English Course Writing 1010

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James Drumm


English Course Writing 1010

Professor, Collin Hull

Analysis’s Summary, in Essay

Rhetorical, Analysis’s, I.C.E. Format

Rhetorical Writing Assignment

“A More Perfect Union” By Senator Barack Obama

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How I am to use Muscle Reading as a Roadmap
I am today approaching a beautiful pinnacle in college studies. I am Jim Drumm feel welcome to this roadmap of unfolding Academic River rafting trip. Please challenge yourself to walk in my footprints through this Environmental friendly rafting river trip. Where I am today in the Introdisplinary course is a student, who is grateful for my note taker Oscar. He sincerely has assisted me, in keeping up on the details of each class. His artistic ability is excellent, as is the penmanship in organization tips these are alone for his politeness, courtesy to me. I truly feel his organization skills are of the highest quality. I am speaking from my soul, he is worthy of a scholarship in Humanities, and Social Sciences. I am to fore ever grateful in the continual instruction, by the most considerate professor Julie Jackman. Today I carry Q cards, highlighters, page tap stickers for each subject.

My book bag must weigh in equal in weight to the Hobble Telescope, or the Challenger space shuttle. In this reflection the challenges are now less stress inducing, with the new acquired learning skills of adapting to hunt out facts, using these four methods. These new developing adaptive skills help reduce paper, use. So I am able to state where my future and current study material usage will enhance the Green power footprint I leave on the trail to a successful new career. In my future endeavors’ assignments weather a student or as my future employment goal as a Wildlife Protection Fish and Game Investigator. I am forever enjoying Laughter Yoga to reduce my own stress.

I am here today to bestow gratitude, to an outstanding professional polite professor; she is an inspirational beam of encouragement on a rainbow to successful studies. I am here today a wounded warrior, returning to college. I will forever be appreciative of Professor Julie Jackman for opening the door to success. I will strongly recommend this Introdisplinary course to every student. My own quote, is one of philosophical nature, “Knowledge will stay hidden, adventures in life unchallenged, become creative, inspire yourself to climb the mountain.”I am able today to employ in life is use of the ABC, Power Muscle to relate the different math modules in math 0001. I am able to relate daily adaptations of the Cornell or Power reading phases easily to Public Speaking communications 1050, in weekly assignments. I am able to challenge this tremendous river, of new approachable knowledge in my Cornell Method Zodiac river raft.

I am addressing my known weak points in memory recovery using key instruments. I am attaching a network of (1ST) the ABC, (2ND) the POWER MUSCLE READING,(3RD) the CORNELL METHOD, (4th)MUSCLE POWER METHOD. I am on the stern of my river raft tracking a growing large school of fish in turbulent review for math ooo1.I am center of my navigational mind mapping the ABC format. Hence forth here, a critical information power tools using Muscle Power reading layout plan ,is described for me as a fork, a spoon, a knife in etiquette to calmly use as tools. My tools, instruments also use silence, fresh air, Yoga exercise to stimulate release of physical body kinks.

I am then setting my, laptop computer as instrument to carry atmosphere upon a table clear of all distractions, or on my lap, with Dutch nearby my feet. I am forever saving and writing paper documents in this tool. I am today able to itemize the search rescue need seek details in reading per chapter by going directly to the Summary for file per chapter. I am able to seek out new italicized word definitions, locate prime details, quizzes, and test today. My family link to success on article writing is the professional compassion patience of my daughter .Where I walk today I am thankful for my daughter Charity daily taking time to proof reading many articles.

I am now very quickly able to use the next method Power Muscle Reading plan a concise, three step plan that breaks facts, responsibilities, dates, appointments, research as to levels of importance into three classifications for me. I am able to enhance mental memory recall with color code enhancers; color red for me signifies urgent response.

I am enthusiastic to take a challenging Advanced Zoology course; latter in my educational goals at the University of Utah. I will be using positive work using the four plans covered in my Reflection and in my presentation in speech this semester. I am adapting skills from this class to master 0001, math exam, L.E.1920 quizzes, etc. I am now able to adapt survival skills to recharge, my core, then proceed recall data here, with emphasize in Public Speaking on Persuasive topics ,with more body language to link facts in presentations’ am enjoying and look forward to the Communications’ 1020 course, weekly learning new skills.

Today I am approaching a interesting blend in courses. I am able to convert the classifications in Biological sciences to category classifications in prioritizing element titles for different college classes. I am able to relate through out my adult employment using Safety operating heavy complex construction equipment. I am able today convert scientific classifications power muscle division of facts.

I am an old warrior, a retired soldier, is but briefly where the trail of survival I walk through life today a honest person, dedicated to helping the Homeless veterans, the care and safety of children, women, all senior citizens, pets. I am as a disabled veteran; a survivor so far of preliminary cancer treatment, my dog helps me release this stress daily, at school. Pet safety is a priority in my adult life; I am dedicated advocate against Animal Cruelty. I am able to weigh the two ethnic, moral sides on a Cornell method platform. I am a deaf, dedicated father, and student of passionate kind dog training. Today layout my dog supplies, for school, and any training class papers, similar to using the ABC method. Today I am currently looking forward to classes in LE.1020,or in Math0001. I am able to relate the skill of Adaptation under actual combat conditions, of prior military service to the Cornell method. I am always using skills defined in the Power Muscle sequence. As a student I am one to say, I am not Batman, or any super hero, I will leave that category open for my grand children .In out side school I can relate the ABC and the power muscle reading method touching briefly the Cornell method when writing a bread recipe, or listing ingredience in one of my deep dish cobblers, for a Mountain Man Dutch Oven cook off challenge, walking my dog Dutch, or organizing volunteers to help restock lakes with hatchlings for trout, or saddling horses for a hunting trip.

I can now step up on a ridge to view the panoramic view of my future will definitely be full of rocky coves, mountains’ to challenge my educational quest and exploratory thrust in life. I enjoy a variety of College courses that stimulate creativity.

I stay strong confident in any subject today using the vast adaptation to the Power muscle reading method opens up difficult assignments to become actually enjoyable challenges to find creativity with in my very soul. My own quotation, is this today “Knowledge is awaiting the blooming a flower to open, or simply reading to a child”. I am reopening past knowledge of military service experiences, finding a reflection to recall facts in the Cornell and power reading methods and touching the caterpillars or photographing Bald Eagles’ hope to continue use of the ABC method. My mountain man apple cobbler awaits your taste buds, after this enjoyable reflection.

I am here today standing looking forward in new skills, I still enjoy the adventuresome river rapids are full of many academic twist in many new diverse college courses. I am today for the past forty five years one to rise early to enjoy the mist or frost of cool air before sunrise. I am able to contribute this life’s Adaptation to very early hard work, family morals, ethics on farm life to respect all diversity ethnicity of family, protect and nature children.

I have a devoted friend companion dog, patiently standing, Dutch, by my side looking to the future fishing streams, sunrises and new rainbows in life. Today I am today standing looking forward from where I have traveled in life. This Educational Roadmap I hope was an enjoyable rafting trip in my educational river of life. I am daily enjoying my family, as my unit of stability.

I still enjoy mental and physical reinforcement to find answers to the different Summary questions, using the Cornell method. I am always creating a project, late into the night, for Q card application, making from scratch deep dish Dutch Apple cobbler, my own recipe to recharge my core. Today I am a philosophical direction as a pursuing grandfather reaching in education for a Bachelors degree in Biological Zoology and Environmental science. I am walking forward to meet new challenges through new classes.

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