Dwa grade 9 Scoring Explanations Scoring Explanation – Essay A

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Scoring Explanation – Essay A

The writer maintains focus throughout the essay and supports each idea in the well-defined paragraphs with specific examples. This writer demonstrates a simple organizational structure that works; it properly includes an introduction that sets up what the writer explains in the body paragraphs and a conclusion that sums up the main points without word-for-word repetition. This essay shows that the writer has learned adequate writing skills in school, even though he/she hasn't mastered perfect punctuation or impeccable word choice. In the second paragraph, “less distractions” should be “fewer distractions,” and switching back and forth between third and second person isn't stylistically pleasing. This essay earns a 4.

Scoring Explanation – Essay B

This writer answers the question, gives reasons to support the ideas, and advances the chosen argument. The essay maintains a semblance of structure. The writer presents a clear point of view with two supporting points that address the language presented in the prompt. The sentences are relatively solid, and the writer presents a clear conclusion that sums up the main points.

This essay shows developing skill, but there is still room for improvement. The essay would be better if the writer included a discussion of the counterargument and more fully developed the ideas. The paragraphs aren't complete, and the writer doesn't include transitions to link the ideas and increase the essay's flow. Plus, there are numerous punctuation mistakes. This essay earns a 3.

Scoring Explanation – Essay C

The essay recognizes the complexity of the issue, creates a clear thesis, and then supports it with well-thought-out and varied examples. The writer argues the chosen side well and includes arguments from opposing points of view. The structure and organization is

logical, and the writer includes transitions between the paragraphs. The writing displays the writer’s own unique wit and personality, and the essay concludes with a reference to an anecdote in a prior paragraph. Given the time limits, this essay is nearly perfect. The occasional misplaced comma and misspelling of Hilfiger is not a concern. This essay earns a 6.

Scoring Explanation – Essay D

This writer answers the question and shows some support for the selected point of view, but the lack of organization is problematic. The writer has paragraph structure in this essay, with an introductory paragraph and conclusion, but the essay lacks clear transitions between the two body paragraphs. Simple sentence structures are used throughout. The response is inconsistent and shows weak skill. This essay earns a 2.

Scoring Explanation – Essay E

This writer is able to effectively address the issue by clearly answering the question and by addressing the counterargument. The writer presents a well-organized and fluid essay with a variety of specific examples. The ideas in each paragraph are developed and used to support the chosen argument. This writer explores a cultural component that shows advanced critical-thinking skills and displays a mastery of vocabulary and precise word choice. Some problems with sentence structure and changing from third to second person within the same sentence keep it from receiving a perfect score. This essay earns a 5.

Scoring Explanation – Essay F

This writer answers the question and chooses a side but doesn't support or back up the thesis. Not only does the writer fail to support the chosen position, but he/she also goes off on a tangent and wanders throughout the essay. This lack of focus, irreverent examples, and writing style merit a non-passing score. In addition, the number of spelling and usage errors distracts the reader from the ideas and negatively influences the overall impression. This essay earns a 1.

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