Essay 4: Argument

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College Comp I at NHCTC

Essay 4: Argument

Topic: Your next assignment asks you to look at a phenomenon in popular culture, something interesting you see in cars, fashion, or television, and answer the question, "What does this say about us?" You must take a clear position on this example or trend, and state your position in a thesis statement in the essay’s introduction. Your essay must support your thesis through the use of logic, example, and reference to reliable sources. Write a persuasive, socially acute analysis of a specific trend or example of cars, fashion, or television. Discuss this trend or example as a microcosm of what is going on in the wider culture.

Peer/Instructor: The peer draft is due Friday, April 10. Please bring three copies, as we'll be doing peer review in small groups of three. The instructor draft is due on Friday, May 4. Attach to your instructor draft your peer draft, peer review, and a printed copy of the first page of any printable sources you refer to in the essay. If you would like your essay returned to you with comments and do not want to pick it from your student mailbox next term, please bring a self-addressed stamped envelope on the last day of class so I can mail it to you.

Sources: Using the strategies learned in your reading of They Say/I Say, incorporate at least three reliable, credible, authoritative print sources into your essay. Articles from EBSCOHost are also acceptable if at least one is scholarly. (It is easy to build this into your online library search--just check off the “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed)” box, which appears below the Full Text box.) You may use additional relevant sources for your essay: for instance, you will need to cite examples you use, such as television shows, or evidence of trends such as advertisements for cars or clothing.

Resources that may be helpful:

  • "What Is a Scholarly Source?" on the FPC Library web site:

  • The chapter, "Researching" in A Writer's Reference (Hacker 295-318)

  • You can access EBSCOhost in the school computer lab or from your home computer

    • Go to

    • Click on Library> Library Databases> EBSCOhost

    • Enter the nhctc for the username and nhebsco for the password

    • Click the checkbox for Academic Search Premier and then click Continue

    • Click the checkbox for Full Text and the checkbox for Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals

Grade Weight: This essay is worth 12% of your grade for the course.
Format: There are no minimum or maximum number of pages for this essay. Just write as much as you need to in order to make it a good essay. Use one-inch margins and 11 point font, and double-space the entire essay.

Cite sources in MLA format, with in-text citations and a Works Cited list. Look up the correct way to format the entry for your particular type of source in Diana Hacker.

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