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Chapter 2 Answer Key
Pg. 16
Although there is no way to completely avoid stress, there are three methods that you can learn to manage your stress.

Reason 1: Keep a dayplanner to help manage your time.

Reason 2: Exercise regularly.

Reason 3: Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

Pg. 22
Which sentence in the introductory paragraph expresses the central point of the essay?

The second-to-last sentence.

How many supporting paragraphs are provided to back up the central point?

Pg. 24

Look at the topic sentences for the second and third supporting paragraphs in the essay on college students page 21. Explain how those sentences are also transitional sentences.

Par. 2 begins with “first of all”, showing that this is the first point in the argument.

Par. 2 moves the argument on to the next point, which is that students have more than school to worry about.
Pg. 24
Look again at the concluding paragraph of the essay on challenges facing college students.

Which sentence summarizes the essay? The first sentence.

What supporting points are mentioned in the conclusion? Work and family responsibilities add pressures to student life.
Which sentence provides closing thoughts? The final sentence.
Pg. 25-26 Godzilla: An Ideal Citizen?
Clearly, although many thing of him as a terrifying monster, Godzilla’s protection and teaching of humane, as well as his caring and nurturing of his children, show that he is an ideal citizen and role model.

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