Economics of Land Transport in Singapore

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Teacher’s Guide

  • Teachers are encouraged to play the “Economics of Land Transport in Singapore” video during lessons as a prelude to the visit.

  • Split the class into 4 groups to better facilitate the activities.



Gallery Lobby


  • Short briefing by facilitator.

  • Assist the facilitator to assign groups and engage the students during the icebreakers.

Inside Gallery

Journeys; Memories; Formative Years; Today

Challenge Theatre

  • Nil.


  • The teacher is to assist with the essay question discussion.

  • Recommended (Choose 1):

    • JC1 & Below: Q1

    • JC2: Q2

  • The teacher is to allocate different sections of the question to each group to answer. 15mins will be given for group discussion, followed by 15mins presentation of answers. The facilitator will provide the required logistics.

  • The teacher need not follow the model answer; the discussion is entirely for the teacher to run.

Discussion Questions
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