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Unit 1 – Narrative Essay – Interviewing a Classmate

In this exercise, you will get to practice your interviewing skills by interviewing a classmate. Use the questions below as a minimum requirement, and add at least three of your own questions that you find compelling and that spark your curiosity.

Take notes in your notebook, and write up a summary of your interview of no less than one page, double spaced, 1 in. margins, 0.5 in. paragraph indent, 12 point font. Use the standard formula for identifying the assignment:

Your name

Date assignment is due

ENG 111/DE English 12

“Unit 1 – Narrative Essay – Interviewing a Classmate”
Your interview questions and notes are your own. But your summary will be part of your Unit 1 grade, and is due next class period. Do your best as you prepare yourself to do your next interview, that of your older family member. Have fun!

  1. What is your full name? Why did your parents select this name for you? Did you have a nickname? What do you know about your family surname?

  2. When and where were you born? How did your family come to live there?

  3. What world events had the most impact on you while you were growing up? Did any of them personally affect your family?

  4. Does your family have its own traditions that you enjoy?

  5. Describe a typical family dinner. Do you all eat together as a family? Who does the cooking? What are your favorite foods?

  6. Is there a naming tradition in your family, such as always giving the firstborn son the name of his paternal grandfather?

  7. What stories have come down to you about your parents? Grandparents? More distant ancestors?

Include in your summary an assessment of the interview process by answering these questions yourself:

  • In your opinion, what questions received the best response?

  • Was there a question you wish you would’ve asked, but didn’t think of it until later?

  • What organizational principle did you use for determining the order in which you would ask your questions (chronological, thematic, random, unintentional, or what?)? Can you think of a better way to order your questions so that they flow better?

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