Economics Essay (2 page min)

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Economics Essay (2 page min)

Problems in economics date from the era when gold and silver were exchanged for goods in the nineteenth century US, but the worst part of economics is that it is pronounced in two different ways. The best part of it is that writing an economics essay can cover wide array of topics. You can write an essay on subjects from government spending to videogames. You can explore the economic side of terrorism, social media, or popular music. The economics of the world include issues across a broad spectrum of topics. You will write a custom economics essay that best fits what interests you.

You will need to use course relevant language in the presentation of facts in your essay. Please be sure that all facts are written in a clear, well thought-out, manner. Please explain everything in your essay fully. The most important aspect of your essay is that it reflects you, Be Creative!


1. Production- Labor economics, which is all about the dynamics in the labor market, wages given to them, their employment, and unemployment.

2. Taxation- Public economics or public finance is all about the pattern of tax levied by the government, the expenditure made by it on its behalf, and their effects on the economy.

3. Macroeconomics- Political economy is all about the interaction and impact of national policies, and how they affect the global market place.

4. Microeconomics- The market behavior of individual consumers and firms in an attempt to understand the decision-making process of firms and households. It is concerned with the interaction between individual buyers and sellers and the factors that influence the choices made by buyers and sellers.

5. Urban economics studies the effects of the interaction of all economies in the city. The study could be on the pollution caused by vehicles, growing poverty and unemployment.

Along with your Final Draft, you will need to include:

Essay Prompt

Essay Outline

Rough Draft

Works Cited Page

If nothing interests you, here are a few suggestions on where to begin you search:
Circular Flow Comparative Advantage

Demographic Concepts Division of Labor

Economic Growth Economic Institution

Economic Systems Entrepreneurs

Federal Reserve Fiscal Policy

Functions of Money Income Distribution

Inflation John Maynard Keynes

Monetary Policy Adam Smith

Public Goods Shortages and Surpluses

Supply and Demand Taxes

Trade-offs Unemployment

Barriers to Trade Barter/Trade

Choice Consumers/Consumption

Economic Goals Economic Indicators

Exchange Rate Factors of Production

Free Enterprise System Friedrich Hayek

Incentives Interdependence

Market Failures Milton Friedman

Opportunity Cost Point of View

Producers/Production Productivity

Profit Resources-Human/Natural/Capital

Scarcity Specialization

Please use credible sources for your research. Here are a few examples:
Do not use:

Yahoo Answers



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