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20th Century American Literature

American Studies

Comparative Ethnic Studies (African American, Asian and Asian American, esp. literature, visual culture and popular culture) Speculative studies (science fiction, detective fiction and mystery in literature and film) Asian film (esp. Hong Kong film) Orientalism Modernism Afro-Asian cultural studies
Kevin Boyle

Poetry writing

Irish literature

Contemporary Poetry

Russell Gill

Renaissance through 18th century


Laughter and Comedy

Interdisciplinary approaches to literature

E. A. Poe

Eric Ashley Hairston

  American Literature - Colonial through 1945

Genres (The Romance, the Novel, Epic Poetry)

African-American Literature

Classical Literature

Asian-American Literature

Law and Literature

Southern Literature

American Political Writing

Studies in Global Empires and Imperialism

Authors: Homer, Virgil, Ovid, Dante, Wheatley, DuBois, Douglass, Faulkner Authors of the Harlem Renaissance
Rosemary Haskell

18th Century literature and culture (British and European)

Colonial literature and culture (former British colonies: Caribbean, Indian and some African countriies)

Topic of imperialism, generally, in literature

Authors: Jane Austen; George Orwell; Daniel Defoe

Novel as a genre

Megan Isaac:


  Renaissance Literature and Drama

   Children's Literature

   Young Adult Literature
Cassie Kircher

Writing Nonfiction

Literary Nonfiction

The Personal Essay

Studying Nonfiction, specifically Travel Writing, Nature Writing, Environmental Literature, and Women Writers

Literature and London
--The Literature of Place

The Relationship between Nonfiction and Fiction
--Poetry and Nonfiction
Prudence Layne

African-American Literature (20th Century)

Caribbean Literature

Postcolonial Literature & Theory

Women’s and Gender Studies


Confinement literature
Kathy Lyday-Lee

Any language topic: dialect study, linguistics, history of the language, grammar, etc.

Appalachian Literature

Literature of the Holocaust


Jessie Moore

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Second Language Writing (Research, Theory, Pedagogy)

Composition Studies (Research, Theory, Pedagogy, Writing Centers, WAC)

Rhetoric (History and Theory)

Intersections of any of the above

Holocaust Literature

Janet Myers

19th and 20th century British literature

Victorian cultural studies

Colonial and postcolonial literature

Emigration literature

Novel as genre

Women's literature

Feminist theory

Tim Peeples

Rhetoric Theory

Rhetorical History

Connections between Professional Writing and Rhetoric

Visual Rhetoric and Document Design

Ethics and Writing

Collaboration and Publications Management

Teaching Composition

Critical Theory Deconstruction

Critical Theory Postmodernism

Critical Thinking Cultural Studies

Drew Perry

Fiction Writing

Southern Literature

American Novel

American Short Stories

Anti-hero in Literature

Postmodern Fiction

"K-Mart" Realism

Ancient Chinese and Japanese Poetry (in translation)

Landscape and Place in Literature

American Poetics

Cross-genre Writing

Ideas of Craft in Writing

Literary Magazine and Journals

Rebecca Pope-Ruark

Rhetorical aspects of marketing

Marketing communications

Business communication

Publishing and publication design/management (usually as related to 

Writing in workplaces and organizations

Organizational ethnography

Classical rhetoric

Paula Rosinski

Cyberculture studies -- all topics related to culture and technology

Intersections of technology and gender, race, ideology, socio-economics, sexuality, etc.

Studies of online communications and social spaces, such as blogs, gaming sites, and 3-D virtual reality spaces

Digital writing and online writing - historical approach

Digital writing and online writing -- cultural studies approach

Digital writing and online writing -- professional writing and rhetoric approach

Multimedia Studies

Science Fiction as Cultural Studies

Composition Studies/Theory/Freshman Writing Programs
Jean Schwind

American literature, especially late 19th - early 20th century fiction

Interdisciplinary studies of American literature and culture

Native American literature

Canadian literature

Michelle Trim

Rhetoric (classical and contemporary) and Composition (theories and practices)

Democratic Education

Agency Studies/ Critical theories of Language, Power, and Ideology

Critical Discourse Analysis (Social Linguistics) 

Feminist Theory(ies)

Feminist Rhetoric(s)

Technology Studies (as they relate to human agency, rhetoric, feminism and pedagogy)

Intersections of the above

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