Eggciting Egg Activities

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Eggciting Egg Activities

  1. Brainstorm with students a Venn Diagram comparing a bird (chicken) to a mammal

(rabbit), or a chicken to a duck, then write a 3 part essay– how chickens & rabbits are the

same…..why chickens are unique….why rabbits are unique…& which do you like best.

  1. Make a class chart “How Do You Like Your Eggs?” – fried, hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, or scrambled. Make three conclusions about the chart.

  2. Make a list of all the things you eat that have eggs in them as an ingredient & share a


  1. Make a list of all the creatures that lay eggs. (birds, insects, snakes, lizards, & turtles)

  2. Debate the question – Which came first the chicken, or the egg? Why? (S LA)

6. Research the incubation period for farm birds – chickens, ducks, geese, & turkeys.

7. Fact, or Fiction Hens have teeth? Roosters only crow in the morning? Hens must have

roosters around to lay eggs? Brown-shelled eggs are more nutritious than white-shelled

eggs? It’s O.K. to eat raw eggs? Free range chickens (chickens not in cages) lay more

nutritious eggs. All, but the last 2 are false.

  1. A boiled egg is a very graphic example of how the earth is formed. Shell is the crust, white is the mantle, & the yolk is the core.

  2. An egg is a perfect example of a cell. The yolk is the nucleus. The white is the…….

  3. All other foods are measured against the egg that is given the rating of 100 and considered the most perfect protein, because it contains all the amino acids. Research other proteins to see how they score.

  4. The incubation for a duck egg is 28 days. If you set eggs under a duck on April 15, when will the eggs hatch?

Eggciting Eggperiments

  1. Place a hard-boiled peeled egg in the neck of a bottle that is slightly smaller than the egg for several hours.

  2. Place a white egg in a glass of Coke for 24 hours. (The shell becomes a brown)

  3. Place an egg in a container of vinegar overnight. The carbon dioxide destroys the calcium of the shell)

  4. Diagram a hard cooked egg, or a raw egg & label the parts. (Shell, skin, white, or albumin, yoke holders,

  5. Whip with a mixer egg whites & sugar. Explain what is happening. (Air mixes with the egg white)

  6. Spin a boiled egg & a raw egg, can you predict which one is boiled? Why? (The liquid of the raw egg is more unstable.)

18. Create a container that will hold a raw egg that will not break & can be dropped from the

top of a building. The container can be no more than 12’X12”. Sorry no sleeping bags.

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