Essay Homework and Study Questions for Chapter 6

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The following short essay questions are to be answered and submitted BOTH electronically and in hardcopy placed in the boxes in front of my office 226 by November 25th 2002. You should use these questions to study for the test on Chapters 6 and 7 that will take place on November 20th during class. You should be able to answer these questions both explicitly and conceptually. You must also submit a plagiarism form for this assignment.

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Essay Homework and Study Questions for Chapter 6

1. Describe the three forms of reciprocity.

2. Define market exchange. What are the factors that lead to it?

3. How is special-purpose money utilized?

4. What is a leveling device? How is it practiced in commercial economies? How can reciprocity be used as a leveling device?

5. How is taxation a form of forced labor?

6. Why do children in horticultural and agricultural societies work? Why do you think that children of foragers apparently do not work as much?

7. What defines the value of general-purpose money (such as the dollar)?

8. What is commercialization? Why do you think most, if not all, large societies are commercialized now?

Essay Homework Study Questions Chapter 7

1. Define social stratification. How does it come about? How are the barriers between classes in the United States maintained?

2. In open-class systems, which class is difficult to move into from a lower class? Why?

3. How does the role of chief or headman differ from such roles as a Deputy or President in the Bulgaria?

4. What is a caste? What social mechanisms are used to block mobility in these types of societies? How successful are they at maintaining the social order?

5. How did ancient Greek slavery differ from eighteenth and nineteenth-century American slavery?

6. What social and economic mechanisms keep egalitarian societies egalitarian?

7. What forces (economic, social, and technological) have led to the almost complete elimination of slavery, worldwide?

8. What forces led to the emergence of stratification?

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