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ENC 1102 Synthesis

Office Hours:

Important Dates
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Assignment Outcomes and Context
The goal of the synthesis assignment is to illustrate how three of the sources from Ways of Reading discuss similar themes or a similar idea.

Writing Requirements
In 1200 or more words, synthesize three sources. To do this, think about what the sources have in common, how they differ, and how they are in conversation with one another. As a rhetorical model, it might be best to take note of how the scholarly articles you are reading address similar ideas in their first few pages.

  • Does the topic have one or more approaches, which might indicate philosophical, political, or scientific dispositions or biases?

  • Are there controversial or different perspectives that contradict what is argued in the other essays?

  • Exactly how do the different arguments discuss similar ideas and what similarities do you see?

If done correctly the synthesis will demonstrate your (rhetorical) knowledge of the topic at hand. A refined thesis is typically offered up as the conclusion of the synthesis.
When you turn in your final paper, you must turn in the following items:

  1. Final paper

  2. Works Cited page

  3. Peer review

  4. Draft

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