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November 7, 2006
Called to order 10:10 pm

Secretary: We have quorum with 24 members

Motion to waive reading of the minutes – Motion passes



Consolidated the finance committee report and the treasurer report.

Finance committee report being passed around – and first meeting was today.

They finally got their first check from the school.

Student organization updates


Hello, treasurer of the ADR Society.

We pretty much do competitions – inter school competition tomorrow

2 teams will represent Touro at the competition at Pace

They just had a competition and it went well.

The ADR just introduced an arbitration competition, 1st one this year

Goal of ADR setting up a team for this year

Negotiation and arbitration competitions for next year.

One thing I understand is that in legal methods classes being introduced to legal counseling tapes. This will help students be introduced to this

Get speakers to perform more of the dialogue to have someone actually interview instead of having a speaker. Many students would rather not go hear someone speak. They will try to do this for

JR asked who the coach is The coach is Maryann Artusio. Kevin Oates was last year, but he left the school and a lot of faculty members expressed interest in coaching, including professor graves. Many people want to coach so they want to get as many people as possible

Pace event is February 11th and 12th regional’s for client counseling competition. Regional’s represent 3 states of NY, NJ and Connecticut.


Brought Ed Puerta along with him to speak to him.

They are in discussions with a speaker from the Isreali consulate.

They want to have dialogue with someone from Israeli and Pakistan possibly

They are looking to have a movie night before Thanksgiving

A speaker in UK Securities Law – they are working on scheduling right now

Couldn’t do most of the stuff this semester because of the failure to move.

They are thinking the Tuesday night before the Wednesday of Thanksgiving – thinking of a Few Good Men.


So far this semester we’ve been focusing on getting students to do the Pr bono requirement. Suffolk County association. This coming Monday they are having a joint board meeting with them and a networking thing with them in civil rights and civil liberties law. They are also working in getting immigration law event organized for the week after Thanksgiving. I think that with speakers schedules and end of the semester students wont show up until next semester. They also discussed with the Federalist society to do a Parliamentary

Any tension topics? Mark said totally discussed between the leaders



Vacancy in the administrative chair and JR appointed a new chair. The new chair is Konstantin. He is the new administrative chair.

Set up meetings with the committee.


Couple of thoughts on the meeting from yesterday with Dean Raful. I was impressed with the turnout probably the most attended event since I’ve been at the school. Nevertheless thought students were respectful and comments were ok. Everyone had an opportunity who wanted to speak to speak and I think that this should be something we should consider for the future. It was a good experience. I didn’t want to interject myself into the fray and give an opinion. I think the Dean made a mistake ad great mistake, but I don’t think anything he said was meant maliciously, poor choice of words, probably clumsy, but he is the dean hi is held to a high standard and take a prospective approach and monitor. HE was on the griddle and probably should stay off the griddle. We should give him a chance he has done some things since he’s been here. We’ve been talking about this new building for years and I think that he has done some things and we should take a wait and see approach. We hold him to a high standard. It doesn’t seem necessarily appropriate to ask for him to be removal. He is just giving his own opinion, not that of the SBA. That’s all I have to say about that until new business.
I neglected to do this last time. Congratulations to Kerry Fisher on the birth of her daughter Her name is Sky


Elaborate on Jason Ayelsworth’s ADR negotiation competition. Ayelsworth & Duly came in tenth, lost to Pace and tied with Fordham and Kimmelman and Rich came in 6th won both of their rounds and came out at the top. Touro is definitely very well represented in these competitions.


I’m goiong to be quick just want to thank the first years and everyone else who helped set up and clean up after Fright Night. Also, Elaine has the banner that is going to go on the table. This goes along with the poster so everyone will know where the SBA is. The Velcro isn’t on it yet because we aren’t attaching it to the

The basketball tournament is not going to happen this semester because we haven’t gotten a place for it. We are looking to have it at the Y in January on a Saturday night. Hopefully because it is still so early we cans till have the Tournament before the one in February.

JR: Welcome distinguished Professor Richard Klein who is in the house tonight.



This portion is open to you guys to give any

Jamie: Motion to limit discussion to 10 minutes. 21 in favor. 1 opposed. 0 abstain.

Discussion is limited to 10 minutes.

Opened to you guys to ask questions, present proposals
ALAHVERDIAN: For dean raful’s meeting with the students yesterday is there anyway he could have another meeting with night students.

JR: Most likely not – the meeting went on until about 6, a few night students showed up. It wouldn’t have worked out well. Attendance wise I thought we did a good job with the time

GIBBONS: I wasn’t able to attend can I get a brief summary you were there. I saw in the Touro times that it was a 90minute interview and there were only four sentences written. Does it show that there was credibility.

JR: This is not necessarily an accurate summary. Essentially the Dean is asserting that his comments were edited and taken out of context he explained a lot of the comments. For example when he said he didn’t necessarily care if we moved up in the ranks, it was essentially made to NY ranking and reports pertaining to LSAT scores, etc. If we wanted to move up we wouldn’t be able to accept students who had LSAT numbers below 155. We are a public interest law school, so a fair number of students go into public interest, they don’t make as much and that is scored against us in terms of moving up a tier. If we want to be according to the mission of the law school to provide legal education to those who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get a legal education at all we wouldn’t be able to move up a tier.

That’s just a little bit of context as to how his statements got construed.
KLEIN: The students who spoke we extraordinarily impressive The whole tenor of the meeting was very valuable and very well taken. What is so well taken is that this not end here unfortunate that this is limited to 10 minutes no one is more impacted than the students and us. The student involvement yesterday you saw that if there isn’t student involvement then it may head into a direction that we do not want it do go in. However adversarial it might be, we should be making sure that this school exploits the fact that we will be in a novel position and have a chance for a national reputation. This is an opportunity that can have a tremendous impact on us and if the administration isn’t going to make sure that this happens it is your jobs to make sure that it does happen. IF the administration needs to be reminded of this and use the move to get a national reputation then more meetings than this need to happen.. I disagree with JR about not having a meeting with the night students as to the meeting yesterday. He needs to be accountable to the students. There was also something in the Touro Times that there were going to be moves made to counter the actions by the dean. Letter to be sent by lawyers in this nation. Lot so f things done in CI it’s the obligation for the students to show the impact you can have. The momentum ought not to die out. The good news could be that now there are some issues that could be crystallized. Instead of the administration just reviewing where their mindset was at it is up to us to pursue and press to make sure that things get done. The administration has a lot to remedy about the anger that went on here. We are to hold people accountable and what happened yesterday continue to happen. Student leadership here should continue to pursue this.
JR. The dean left the door open to what the mission of the school should be. If it’s the mission that the students want tog o in – if that’s the mission then we need to discuss. I asked him the question where do you see Touro in 5 years 10 years, he gave a wishwashy answer. He should’ve said he hoped he saw Touro getting a national reputation. Instead of just being a NY long island law school.
KLEIN: An agenda ought to be given to him if there is another meeting. What is the dean’s plan for moving our school up a tier from the fourth tier. Specifics are necessary, required and it will be done by giving notice in advance
KB: Part of his response to that is that students wanted to go in and get answer and he is really food at sidestepping. He got very little out of the meeting. Every conversation he ever had with the Dena he has left the meeting with no closure. He is back at Square 1 for example the dorms. When he was asked what he was going to do to remedy the situation he didn’t says anything. I don’t care if only 10% of people read those papers because what if its something I wanted. He should issue something addressing the situation. Either something to the school or
JR: He did say that he would write something to the multi bench.
KB: Something said at the meeting
JR: What would you of liked to hear how would you have answered some of the questions.
KB: I would have started out that I was sorry and not wait for a student to say they were hurt. Should have said something about going out of his way the extent of his power to get something done. I want him to go and say walk into my office and get my Get the NY law journal to write something.
TOM DELCUA: I think its important t see where everyone stands here. He wants to make a motion and see who basically accepts what Dena Raful said. Who wants to address him on some issues, maybe address the board of directors.

Motion to write a letter describing out upset with the board of directors letting them know how we feel or not. KB Seconds the motion.

Basically wants
Joe LEVEY wants to clarify the motion. Basically wants to motion as to who is satisfied with where we are right now
Who thinks Dean Raful is still a good dean for us and based on that vote we can determine what to do.
IS there a discussion.

ROBERT SALERNO: I wan to say yes I’m upset or yes we should do something more – I don’t think we should say to kick him out

TOM DELUCA: Anything we vote.
JR: Is the motion amended at the moment.
RACHEL: I think that we were having a discussion and once we are at the end of the discussion we can get where the students stand.
TD: Wants to see where everyone still stands.

Make a motion to extend this more than 10 minutes.

RICH: We have 10 minutes.

JR: We will extend.

HERMANOWSKI: Just wondering if he ever addressed whether his opinions with where the school was going – are those his opinions or are they that of the administration.
JR: Thinks he came here and the mission of this school is that to brought here to give opportunities who probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to help the under privileged. If that isn’t the mission the admissions standards would have to change, some faculty would not be able to work here.

Is the mission form 25 years ago the same today.

RAMO: I think the comments – the thing I found the most wrong wit hit is that he had the wrong choice of words. Hoe many people in this room scored above a 160 or had a 3.5 GPA. Touro gave me an opportunity to get a legal education close to home that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. I don’t think we should make it for them to apply – I don’t feel or believe that radically changing our admissions standard is what we want – I see that as irrelevant. I think he did pick some very poor choice of words making it seem like we are a bunch of pumbo jumbo pie eaters.
MARTIN: Along with the other concerns I see a bigger concern with accountability and his accountability to those statements, which affect Touro. I think there is also an issue to the student body. There were so many students saying how what he said affects us as students. I think its absolutely true that if students are making the exact same comments I don’t see how you hold the dean, well obviously the Dean needs to be held accountable but so do the students because all they do is talk about trying to get into the top 10% in order to transfer and they are in a junior high. I am personally proud of going to Touro – we aren’t Harvard I come here and do the best I can. I think there’s an issue as credibility and I think as the SBA we have the opportunity to make an impact among the student body that we are proud to be here. I think what we as students sometimes do is the exact same thing the dean did.
JR: We’ve been fighting this since we came here. Perhaps its not JR’s mission in life, or Tom Deluca’s mission. Some of us come here because we couldn’t get in anywhere else but they see themselves as making millions. We should be doing a better job of promoting ourselves.

We shouldn’t just be selling ourselves to long island firm

RACHEL: One thing judge laser said was that everyone had their chance to get their feelings out to the dean. He didn’t want it to spread outside and that’s one of the things that I would be concerned with. You don’t want Newsday or News 12 focusing on the story and get it more publicity than it has already gotten.
2 minutes left
HERMANOWSKI: I think it’s a problem that our own dean can’t identify the mission of the school. It’s a problem when alumni calls to donate money are we trying to be a higher school or run on a day-to-day basis. I think it’s very important that the dean and the administration define what the school is and what we are looking at. Are we the Yale

No this mission of our school is to be a local public interest school – you are defining what you are.

KLEIN: It’s not for the dean to identify what the issue is. It’s never been what JR said. The mission of the school ought to be now to use what’s happened to catapult and exploit it and work to the benefit of everybody and the way the administration would be responsible. I don’t think its something debatable that we all want the school to move up a tier. If someone is content with us staying in the fourth tier? We want this school to rise and move and get the publicity that we need so that 5 years from now it has the reputation we want. This opportunity now ought to be used because they are threatened now.
GIBBONS: It seems like we are getting on a general topic of spirit and use this as an opportunity to address all of the student issues. I think that while we are moving to this building we should have another meeting to address this issue.
Articulate the amended motion to vote on this.

Basically how people feel.

Motion for a 3 tier question: Whether you are satisfied with the deans performance to date
TODD: Point of clarity – what the hell is this going to do
TOMDELUCA: If everyone voted and we all except his apology

Gibbons: You can not

GIBB: Multi tiered problem here.
TOM: Let me see if I can bring clarity. Basically we would be voted on what direction we need to take. I agree with Professor Klein – basically vote on what our next steps should be.

This is basically a comment not a motion.

Based on the dean’s comments, should we somehow take remedial action such as writing a letter to the board of trustees, give him a hall pass.
RAMO: I move that we move this motion to committee.

Motion is already

Motion to table.
We will refer that further remedial action to the committee if that motion passes.

I think by attaching it down to the academic committee –

Point of clarity is this just for the dean’s actions – Plain reference to the dean.
POC: If the further action in general.
Motion has been seconded.
Motion to take further action.

19 in favor

0 opposed

3 abstentions

Motion passes

This issue will be referred to the academic affairs committee.

TD: Can the CSO be attached to this motion as well?

Whatever proposal they come up with will be voted on in the next meeting.


We invited professor Kleinhouse to come she cant be here today, but she will be at the next meeting
What are the current problems with the TA System as it is:

KB: Presentation

  1. The way it stands now is that it is 2 hours a week held by intelligent students who did well some of the problems are the TA sessions are based on the TA schedules.

  2. Mandatory – this is a problem – it is to help assist you and not to bind you in a 2 hour session

  3. The TA sessions aren’t taught by professors different from the professor the student had. Therefore they aren’t equipped to help them with that. Having a TA who never had that professor

  4. Proposals: TA should have to meet with the professor of the class that they are teaching. POI from JR: That which you are proposing with TA specific – they got away from it.

I know a lot of TA’s are guided not to give out outlines. Students need info at a specific time. My TA handed me a hypo for criminal law and he gave me a homework assignment for civil procedure that I had already done.

From what I hear is that if you are on the bubble, if you go to the TA session and you waste time, you are doing something wasteful.

If it is something mandatory –
TODD: One of your main problems with the whole problem was the mandatory of the first semester. They did count it that you had to show out for a bunch of them. What they did second semester was anyone over 2.5 you were no longer required to go to TA sessions. How does it work for you guys?
SANDRA: The goal of the TA session. I understand that you don’t like to write essays on the side but you haven’t sat through a full exam and you don’t know what its like to show you

We are here to teach you and reinforce how to IRAC.

All of us have or at least have been told to tell our TA students please email us ahead of time. If you put us on the spot we may not know the answer. If you don’t give us heads up then we cant be on the ball.
KB: That’s why I think its important for the TA’s to know what’s going on
SALERNO: Fine that’s great but there is a spectrum of TA’s who are doing great jobs. But there are those who are terrible. There should be some sort of test – I’ve heard horror stories of doing a review
REHUB: we’ll get to a session and they wont even know where we are at – the only reason we know what you are doing – he handed out personal jurisdiction ?’s but the guy did all of the answers himself and it was not helpful at all.

I am on the faculty committee for Ta – if anyone would like to give me proposals to what should change – I will speak to them – that’s what I’m here for if you have any questions I will help you.

Any questions or any further comments.

Apparently the faculty voted against teacher specific TA’s they are not necessarily looking for teacher specific TA’s

They should have conversations with the professors.
That is why they are coming next week.

Darrow-Kleinhouse will be here next week as well


This is probably the most fun thing we did last year. November 16th bowling night will be to be announced. That’s next Thursday. The teams didn’t really work out last year.

People kind of just got together and essentially there will be beer and bowling and a lot of fun.

Melville Lanes – 8:30



JR: KB has it gotten better or worse or has anything been done

KB: I’m at the same spot as I was – minimum improvement. One room for studying. I suggest you go have a sit down with Dena Rosenblum talk in specifics in terms of what is going on.

JR: I know the dean read the proposal the dorm residents aren’t entitled to any rebate – he essentially feels that they are not entitled to any rebate by talking to him he seems to realize something needs to be done.

The way it was presented could have been more effective if they did it a different way. If they would have walked it in together they would have been much more effective. Followed up on his own.

SALERNO: That seems really unacceptable we will keep trying to do something. As SBA – now it will fall under Administrative Affairs.
JR: He is going to speak to Dena Rosenblum. Individual dorm residents have brought their concerns to him I’m sure. We need to make this more of the student issue than the dorm issue.

Really up to them.



9 students from CI high school paired up with 20 students. Dinner with kids at 5:30 – non-kosher pizza as well. We will gather at Touro’s cafeteria at 3:30. We need volunteers to drive.

Will SBA reimburse for gas??

Any mail will be sent to everybody about this tomorrow.

Any questions respond to her email.


Jamie – Chair of Student Life – wanted to let you guys know that we have a date and place for the barristers ball – it is going to be Saturday February 24th at the Islandia Marriott. I chose this because I had a lot of students come up to me who wanted the hotel at the same place the event for us – we have 50 rooms and need only ½

There is a discount for the Touro Students. It is down to 109.

It’s going to be from 7 – 12, 7-8 cocktail hour, still have to talk to the catering company. When the time does come you really need to sell tickets and we will have them as soon as we have a final price. Person who sells most tickets gets a free ticket.
For bowling night – contacting people to finalize and organize and make sure you know
DELUCA: CSO Committee and today we went to the CSO went over lot stuff.

The number one thing they are doing is once a week between 430 and 6, the problem is they aren’t visible enough. They basically encourage everyone. The most important thing they do is being much more visible. Each week focus on more things at any time you can go up there. They are very approachable.

POI, Matt Zimmelman: Clerkships they are revamping the program and making it earlier. Federal process much more easier. Making the On campus interviews – really only the top 20% and they will be changing that to allow most students to do this.

What they are trying to do for next fall – rent office space in the city to have students meet employers in the city rather than coming here.

Nice new different staff
HERMANOWSKI: Nice new system of simplicity to plug in your interests and automatically give you an opportunity for job opportunities in this field. For those of you who don’t want jobs in NY they are going to try to make connections with other schools as well to help you get jobs
Its still in its preliminary steps no one is doing anything
JR: Can you make sure they do workshops for these things:

We talked about that and everyone has so much going on – they agreed that CSO is really the type of place for you to go whenever you have time.

KB: They are also sending out the newsletter.
SALERNO: Job Fair market also – NYU job fair apparently a huge deal told him
RACHEL: POI, Pilot takes a lot of information publicizing it


FIRST – ELAINE YANG, Proposal for Intellectual Property committee

We want to bring a speaker, since we are under new organization. Ezor is speaking the following Thursday – we would like to provide lunch to get people to come. Wanted $150 – 100 for food, 15
She had all the appropriate paperwork even though they didn’t submit a budget.
10-15% is allocated to discretionary funds.

Any questions: Ezor is presenting a paper and covering summer research the paper topic is about possible remedies for wrongful Spam

VOTE on giving this funding: It passed.

This summer August 2-6, I went to the national convention as the vice president for PAD

I was in Germany and it cost me out of pocket 1,970 for the weekend.

I wasn’t assigned to go until June 29th – came back from Germany booked my flight

I was

I am out of my pocket $343.59

Why did it cost you more than the other members

PAD reimbursed up to June first for Dallas. Because I did it when I was in Germany.

You chose to go, knowing it would cost 1,000 – you knew you weren’t getting the discount rate.

I said I would go with the condition that I would be reimbursed.

Marc said he would be reimbursed no problem. He said he wouldn’t pay any out of pocket.

The PAD headquarters in the country said they would give up to $250, the PAD account
Matt Zimmelman: At what point were you asked to go on this convention? The end of June, I was still in Germany. I’ve traveled abroad

Didn’t have the credit card to

Vote on DOLLAR amount. Contingent on him providing the receipts.
Motion for $250


Motion to adjourn – 2nd.

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