English 102 Third Quarter Assignments

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English 102 Third Quarter Assignments


January 6- Go over first semester grades.  Go over 102 syllabus for the second semester.  Go over senior activities for the second semester.   Begin discussion on "What is Poetry?"  Discuss the poem "Catch." Poetry Chapter 1  English 102 Poetry Chapter 1

January 7- Discuss the poem "The Eagle."  Poem will be presented using transparencies to show the different elements of the poem.  Discuss "Winter," and "Dulce Et Decorum Est."

January 8- Discuss "Spring," "The Whipping," "Ballad of Birmingham.”

January 9- Discuss "The Pasture," "The Secretary's Chant." Robert Frost Introduction

January 10- Discuss "Dog's Death," "Oh, Oh," and "l)a."  Begin chapter two. "Reading the poem.”  Discuss "The Man He Killed" and "A Study of Reading Habits."  Also discuss steps in reading poetry. Poetry Chapter 2  English 102 Poetry Chapter2

January 13- Discuss "Is my team plowing," "There's been a death in the opposite house," "The Mill," and "Mirror." Emily Dickinson Introduction  Sylvia Plath Introduction

January 14- Discuss "Woodchucks," "Titanic," "The Pool Players," "Hazel Tells Laverne," and "Tiburon."

January 15- Poetry chapter three "Denotation and Connotation."  Discuss the poems "There is no frigate like a book," "Shakespeare's Sonnet 138," "Cross," "El Dorado," "Root Cellar," "Heat," and "London." Poetry Chapter 3  English 102 Poetry Chapter3

January 16- Finish the poems in chapter three. Poetry chapter four "Imagery." "Meeting at Night" and " I felt a funeral in my brain." Poetry Chapter 4  English 102 Poetry Chapter4

January 17- Continue chapter four.  Discuss the poems "The Forge,"  "After Apple Picking," "Those Winter Sunday," and "Calvary Crossing a Ford."  Prepare for Poetry Essay I. Walt Whitman Introduction

January 20-  Begin Chapter eight "Allusion." Discuss the poems "Out, Out-," Sonnet from Shakespeare's Macbeth, "in just-."Poetry Chapter 8  English 102 Poetry Chapter8

January 21- Continue Chapter eight.  Discuss the poems "Miniver Cheevy," "Leda and the Swan," "Abraham to kill him-," "A monkey sprang down from a tree," "Two brothers devised what at sight," "Excellence."

January 22- Poetry Essay I.  Essay by example.  Students will be given a prompt and poems they can use in writing their essay.

January 23- Continue poetry essay I. Essays will be done MLA style with five paragraphs and eleven sentence body paragraphs.

January 24- Continue poetry essay I.

January 27- Poetry Essay I is due by the end of the period.

January 28- Begin Chapter five "Similes, Metaphors, and Personification."  Discuss the poems "The Hound," "I taste a liquor never brewed," "Metaphors," and "After minor surgery." Poetry Chapter 5  English 102 Poetry Chapter5

January 29- Continue chapter five.  Discuss "A Dream Deferred," "You Fit Into Me," "The Author to Her Book," Pragmatist," and "To a Wasp."

January 30 - Begin Chapter six "Symbol and Allegory."  Discuss the poems "The Road Not Taken," "Noiseless Patient Spider," "Digging," and "Fire and Ice." Poetry Chapter 6  English 102 Poetry Chapter6

January 31 - Essay one-on-one.  Go over poetry essay by example.

February 3 - Continue chapter six.  Discuss the poems "Curiosity," "Marks," "Acquainted with the Night," "Richard Cory," "AD," and "next to of course god America i."

February 4- Finish the poems in chapter six.  Begin Chapter seven "Paradox, Overstatement, Understatement, Irony."  Discuss the poems "Much madness is divinest sense," and "The Chimney Sweeper." Poetry Chapter 7   English 102 Poetry Chapter 7

February 5- Continue chapter seven.  Discuss the poems "Ozymandias," "Southern Cop," and "A Man Said to the Universe."

February 6- Continue chapter seven.  Discuss the poems "Ozymandias," "Southern Cop," and "A Man Said to the Universe."

February 7- Continue chapter seven.  Discuss "Traveling Through the Dark," "The Groundhog," and "A Bird cam down the Walk."  Review for in-class essay.

February 10- Begin poems in chapter nine "Meaning and Tone."  Discuss the poems "Little Jack Horner," "Loveliest of trees, teh cherry now..." "Stopping by Woods on a A Snowy Evening," "Design." Essay one-on-one.  Meeting individually with the students to discuss Poetry Essay II. Poetry Chapter 9  English 102 Poetry Chapter9

February 11- Continue Chapter Nine.  Discuss the poems "To the Mercy Killers," "How Anandale Went Out," "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night," Mid-term Break," and "Barbara Allan."

February 12- Finish the poems in Chapter Nine.  Begin Chapter Ten "Tone."  Discuss the poems "Apparently with no Surprise," "For a Lamb," "The Oxen." "Church Going." Poetry Chapter 10  English 102 Poetry Chapter10

February 13- Continue chapter ten.  Discuss the poems "Lord Randall," "The Bean Eaters," "Ballad of the Landlord," "Paradoxes and Oxymorons." Give review handout for poetry test.  Students will learn which poem will be a part of their quarter test.

February 14- Begin Poetry Essay II. Students will use the same format as they have used throughout the year with their MLA style essay.  This essay will be a comparison and contrast essay

February 17- Continue Poetry Essay II.  Comparison and Contrast Essay.

February 18- Continue Poetry Essay II.  Comparison and Contrast Essay.

February 19- Poetry Essay II is due by the end of the class.   Students' format will be a five paragraph MLA style essay.

February 20- Selected Letters by John Adams John Adams Prayers at the Congress.docx John Adams Letter to Abagail on Ben Franklin.docx John Adams Letter to Abagail July 3, 1776.docx John Adams Letter to Abagail July 3, 1776 Second Letter.docx

February 21- The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence.docx

February 24- “The Federalists No.1” by Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton Federalist No. 1.docx

February 25 “A House Divided” by Abraham Lincoln and “The Gettysburg Address” by Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln House Divided.docx Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address.docx

February 26 - Begin Non-fiction essay.  Students will write a five paragraph MLA style essay using the same format that has been used throughout the course of the year.

February 27 - Continue Poetry Essay III. Students will continue their in-class essay.

February 28 - Poetry Essay III is due by the end of class.

March 3- Review for Multiple choice test on the poems covered in the third quarter.

March 4- Assign poetry research paper.  Students will write a five paragraph MLA style critical analysis of a poem.  Students will have a minimum of six sources for their paper.  The paper will consist of a title page, outline, essay, and works cited page.  Essay will be due on Thursday, April 25.  Continue review for multiple choice test.

March 5- Multiple Choice Test.  Students will have a fifty-two question test covering a portion of the poems discussed during the third quarter.

March 6- Essay one-on-one.  Go over multiple choice test.  Go over grades for quarter three.

March 7- Background information on William Shakespeare and his play Macbeth. William Shakespeare Macbeth

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