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2016 Scholarship Contest

$500 College Scholarship


Applicant Information
Applicant Name:
Phone Number: Email:
City: State: Zip:
Current High School:
Name of college/university you will attend (if known):
Major (if known):
Essay Assignment
Looking forward 10 years - how do think the financial industry will be different from today? How would you brand a credit union today to ensure it is still relevant 10 years from now?
Essay Submission Instructions
There are two ways to submit your essay entry.

  1. Email a copy of your essay to Then drop a completed version of this form, with signatures, to any of our four locations or mail to our Ballard Road location which is listed below.

  2. Drop off a hard copy of your essay and a completed version of this form, with signatures, to any of our five locations or mail to our Ballard Road location which is listed below.

Julie Van Vonderen

4830 N. Ballard Rd.

Appleton, WI 54913
Additional Prospera Locations:
Darboy Neenah Menasha Oshkosh

N9660 Cty. Rd. N 934 S. Green Bay Rd. 849 Warsaw St. 90 Wisconsin St.

You will receive an email confirmation that your application was received. If you do not receive a confirmation within seven business days of submitting your application please contact Julie Van Vonderen at or 920-882-4802.

Scholarship Contest Rules
All entries must be received on or before March 11, 2016 and must follow all contest rules.
The following documents must be submitted as part of this application: signed three page essay application form and double spaced typed essay.
The essay must be an original work of the applicant and should reflect subjects within the general scope of the question.
The essay must be typed. The essay cannot be less than 500 words or more than 750 words in length.
Applicant must be a graduating high school senior, attending a two or four year accredited educational institution in the fall of 2016, and a member of Prospera Credit Union by March 11, 2016. The applicant must hold an account in their name as a primary member.

The Scholarship Award Committee will consist of employees of Prospera Credit Union. Winners are chosen based on content, accuracy, quality and originality. All decisions are final.
All entries are subject to disqualification if they do not meet the above rules and requirements. School and membership requirements will be verified before selection.
Entries must be received or postmarked by the required deadline. Entries received or postmarked after the required deadline will not be eligible for consideration.
Winners will be notified by April 8, 2016 and scholarships will be presented during the corresponding high school scholarship presentation.

The Legal Stuff
In the event you are the winner, in order to announce or display your name and/or picture, we need you to give us your permission. So, here’s the legal stuff that goes with that. Don’t worry; we just want to use it to promote the credit union and the scholarship contest.
Essays must be submitted by end of day on March 11, 2016. All applicants must be a member of Prospera Credit Union no later than March 11, 2016. All submissions must follow scholarship contest rules. By submitting this application and essay, applicants agree to the following:
1. I hereby grant to Prospera Credit Union and their respective licensees, successors and assigns (herein collectively called “the licensed parties”) the right to use, publish and copyright my name, picture, portrait or likeness, testimonial, voice, video, photographic images and streaming video in advertising, promoting and publicizing Prospera Credit Union in any manner or form throughout the world in perpetuity.

  1. I agree that any picture or video taken of me by the licensed parties is owned by them. If I should receive any print, negative, disc or other copy thereof, I shall not authorize its use by anyone else.

  1. I agree that no advertisement or other material need be submitted to me for any further approval and the licensed parties shall be without liability to me for any distortion or illusionary effect resulting from the publication of my picture, portrait, likeness, photographic image, or artwork.

Signature: ________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________________________________
Date: ________________________________________________________________

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