Econ 444/544 Economies of the Middle East Winter, 2014 Reading List Prof. Twomey Codes: "*" indicates required reading

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Econ 444/544 Economies of the Middle East Winter, 2014 Reading List Prof. Twomey
Codes: “*” indicates required reading. The “I” indicates that the item is included on the Canvas site for this course, either directly or as a web link. The right hand column is the name of the file in the professor’s archive, and should not be of importance to students. Some books are included here - those marked UM-D are available in our library.



Introduction, Overview, History, Maps


Richards and Waterbury Chapters 2-3, 11



Dahi, Omar (2011) “Understanding the Political Economy of the Arab Revolts,” MERIP #259 3 pages



Askari, Hossein (2009) “Fixing the Middle East’s Economies,” Current History December


G-8 (2011) “Economic Transformation in MENA: Delivering on the Promise of Shared Prosperity,” background paper, 18 pp.

G-8 Mena_Transformation


Agha, Hussein and Robert Malley (2011) “The Arab Counterrevolution,” New York Review of Books Sept. 29 7 pp.



Anderson, Lisa (2011) “Demystifying the Arab Spring,” Foreign Affairs



Henry, Clement (2003) “A Clash of Globalizations: Obstacles to Development in the Middle East,” Harvard International Review 25#1 pp. 60-64



Anderson, Lisa (2011) “Demystifying the Arab Spring,” Foreign Affairs



Edward Said archive online



Links to a set of maps of MENA



Ibrahim, Saad (2006) “The ‘New Middle East’ Bush is Resisting,” editorial online



“U.S. Foreign Policy and the Middle East,” video interview with Shibley Telhami at UC-Bekerley (2003) online



“The Middle East and U.S. Foreign Policy,” video interview of Juan Cole at UC-Berkely (2005) online



Sorenson, David (2008) “Introduction,” chapter in An Introduction to the Modern Middle East [UMD DS 44 S67]


Ruach, James and Scott Kostyshak (2009) “The Three Arab Worlds,” Journal of Economic Perspectives 23:3 pp. 165-188


Yousefi, Najm al-Din (2008) “Secular Sciences and the Question of ‘Decline,’” Iranian Studies 41:4 pp.


Ottaway, M. et al. (2008) The Realities of the New Middle East Carnegie 48 pp.


Orientalism edited by Ziauddin Sardar published by Open Univ. Press


“Kurds and the Future,” Middle East Report Summer, 2008

 Hinnebusch, Raymond (2003) The International Politics of the Middle East umd DS 63.18 H56 2003


Kamrava, Mehran (2005) The Modern Middle East: A Political History since the First World War ugli DS 62.8 K3651 2005



Recommended: Owen and Pamuk Chapters 2, and 6


* I

MERIP Editors (2013) “Egypt in Year Three,” online

Merip_Egypt in Year Three


Interview with Robert Springborg, Al-Masry Al-Youm October 31, 2011 (2 pages)



Mustafa, Hala and A. R. Norton (2007) “Stalled Reform: The Case of Egypt,” Current History January (3. pp.)



Hammer, Joshua and Amina Ismail (2011) “Egypt: Who Call the Shots?” New York Review of Books August 18. 4 pages



Sullivan, Denis J. (2003) “The Struggle for Egypt’s Future,” Current History 102(660) pp. 27-



Adams, Richard (2000), “Evaluating the Process of Development in Egypt, 1980-97,” International Journal of Middle East Studies pp. 255-75



Bell, Jennifer (2000) “Egyptian Environmental Activists’ Uphill Battle,” Middle East Report pp. 24-25



Shehata (2009) “After Mubarak, Mubarak?” Current History 10: 7 pp.



Lofgren, Hans (1993) “Economic Policy in Egypt: A Breakdown in Reform Resistance,” International Journal of Middle East Studies Vol. 25 pp. 407-421



Momani, Bessma (2003) “Promoting Economic Liberalization: From U.S. Foreign Aid to Trade and Investment,” Middle East Review of International Affairs 7(3) p 88- 14 pages



Adams, Richard (1999) “Non-farm income, Inequality, and Land in Rural Egypt,” World Bank [30 page pdf file] Online



Heba el-Laithy et al. (2003) “Poverty and Economic Growth in Egypt 1995-2000,“ World Bank [pdf file] Online

Wrong link


ERF: Egypt Country Profile online



Radwan, Samir (2006) Egypt: Ready for Takeoff?  online



El-Amrani, Issandr (2005) “Controlled Reform in Egypt: Neither Reformist nor Controlled,” Merip online



Beinin, Joel and Hossam el-Hamalawy (2007) “Strikes in Egypt Spread from Center of Gravity,” Merip online



Fahmy, Ninette (2004) “A Culture of Poverty or the Poverty of Culture? Informal Settlements and the Debate over the State-Society Relationship in Egypt,” Middle East Journal 58:4



Brindle, Simon (2003) “Egypt: Privatisation  programme lumbers slowly on,” Middle East 333 (4 pp)



Pripstein-Posusney, Marsha (1999) “Egyptian Privatization: New Challenges for the Left,” Middle East Report #210 pp. 38-40



UN (2010) Egypt Human Development Report 2010



El Rashidi, Yasmine (2011) “The Battle for Egypt’s Future,” New York Review of Books April 28


Dorman, W. J. (2013) “Exclusion and Informality: The Praetorian Politics of Land Management in Cairo, Egypt,” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 37:5 1584-610 [in Cities Module]


Chekir, H. and I. Diwan (2013) “Distressed Whales on the Nile-Egypt Capitalists in the Wake of the 2010 Revolution,” ERF paper 24 pp.


Stacher, Joshua (2008) “Egypt: The Anatomy of Succession,” Review of African Political Economy


Hammer and Ismail (2011) “Egypt: Who Calls the Shots?” New York Review of Books August 18


Tadros, Mariz (2006) “State Welfare in Egypt Since Adjustment: Hegemonic Control with a Minimalist Role,” Review of African Political Economy 108 237-254


Selwaness and Zaki (2013) “Assessing the Impact of Trade Reform on Informality in Egypt,” ERF paper


Mohieldin and Nasr (2007) “On Bank Privatization: the Case of Egypt,” Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 46 707-25


Abd El-Salam (2003) “Egyptian Banking Industry: Its History and Future,” Journal of American Academy of Business 9 pages


Omran, Mohammed (2007) “Privatization, State Ownership and Bank Performance in Egypt,” World Development 714-733



Paul Sullivan (1999), “Contrary views of economic diplomacy in the Arab World: Egypt,” Arab Studies Quarterly Fall 1999

[EgyptBoycott.txt alsoEgyptEmbargo.html]


Haldane, John T. (1992) “Egypt Putting Its Economic House in Order,” Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,” 10(8) pp. 61



Toth, James (1994) “Rural Workers and Egypt’s National Development,” British Journal of Middle East Studies  pp. 38-


Beinin, Joel and Hossam el-Hamalawy (2007) “Strikes in Egypt Spread from Center of Gravity,” (MERIP online?) 8 pp.


El Tarouty, Safinaz (2008) “Reinventing the Party: Reform and Internal Dynamics of Egypt’s National Democratic Party,” working paper 24 pp.



Beinin, Joel (1989) “Labor, Capital, and the State in Nasserist Egypt, 1952-1961,” International Journal of Middle East Studies Vol. 21 pp. 71-90


El-Haddad, Amirah (2013) “Political Patronage and Economic Opportunity: The Case of Vertical Integration in the Egyptian Cloth Industry,” ERF paper 51 pp.


Beblawi, Hazem (2008) “Economic Growth in Egypt: Impediments and Constraints (1974-2004)” paper


El-Haddad, Amirah (2013) “Political Patronage and Economic Opportunity: The Case of Vertical Integration in the Egyptian Cloth Industry,” ERF paper 51 pp.



Sullivan, Denis J. (1990) “The Political Economy of Reform in Egypt,” International Journal of Middle East Studies Vol. 22 pp. 317-334



Tadros, Mariz (2006) “State Welfare in Egypt since Adjustment: Hegemonic Control with a Minimalist Role,” Review of African Political Economy pp. 237-254


Holmes, Mary Tyler (2008) “Higher education reform in Egypt: preparing graduates for Egypt’s changing political economy,” Education Business and Society: Contpemporary Middle Eastern Issues 1:3 12 pp.



Dunn, John (1997) “Egypt’s Nineteenth-Century Armaments Industry,” Journal of Military History 61:2 pp. 231-254






Abdel-Khalek, Gouda (2001), Stabilization and Adjustment in Egypt. Reform or De-Industrialization UM-D HC830 .A5254 2001   



Raymond, Andre (2000), Cairo  UM-D  DT148 .R3913 2000 



Hansen, Bent (1991) The Political Economy of Poverty, Equity and Growth Egypt and Turkey UM-D HC830 .H36 1991   



Tignor, Robert (1966) Modernization and British Colonial Rule in Egypt  UM-D  DT107 .T5 



Mabro, Robert (1974) The Egyptian Economy, 1952-1972  UM-D HC535 .M17



Rivlin, Helen (1961) Agricultural Policy of Muhammad Ali in Egypt  UM-D HD2123 1961 .R5 



Abu-Lughod, Janet (1971) Cairo: 1001 years of the city victorious UM-D DT 143 A26



Serageldin, Samia (2000) The Cairo House  UM-D PS 3569 E648   (good novel)


Elyachar (2005) Markets of Dispossession: NGOs, Economic Development, and the State in Cairo HC 830 Z7 C34 E45 2005

Ikram,Khalid (2006) The Egyptian Economy, 1952-2000 ugli HC 830 I 391 2006

Ener, Mine (2003) Managing Egypt’s Poor and the Politics of Benevolence 1800-1952 HC 830 Z9 P6 E54 2003


Vatikiotis (1991) The History of Modern Egypt  DT 107 V35 1991



Ismail, Salwa (2006) Political Life in Cairo’s New Quarters JS 7763 A2 I76 2006



Ibrahim, Saad Eddin et al. An Assessment of Grass Roots Participation in the Development of Egypt H1 C18 v. 19 #3, Fall 1996



Ikram, Khalid (2006) The Egyptian Economy 1952-2000 ugli HC 830 I391 2006



Posusney, Marsha Pripstein (1997) Labor and the State in Egypt HD 8766 P671 1997



Toth, James (1999) Rural Labor Movements in Egypt and Their Impact on the State 1961-1992 MSU HD 1538 E3 T67



Tignor (1984) State, Private Enterprise, and Economic Change in Egypt 1918-1952  HC 830 T541 1984



Tignor (1989) Egyptian Textiles and British Capital  HD 9867 E32 T531 1989



Hunter Egypt under the Khedives 1805-1879  DT 100 H81 1984



Behrings-Abouseif (1994) Egypt’s Adjustment to Ottoman Rule  DT 97 B461  1994



Radwan (1974) Capital Formation in Egyptian Industry & Agriculture 1882-1967 HC 540 C3 R13 1974



Mabro and Radwan The Industrialization of Egypt 1939-1973  HC 535 M134



Owen, Roger  Cotton and the Egyptian Economy, 1820-1914   HD 9087 E42 O97



Richards (1982) Egypt’s Agricultural Development 1800-1980  HD 2123 R51 1982


Ikram,Khalid (2006) The Egyptian Economy, 1952-2000 ugli HC 830 I 391 2006


Bush (2002) Counter-Revolution in Egypt’s Countryside  HD 2123 C681 2002



Posusney, Marsha (1997) Labor and the State in Egypt HD 8786 P 671 1997



Radwan and Lee (1986) Agrarian Change in Egypt  HN 786 A8 R331 1986



Zakiy (1995) Civil Society & Democratization in Egypt 1981-1994  JQ 3881 Z35 1995



Botman (1991) Egypt from Independence to Revolution 1919-1952  DT 107 B581 1991



Al-Zayat, Latifa (2000:1960) The Open Door ugli PJ 7876 A58 B33 [novel]






 Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan



Recommended: Owen and Pamuk Chapters 3, 7,  pp. 187-193



Robinson (2012) “Syria’s Long Civil War,” Current History



Yousif (2013) “Aspiration and Reality in Iraq’s Post-Sanctions Economy,” MERIP online



Seeley (2013) “The Jordanian State Buys Itself Time,” MERIP online

Seeley_The Jordanian State Buys Itself Time

*, I

Dick, Marlin (2010) “Hizballah’s Domestic Growing Pains,” MERIP online


Gifford, Lindsay (2009) “Syria: the Change that Never Came,” Current History December


Greenwood, Scott (2003) “Jordan’s ‘new bargain:’ The Political economy of regime security,” Middle East Journal 57#2 pp. 248-268



Kiernan, Peter (1999) “Syria’s Economic Dilemma,” Middle East 288: 35-37



Telhami, Shibley (2007) “Lebanese Identity and Israeli Security in the Shadows of the 2006 War,” Current History January



Haddad, Bassam (2011) “The Political Economy of Syria: Realities and Challenges,” Middle East Policy 18 (2) pp. 46-61



Miles Doan, Rebecca (1992) “Class Differentiation and the Informal Sector in Amman, Jordan,” International Journal of Middle East Studies 24#1  pp. 27-38



U.S. national Security Update on Iraq online


Reiter, Yitzhak (2004) “The Palestinian-Transjordanian Rift: Economic Might and Political Power in Jordan,” The Middle East Journal 58, 1 Winter pp. 72- (21 pages)



Melhem, Hisham (1997) “Syria between Two Transitions,” pp. 2-7 Middle East Report (1997) # 203

[SyriaTransition.pdf] [hishamSyria.htm -- good]


Lawson, Fred H. (1997), “Private Capital and the State in Contemporary Syria,” 8-13+30 Middle East Report Issue: 203



Perthes, Volker (1997) “Syria's Involvement in Lebanon,” Middle East Report 203: p. 18



Ellis, Kail (1999) “Lebanon: The struggle of a small country in a regional context,” 21 pages Arab Studies Quarterly Winter 



Kubursi, Atif A. (1999) “Reconstructing the economy of Lebanon,” Arab Studies Quarterly Winter 27 pages



Saad-Ghorayeb, Amal (2003) “Factors conducive to the politicization of the Lebanese Shia and the emergence of Hizbullah,” Journal of Islamic Studies 14:3 pp. 273-307



Chalcraft, John (2005) “Syrian Migrant Workers in Lebanon: the limits of transnational integration, communitarian solidarity, and popular agency,” 35 pp.



Chalcraft, John (~2005) “Syrian Workers in Lebanon and the Role of the State: political economy and popular aspirations,” 24 pp.



Perthes, Volker (1997) “Myths and Money: Four Years of Hariri and Lebanon’s Preparation for a New Middle East,” pp. 16-21 Middle East Report # 203



As'ad AbuKhalil’s blog Angry Arab online



Joshua Landis blog Syria Comment online



Deeb, Lara (2006) “Hizballah: A Primer,” MERIP online



Kuttab, Daoub (2006) “Lessons of the Lebanon War,” (Project Syndicate Commentary) online



Khalidi, Muhammad Ali and Diane Riskedahl (2007) “The Road to Nahr Al-Barid: Lebanese Political Discourse and Palestinian Civil Rights,” MERIP online



Quilty, Jim (2007) “The Collateral Damage of Lebanese Sovereignty,” MERIP online



Worzala, Chatal (1994) The Demographic Dimensions of Poverty in Jordan World Bank Discussion Paper Online



Khawaja, Marwan (~2002) “Migration and the production of poverty,” {refugee camps} working paper AUB Online



Quilty, Jim “Israel’s War against Lebanon’s Shi’a,” MERIP (~6 pages) online



ERF (2006) The Road Ahead for Jordan (~100 pp.) online



ERF (2005) Jordan Country Profile (139 pp.) online



ERF (2006) Syria Country Profile (200 pp.) online



Diane Sawyer (ABC) T.V. interview with Bashar Al-Assad (early 2007) video



Ababsa, Myriam (2005) “Privatisation in Syria: State Farms and the Case of the Euphrates Project,” paper 23 pp.


Serwer (2012) “Iraq Untethered,” Current History December (6 pages)



Arab Studies Quarterly Winter 1999, issue on post-war Lebanon:



Middle East Report (1997) Issue: 203, Lebanon and Syria: The Geopolitics of Change, Spring.



Greenwood, Scott (2003) “Jordan, the Al-Aqsa Intifada and America’s ‘War on Terror’,” Middle East Policy X:3 23 pp.



North, Augustus (1999), “Lebanon’s conundrum,” Arab Studies Quarterly Winter 13 pages



Reiter, Yitzhak (2002) “Higher Education and Sociopolitical Transformation in Jordan,” British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 29(2) pp. 137-164 


El-Said and Harrigan (2009) “’Your Reap What You Plant’: Social Networks in the Arab World-the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,” World Development 37:7 15 pp.


Al_Husan and James (2007) “Multinational HRM in Privatized Jordanian Enterprises: An Exploration of the Influence of Political Contingencies,” Wiley 17 pp.



Tourk, Khairy (2002) “Sources of Economic Growth in Jordan: 1969-1989,” The Journal of Energy and Development 27 #1 pp 89-99



Antoun, Richard T. (2000) “Civil Society, Tribal Process, and Change in Jordan: An Anthropological View,” International Journal of Middle East Studies 32 pp. 441-463



Halaby, Jamal (2000) “Jordanians still revere Queen Noor,” February 24 Detroit Free Press

[Jordanians Still Revere Queen Noor…]


Abouchedid, Kamal, Ramzi Nasser and Jeremy Van Blommestein (2002) “The Limitations of Inter-Group Learning in Confessional School Systems: The Case of Lebanon,” Arab Studies Quarterly  24,4 pp. 61- 


Berthelemy, Dessus and Nahas (2007) “Exploring Lebanon’s Growth Prospects,” World Bank working paper 32 pp.



Freitag, Ulrike (1999) “In Search of ‘Historical Correctness’: The Ba’th Party in Syria,” Middle Eastern Studies 35(1) pp. 1-16


El-Said, Hamed and Jane Harrigan (2009) “’You Reap What You Plant’: Social Networks in the Arab World- the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,” World Development 37(7) pp. 1235-1249



Dibeh, Ghassan (2002) “The Political Economy of Inflation and Currency Depreciation in Lebanon, 1984-1992” Middle Eastern Studies vol. 38 #1 pp. 33-52



Syria's Parliamentary Elections: Remodeling Asad's Political Base, pp. 15-18+35 by Volker Perthes and Democracy Dilemmas in Jordan, pp. 26-29

[what’s this?]

Moaddel, Mansoor (2009) “Ethnicity and Values Among the Lebanese Public: Findings from a Values Survey,” [UM web page] 11 pp.



Abla Amawi Middle East Report Jan.-Feb., 1992





Makdisi (2000) The Culture of Sectarianism.. Nineteenth Century Ottoman Lebanon  UM-D DS84 .M35 2000 



Hourani, Albert  (1968) Syria and Lebanon  UM-D DS98 .H65 1968    



Gaspard, Toufic (2004) A Political Economy of Lebanon 1948-2002 UM-D weblink. UM-AA HC 415.24 G371 2004



Heydemann, Steven (1999) Authoritarianism in Syria UM-D JQ1826.A91 H49 1999


Makdisi, Samir (2004) The Lessons of Lebanon UM-D HC 415.24 M325 2004


Dagher (2000) Bring down the Walls: Lebanon’s Post-War Challenge  DS 87.65 D341 2000



Choueiri (1993) State and Society in Syria and Lebanon DS 95.6 L4 S73711 1993



Salibi (1988) A House of Many Mansions  DS 80.9 S16


Picard, Elizaberth (1996) Lebanon: A Shattered Country DS 80.9 P59113 1996


Ellis (2002) Lebanon’s Second Republic  DS 87.54 L4181 2002


Tarabulsi, Fawwaz (2007) A history of modern Lebanon DS 84 T37 2007


Nevo and Pappe (1994) Jordan in the Middle East 1948-1988  DS 154.55 J671 1994



Joffe (2002) Jordan in transition 1990-2000  DS 154.55 J731 2002


Ma’oz, Moshe (1988) Asad: The Sphinx of Damascus DS 98.3 A45 M36 1988

Perthes, Volker (1995) The Political Economy of Syria under Asad HC 415.23 P4711

Hinnebusch, Raymond (2001) Syria: Revolution from above DS 98.4 M565 2001


Ryan, Curtis R. (2002) Jordan in Transition DS 154.55 R931 2002



Ehteshami and Hinnebusch (1997) Syrian and Iran  DS 95.5 E374 1997



Winckler, Onn (1997) Population Growth and Migration in Jordan 1950-1994  HB 3808.5 W56 1997


Liyana Badr A Balcony over the Fakihani PJ 7816 B1352 S583 2002 [novel]

Idilbi, Ulfat (1995:1980) Sabriya PJ 7838 D88 D53 [novel]





Jabbour Douaihy Autumn Equinox PJ 7820 U818 I83 2001 [novel]

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