Essay # 2 Admiring Someone

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Essay # 2 – Admiring Someone
We have spent time exploring new Spanish vocabulary to describe people. Now that we have studied the English translation to this vocabulary, we need to write a 5-paragraph essay in English to speak about someone in our family (immediate or extended) who we admire.

Start with a “hook” (a sentence to grab the reader’s attention). Then continue with a general idea and work your way down to something more specific. This will be your thesis statement.

Body Paragraph # 1

In this paragraph, you will describe the person using the vocabulary, in English, that you have learned by studying their Spanish equivalent.

Body Paragraph # 2

Explain a situation where you have witness something extraordinary they have done. This should be an example of why you admire this person.

Body Paragraph # 3

Explain how your life would be if this person did not exist in your life.


Conclude your essay by restating in a different way your thesis statement and by forecasting your relationship with this person. (what will the future hold for this person?)

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