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ELA terms

  • LIST 1 - A

1.) Simile

2.) Metaphor

3.) Idiom

4.) Personification

  • Giving human traits to animals or objects
  • The squirrel brushed his teeth then flossed every day.
  • The eraser screamed as Allante decided to erase her entire essay.

5.) Onomatopoeia

  • Words that sound like their meaning
  • Slam, Whack, Boom, Crack, Whoosh

6.) Extended Metaphor

  • A comparison between two things that is made throughout a poem or story
  • A poem that compares addiction to video games.
  • A story where a dog is used to continually show the traits of friendship.

7.) External Conflict

  • A fight, struggle or argument:
  • Man vs Man
  • Man vs Beast
  • Man vs Nature
  • Man vs Society

8.) Noun

  • A person, place, thing, or idea
  • Man, child, lawyer
  • City, sewer, field
  • Toilet, bubblegum, spaceship
  • Freedom, equality, honor

9.) Verb

10.) Ad-

  • Means – toward
  • Advantage, advance, advice, addition
  • While Kevae wasn’t looking, Chuck added baby roaches to his Raisin Bran.

12.) Euphemisms

  • a polite way (phrase) to say something that is controversial
  • When a writer says that the character "passed away," he or she is using a euphemism to say that the character "died."

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