English 4th Six Weeks

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4th 6 weeks

Jan 4 – Feb 18

English 4th Six Weeks

1/3 (no students)

Selections for this six weeks:

Things Fall Apart

The Joy Luck Club

New Year’s plans for the Academic Year

1/5 – 1/6
Essays 1 and 2 in detail


Graphic Friday: Bedfords on Monday

Different types of language (verbal, non-verbal, pictures, jargon, standard English, colloquial language); Baldwin excerpt about language use. DVD on power of language.


CONTENT: “Politics and the English Language”—Warm-Up: Double-Speak Translation.
Read “Politics” out loud. Stop at intervals to have students summarize the work in note form. [Participation=notes]
Discuss: What does Orwell mean when he asserts, “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought” (para. 16)?

[Participation, discussion]


RHETORIC/STYLE: “Politics and the English Language”— In your group (1-9) respond to the question assigned to you (1-9) in the Bedford, p. 540, and ALSO respond to question 10. Your response will likely be over half a page. Participation = active work on question]
Revise your response from according to Orwell’s six rules (pp. 538-539). Participation = active revision on question
Discuss answers. [Participation= sharing response with class i.e. speaking]

1/12 – 1/13

*DBA—first 30 minutes*

Politics and the English Language”—Silently, after you finish your DBA, write minimum 300 words: “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought” (para. 16)? Write an essay in which you defend, challenge, or qualify Orwell’s claim. Be sure to use examples from current events, history, and your personal experience. Title the essay “Thought and Language.”

Due at end of period.

[Part I of 4 - essays]


Graphic Friday—Thought Control; Read 1984 excerpt. What is the power of language? In what ways does language influence our thoughts? Our ideas, beliefs, the way we view the world?

Begin writing.
Homework: Type 500 words minimum in response to the above questions. Title the writing Power of Language, and include the word count beside the title in parentheses. Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12, MLA heading. Bring to class on Tuesday. [Part 2 of 4 – essays]



*“Power of Language” Due

How to Tame a Wild Tongue”—Warm-up: Highlight your favorite section of your response (1-3 sentences). Share out loud before turning in. [Participation = sharing with class]
Read essay “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” out loud. Discuss: Essay type? Why this form of essay? Why use of un-translated Spanish? [Participation = discussion]

1/19 – 1/20

Multiple Choice Test, Part I of III – “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”
Homework: Read section I of “Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood” out loud. Keep a dialectical journal as you read. In the left-column, note quotations, references to language, and definitions. In the right-column, comment on the points that Rodriguez is making. In your notes, define “Aria.” Answer questions 1 and 2 by Friday.


Turn in Questions 1 and 2.
Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood”—

Answer questions 4 and 11 as a class under “Rhetoric and Style.” [Participation = offering responses to the question]
-Finish reading Sections II and III, and continue with dialectical journals. [Journals = Quiz]
Homework: Revise Thought and Language according to Orwell’s six rules (pp. 538-539), and bring typed to class on Monday


Revised “Thought and Language” Due
Read “Mother Tongue” and discuss question 2, 3, 8 over “Mother Tongue”
Distribute The Joy Luck Club; Read Prologue and chapter 1 and come prepared to discuss what it means – what themes are we likely to see in the book?

Historical background, etc.

[Participation = discussion]


Warm Up: What does the parable of the swan mean? [Participation= discussion]

Multiple Choice Test, Part II of III – “Mother Tongue”
Joy Luck Club –

Reading in Joy Luck Club independently – Read chapter 2, Prologue Part II, as far in part II chapter II for block day.

1/26 – 1/27
Discuss “The Red Candle,” chapter 3. Then, see below prompt:
Although in modern American culture we tend to dismiss symbolism as present in daily life, many other cultures value “signs” and “dreams” and containing truth. What value can be found in seeing signs and symbols in life and in dreams?

Write 500 words minimum in response to the above question. Title the writing “Symbol”, and turn it in at the end of class. [Part III of IV - essays]
Homework: Read “Part III prologue and

Part III, chapter 4” for Friday

What is the relationship between the prologue of Part III and the 4th chapter? [Participation = discussion]
Discuss Joy Luck Club and study guide questions.
Continue reading in Joy Luck Club independently. Read Part IV prologue and Part IV chapter 4, and answer study guide questions

Study guide questions due on Monday—Timed writing on Monday over Joy Luck Club.


Study guide questions due
Write to answer the following questions using textual evidence:

Are identities fluid in this novel or is there an unchanging, core identity which each character maintains? What role does language play in the characters’ identity?
Write 500 words minimum in response to the above question. Title the writing Identity, and turn it in at the end of class. [Part IV of IV- essays]


Power of Language” Revision due

Graphic “Block Day”: Nonverbal.
Show and Tell”—Warm Up: What can be communicated through a visual medium that is often lost in words? [Participation]

*Read McCloud’s essay on Elmo.
Pass out Graphic Essay assignment—

Choose one brief storyline from The Joy Luck Club to turn into a graphic essay of 3 to 9 frames. Look at http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/ or http://www.wittycomics.com/ if you are not much of an artist.

2/2 – 2/3

Multiple Choice Test, Part III of III – “Aria”

Finish reading essay; answer questions 1-8, due Friday.
Plan out graphic essay

Discuss and share questions 1-8 from “Show and Tell” [Participation]
Continue to work on Graphic essay


Decolonising the Mind”—Read section I as class. Discuss concept of Colonialism, problems associated with it. Historical background. Read interview, p. 187 excerpt.

Homework: Graphic essay due Block Day


Discuss title—Read poem, page 185. Analyze together on board, diction, phrases. [Participation]
Read first chapter of novel out loud.
Homework: Graphic essay due Block Day

2/9 – 2/10

Graphic Essay Due—Present in class, in small groups.
Small group presentations [Participation]
Turn in Joy Luck Club

Distribute Things Fall Apart
Continue reading in Things Fall Apart out loud in class.
Homework: Read through chapter 5 (page 39) and answer study guide questions for Monday.


Discuss book and questions. Questions ch. 1-5 due today.

Things Fall Apart and study guide – reading in class cont.


Things Fall Apart and study guide – reading in class cont.

Through chapter 9 (page 76) by block day, with study guide questions answered.

2/16 – 2/17

Study guide questions 6-9 due today. Continue reading in class, out loud. Discuss as we read.

Homework: Study guide questions continued.


Graphic Friday—

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