Efp 10 Name: Unit Theme

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EFP 10 Name:________________________

Unit Theme:

Ntityix’s (Salmon) gift to the learning process is about achieving goals and navigating one’s destiny by persevering to overcome obstacles, adversity or challenges: “Don’t give up.”
Activities and Assignments
1. Adversity game where you had to change directions every time the whistle was blown

2. Translating the Three Little Bears

3. Reading their novels (April Raintree, Touching Spirit Bear, Indian Horse, Louis Riel)

4. Working with your little buddies (Masks/movie Trailers)

5. Character Challenge paragraph

6. Character learning/developing through adversity essay

7. Reading about animal therapy and people healing through interactions animals and visiting the Animal Farm

8. Sharing circle on overcoming adversity

9. Poems: “Who am I” and “Lost my talk”

10. Racism Lesson

1. Which of these Lessons/Activities did you find most engaging? Why?

2. Which lesson do you feel you learned the most from? Why?

3. How will you think or act differently now that you have experienced everything in this unit?

4. What do you think was the common link between the games we played today? What do you predict the next theme will be?

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