English 1101 Textual Analysis Essay

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Abigail Urquhart


English 1101

Textual Analysis Essay

Sarah Breatnach once said “Always remember that striving and struggle precede success, even in the dictionary. Sometimes you actually have to go through the struggle to be successful. Working hard for what you want is the key. Some go through harsher times that others but everyone has their own problems to get through. The rap song “Ambition” by Wale ft Meek Mill and Rick Ross talk about the struggles they had to go through before making it from Meek Mill selling dope, Rick Ross hustling in the streets, and Wale rising above his haters.

Meek Mill had to sell dope to get by in the streets. Meek was born in South Philadelphia, PA by the name Robert Williams. His father got shot and died when Meek was only 5 so at that age Meek Mill was already going through some type of struggle. He was rapping since he was sixteen technically. The kids used to do rap battles in the neighborhood and he was only literally beat one time in the rap battle. Growing up, Meek Mill barely had anything. The family was financially hurt, they were very much poor. Sometimes his mother would steal from the supermarket just to feed them or get money to feed them. She also cut hair and did other little jobs just to support Meek and his sister. When Meek was 18, he was arrested for illegally possessing a firearm and was beaten up by the police while walking to a corner store armed. The cops beat him till his face was swollen and even ripped out one of his braids. He was charged with assaulting the police after two black cops gave a statement against him in the case saying that “he chased them down with a gun and tried to kill them”. Growing up, this male really went through the whole 9 yards. In the song “Ambition” Meek said “Uh, only hope I had was selling dope, Was on my grind cause times was harder than a cellar floor”; here he says that he was selling dope because times was hard for him and he had to get money and live somehow. He also said “I grew up looking up to niggas that was selling coke.” Meek never really had a real figure to look up to except for the music artist Neil and probably Rick Ross. He never stopped producing his little mixtapes and kept doing his rap battles and he was noticed and now he’s a famous rapper today. He never let the couple struggles he had stop him from doing what he actually wanted to achieve.

Rick Ross was hustling in the streets to get by. Rick Ross was born with the name William Leonard Roberts II in Coahoma County, Mississippi on January 28, 1976. Growing up in an impoverished are in North Miami, he was always gravitated to the music of rappers like Notorious B.I.G., Luther Campbell, Ice Cube and Tupac Shakur who was also street oriented. Although he attended Georgia's Albany State University on a football scholarship for a year, he started writing rap lyrics romanticizing the money gained from dealing drugs which is what he saw much as a child. Rick Ross barely had it bad. Only thing was that he was hustling on the streets but he also was a correctional officer for 2 years before he actually finally committed to the rap life. He would rap about hustling and whatever street things he did growing up or saw being done. His first single that he put out titled “Hustling” had a great hit and he continued from there. In the song “Ambition” Rick Ross said “Waking up in the dark; who cut my power off? It’s time to move that powder soft. Not too many options when you coming from the projects”; Here Rick Ross’s mom couldn’t pay the bills so his power was cut off at times so he started selling drugs to try to help. He also said “Ambition is priceless that’s something that’s in your veins, and I doubt that ever change.” He was very much right about that because even though his mother barely got by to provide for him he actually made something out of himself before he permanently got into the rap. He got a scholarship and was a correctional officer; not a lot of males in his situation can say the same. But now he’s farther than that money wise and he achieved what he actually wanted to do. In fact, he was the one that signed Meek Mill.

Wale only had one problem and that was rising above his haters. Wale was born as Olubowale Victor Akintimehin on September 21, 1984. He grew up with his parents in the United States. Growing up he got into many fights and had to deal with teachers verbally abusing him and others. One day he got upset and got into a fight with the teacher. He ended up with a 60-day suspension and getting thrown off the High School basketball team for the fight. He was in a detention center from sixth grade to twelfth grade but still made it to college despite the doubts he was always getting. Wale was enrolled in Robert Morris University and Virginia State University on football scholarships, then transferred to Bowie State University but dropped out and just did music. In the song “Ambition” Finally Wale said “I ain't interested in fame and I pray that never change; Ambition is priceless”; here basically Wale is saying Having Ambitious gets you anywhere you need/want to be no matter how hard your situation is. He said “You niggas probably cop a plea before you cop a pistol, I got nothing against them, they got fucking potential.” Here he means instead of picking up a gun and fighting back some males might actually back down because they have potential and life goals to achieve.

To conclude, even when you are going through struggles or hard times it isn’t the end of the world. The rap song “Ambition” by Wale ft Meek Mill and Rick Ross talk about the struggles they had to go through before making it from Meek Mill selling dope, Rick Ross hustling in the streets, and Wale rising above his haters. And even though they went through hard struggles they still made it out to be on top. The struggle you are in is always preparing you for your strength tomorrow.

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