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Unit 1 Performance Assessment: Shield Essay
Along with the SAT Vocabulary Test, you will be writing a Shield Essay as a part of the Unit 1 assessment (test). This essay will be based off of the Life Shield you made. Please follow the guidelines below as you draft your essay. See the sample essay below for help with MLA format.
Due Dates:
Typed rough draft is due on ________________________

Typed final draft is due on _________________________

Paper Set-up:

  • Typed

  • Double Spaced

  • 12 point font (Times New Roman)

  • 2+ pages long

Organization of Paper:
Paragraph #1: Introduction (start with the HOOK then summarize the topics of your body paragraphs)

Paragraph #2: Who you are (use personality, values, & learning styles test results)

Paragraph #3: Goals you have for your life and career (explain them & why they are important to you)

Paragraph #4: Personal challenges & strengths (explain them & how they impact you)

Paragraph #5: Conclusion (echo your intro—return to your hook, & summarize key parts of body paragraphs)
NOTE: Be sure to use transition sentences in the body paragraphs. (See “Ways to Transition” on back page.)

Jose Ramirez

Mrs. Hogan
Cornerstone, Period 4A
23 Sept 2016
Not This No One
“You’ll never be anything in life,” my father once said. That statement has
resonated in my head every year since he said it nearly five years ago. Fortunately,
I am not the failure my father thinks I am. I have several goals for my life and career
that I will achieve. Though I have significant challenges in my life, my strengths will
help me overcome these challenges and a new statement will resonate in my head.




Five Ways to “Hook” Your Reader

Directions: Read through the five “hooks” below. Check the box of the strategy that you will use in your introduction to “hook” your reader.
Anecdote : An anecdote is a brief story that will be of interest to your reader.
Example: I wasn’t always the confident student you see today. It wasn’t long ago that I was ashamed of who I was. I had braces, freckles, and a bad hairstyle. Though, I still have freckles, I have learned that I have skills and abilities that make me special…
Quotation: Words of wisdom that relate to the topic of your essay. State who said the quote.
Example: It was my mother who first told me, “You are a bright young man who just needs to discover who you are.” My mom was right, though I hate to admit it. I now know that I have many talents…
Startling Information: This can be an incident or statistic that relates to the topic of your essay.
Example: Brrrrring! Brrrrrrring! The phone rang late that hot summer night. It was the police department. My brother was in jail for the third time that year! It was then that I realized that I did not want to head down the same path as my brother. I have specific goals for my life and career…
Opinion: This can be your opinion or the opinion of others that relates to the topic of your essay.
Example: I believe all students should take the time to set goals for their lives. Taking a good look at yourself will help you determine what your skills are and what you need to work on to achieve those goals….
Definition: This definition should relate to the topic of your essay.
Example: A goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. I have two specific goals that I plan to achieve by the time I am 25 years old…
Ways to Transition Between Body Paragraphs

Another thing to consider is…





In addition…


Ways to Transition From Body Paragraphs to the Conclusion



In conclusion…


Therefore, in summary…


From this we see…

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