:The tradition of Ghadir is not reliable and authentic. 23

Rebuttal of Excuse 1: 23

Rebuttal of Excuse 2: 29

Rebuttal of Excuse 3: 35

Ghadir in the words of a Non-Muslim: 39

Ghadir as a feast: 40

Ghadir in respect of the Present Imam (a.s.): 41

Books related to Ghadir: 45

Reality- Status of Muslims

By Zulfiqar Ali email:
We are compelled to ask ourselves two questions. What status did Islam want the Muslims to achieve? & What status have the Muslims actually achieved?
The answer to the first question is comparatively much easy to digest. Three times does the Holy Quran repeats:

He it is who sent His apostle with guidance and the religion of truth that he might cause it to prevail over all religions...”.1

Also the Holy Quran enunciates:

Surely the land is Allah’s; He causes such of His servants to inherit it as He pleases.”2

But the answer to the second question hits the belly – and indeed hits it hard. Today’s Muslim does not stand anywhere near victory.The parable of the Muslim is that of a football. Being kicked from one end to another. Some do kick to get material benefits. Majority are the people who seek pure entertainment by being the spectators and at times the cheerleaders. This reality slaps, smack, on our faces.

The somberness of this fact burns our hearts. It persuades us to do the much-needed research in order to comprehend the underlying fundamentals to this stark variation ie. What the Quran explicitly mentions compared to what we observe in the socio-political transnational personality of the contemporary Muslim.

In this research to pursue the reality, we must promise ourselves to uphold and follow the genuine research ‘wherever it leads to’. Pursuit for truth without the sincere intent and the firm resolve has no meaning. Before we venture out in the realm of sincere research and quest for truth we take caution and endeavor to improve our resolve with these words “There are few nudities so objectionable as the naked truth – Agnes Repplier. Further we sincerely pray that we take our faith seriously and not to be included in those who have been mentioned with the words “He wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat - William Shakespeare. We take courage in these words “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them - Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642). And also “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander – Abraham Lincoln.

Let us first analyze where did the Muslims go wrong in their vast history presently spread over more than 14 centuries. Where did the first falsehood creep into the history of the Muslims? We will not leave any stone unturned and any page unread to locate this falsehood and ultimately eliminate it.

There are two ways to this analysis. One is we initiate from the contemporary to the life of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.). Second is we initiate from the life of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) to the contemporary. We know that if there is a falsehood in the past then it multiplies with time; therefore, we take the second option, starting from the life of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) to the present. It would have been an increasingly arduous affair to analyze the complex form of the falsehood in the recent times without analyzing the comparatively bare and raw form of the falsehood in the previous times. When we mention ‘bare form of the falsehood ‘we definitely have taken great pains in comprehending what a ‘falsehood’ means and implies. This indicates that there do exists different forms of falsehood. There are 2 kinds of falsehoods. One is in its bare status, which is in its nascent elementary form, and the other is the falsehood garbed with truth that is the complicated form. The Holy Quran says:

Do not mix the truth with the falsehood.”1

In this verse the Holy Quran exhorts the people not to mix truth and falsehood together. Simply speaking, the Holy Quran could have asked us to leave falsehood. But it is needless to mention here that the Holy Quran wants to specify here the second form of falsehood that is exceedingly dangerous than simple elementary form of falsehood. This falsehood is the complex form of falsehood that is mixed with truth and is perceived as truth at the outset. Only when a person ponders over the reality of this he comes to understand that it is in reality a falsehood and not truth. But the more simple minded people and those who do not ponder a lot get hooked and start considering this falsehood as being the real form of truth. These people start believing this complex form of falsehood as the truth in such a way that they are more than willing to even sacrifice their lives for this complex falsehood, of course, under the impression that this is truth by itself. But even for such people it can rightly be said “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened” – Winston Churchill. There is another group of people who are impure at heart. They are quite aware about this complex falsehood and comprehend that this is falsehood but choose to stick by this falsehood rather than the truth. “I believe in looking at reality straight in the eye and denying it.” - Garrison Keillor.

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