English 10-1 Summative Essay

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English 10-1 Summative Essay
Man’s inhumanity to man has always and will always be around as long as humans live on the planet. In The Chrysalids, the citizens of Waknuk have been at odds with the Fringes people because of their differences for as long as they can remember. The Fringes people have been shunned by the citizens of Waknuk, and vice versa. However, it is not just societies who are inhumane to one another; it is also the people within those societies.

What does the text suggest about the fact that blind acceptance of traditions and strict social conformity leads to the persecution and destruction of fellow human beings?

Task One – Introduction
Your introduction should accomplish three primary tasks:

  1. engage the reader with a thoughtful and interesting opening statement, sometimes known as “the hook”.

  2. identify a thesis that will frame your paper’s argument

  3. identify the three main examples you will use to develop your thesis

An effective opening sentence may incorporate the following stylistic devices to achieve its affect:

  1. Use of a rhetorical or thought provoking question

  2. Use of a provocative quotation from the text or secondary source

  3. Introduction of a metaphor to be developed throughout the essay

Task Two – The Body
Body paragraphs explore and defend your thesis by selecting and discussing specific and relevant examples from the text. Your objective is to ensure that every example you provide is clearly linked back to the thesis. Consider in your mind as you write your body paragraphs: this example defends my thesis because… Remember to use quotations from the text for support, not plot summary. Your reader is familiar with the text.

Each body paragraph should, therefore, accomplish three primary tasks:

  1. identify an idea that supports your thesis

  2. provide textual evidence by way of a quotation

  3. explain how this example defends your thesis.*

* This is where most of the writing occurs. Do not try to summarize the connection on one sentence. It should take you three, four, five or more sentences to defend you example!

Task Three – Conclusion
Your conclusion should accomplish three primary tasks:

  1. restate the thesis and the conclusion reached about the topic through your analysis of the topic

  2. restate the three main examples used to develop your thesis

  3. offer a connection to the human condition. That is, how does the situation in the text relate to the universality of person-kind? How are we all “that character”? How do we all face “that conflict”? What do we learn from the author’s observation of human nature?

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