English I pre-ap 17 April 2017

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Mrs. Vick

English I Pre-AP

17 April 2017

Animal Farm Analysis Essay

In George Orwell's novella, Animal Farm, Napoleon is an ordinary pig on the farm until he has the chance to take power. From that moment, his greediness takes over and he begins to show his true identity. Greed and a lust for power motivate him to gradually increase his control over all the other animals on the farm.

For example, when Snowball is creating plans for building the windmill, Napoleon refuses to support him in his efforts. Because of his desire to be seen as the most powerful animal on the farm, eventually Napoleon banishes Snowball and claims the windmill plans as his own ideas. No one has the courage or intelligence to question Napoleon's actions, so his lust for power continually drives his plans for total domination of the farm.

As his power increases, his greed increases as well. He allows himself special privileges on the farm, such as eating on china and having the dogs guard him at all times. His children are allowed to be privately educated in the farmhouse and the other animals are required to be subservient to them whenever they pass the young pigs on a path. Songs and poems are composed for Napoleon, reinforcing his ideas of personal greatness.

Napoleon's successes in all his endeavors feed his greediness, and his lust for power is never satisfied until the end of the book when he fully morphs into the human he desired to be from the beginning. Napoleon is an example of how evil motivations, going unchecked, can negatively affect others' lives.

Word Count: 258

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