Engl 1102: Composition & Literature Spring, 2014 Drama Essay Assignment Remler

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ENGL 1102: Composition & Literature Spring, 2014

Drama Essay Assignment Remler
Select one of the essay topics below and write an essay on it:

  1. “A Doll House” includes many symbols to help develop not only Nora’s character but also the play’s major themes. Examine the setting, props, script, and costumes in the play and write an essay examining several of the play’s major symbols.

  2. We have learned that Henrik Ibsen was a pioneer of realistic theater. In an essay explain how realism differs from other previous genres of drama and examine realistic details in “A Doll House”.

  3. Students reading “A Doll House” initially examine the conflict between Nora and Torvald. In this essay examine the minor characters of Krogstad, Dr. Rank, Mrs. Linde, and Anne-Marie. How do they help illustrate Nora’s character development?

As you work on this assignment, be sure that you are addressing one of the topics listed above. Your assignment is not simply to write an essay on “A Doll House.” In order to earn credit for this assignment, you must address the specific topics given to you.

Before you write your first draft, I recommend that you review my responses to your discussions of the play and review the screencast videos about the play. At the same time, the intent of this assignment is not to see how well you can regurgitate what you learned from screencast videos. Its intent is to not only evaluate your writing skills but also to see how well you can make your own claims about the play and support those claims with evidence from the play.
In addition to developing one of the three topics above, this essay should meet the criteria listed below:

  • It should reflect your close reading and comprehension of the play.

  • It should include a clear main idea that identifies the topic and makes a claim about that topic.

  • It should lead with a captivating hook and flow smoothly to the clear main idea.

  • It should include several body paragraphs that provide evidence to support the main idea. Evidence should come from a close reading of the poetry.

  • Its paragraphs should be logically arranged, and the ideas within paragraphs should be coherent and avoid repetition of ideas.

  • Its content should reveal accurate comprehension of the poems.

  • It should show evidence of careful editing and knowledge of the rules of standard English. It should also demonstrate adherence to the current guidelines of MLA documentation style, both in text and on the works cited page.

    Please note that I do not require that you look up secondary sources for this essay. However, if you choose to look up such sources, you may, and if you do so, I expect you to consult reliable, appropriate sources for a college level essay, and I expect you to cite them correctly in MLA style. If you wish to ask me about the sources you select, I’ll be glad to discuss them with you.

  • It should be typed on a word processor and saved in a format that I can open: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

Type your essay all in one document. Do not create a separate document for your works cited page. When you save your document, name it according to the guidelines on the syllabus: last name, first initial, and assignment description. Here’s an example: remlernresearchdrama.

Here’s how to turn in the essay:

Log in to Desire2Learn (D2L).

Click on the Dropbox link (upper right side of screen).

Select the “Drama” folder in the drop box.

Submit your essay into that folder.
Take note of the following:

  • It might take a few minutes to upload your essay to the dropbox. If you wait until 11:59 to submit your essay, you might not get it in by the deadline. Give yourself time to submit on time. I will not take late papers.

  • Be sure you’re submitting the correct document. If you mistakenly upload the wrong essay, I must grade what I receive. I will not give you additional time to submit the correct document.

  • Be sure you’re submitting a document I can open. If you forget to save your document as a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) or in Rich Text Format (.rtf) I won’t be able to open that document, so I won’t be able to grade it. I will not give you additional time to submit the correct document.

  • Sometimes students submit their essays, revise a little bit more, and then resubmit. If you decide to do so, you’ll have multiple documents in your dropbox folder. I will grade the most recent document you submit. Do not send me emails asking, “Please grade this one, not that one.” It’s up to you to organize your work.

You should submit your essay by 11:59 PM, ET, Sunday, March 2nd. I do not take late papers. You will be smart not to wait until the last minute to submit your work, just in case you encounter some glitches with submitting the essay electronically.

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