Double Entry Journal Provide citation information

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Rolando Gonzalez WRI 01 UC Merced

Double Entry Journal

1. Provide citation information:
Author(s): Barbara Mellix
Chapter or Essay Title: “From Outside, In”
Book Title: Language Awareness

Pages: 203-12

2. Connect and question before reading:

I believe that the topic will be about how the author is challenged with a variety of styles of writing and speaking the English language. I know that it’s going to have to do with two styles in particular, Black English and Standard English. How they differ from each other and how they are accepted. I believe that this essay is going to be enjoyable. Due to the fact that it’s going to talk about how different styles of speaking and understanding the English language is accepted by people. How could she become accustomed not speaking proper English?

3. Dialogue with the text (use additional pages as necessary):

Ideas of Author(s) Your Response or Reactions

  1. “Like my children, I grew up speaking what

I considered two distinctly different languages

--Black English and Standard English…”

a. It’s so funny how it’s true. Black English is more of a slang method to speak English while Standard English is the proper way to speak, write, and read English. I was also raised in a community where the two would be mixed. Sometimes it would be hard to adjust to the proper way of because you would interact with your friends in a mix of the two.

  1. “We felt foolish, embarrassed, somehow

diminished because we were ashamed to be our

real selves.”

b. I quite don’t understand why anyone would try to fit in when they know that what matters is what one thinks of one’s self. But I understand why she felt that way. She didn’t feel comfortable speaking proper English when she knew that she felt her best when she spoke it improperly.

  1. “I did not realize then…that he was

teaching us…Standard English and the

relationship between language and power.”

c. Her father tried to teach them the relationship between language and power. He gave them an example of this when a stewardess and porters recognized him as a as a gentleman. He knew that by teaching her the meaning of it she would apply it in the future and gain valuable experience.

  1. “Writing and rewriting, practicing,

experimenting, I came to comprehend more

fully the generative power of language.”

d. I think that she’s right. By practicing and writing over and over again, you’ll understand your writing better. You’ll be able to apply it in numerous amounts of ways. Also, be able to realize how strong language can be. How it can be expressed in so many different ways. You can continue to bring new selves into being. Each with new responsibilities and difficulties, but mainly with brand new possibilities.

4. Reflect on reading’s thesis and your impressions:
I believe that the thesis is that through writing one can continually bring new selves into being, each with new responsibilities and difficulties. I actually thought that the main idea will focus on the different types of English people would use. I was somewhat correct but it was actually more specific in the essay. It focused on two, Black English and Standard English.

5. Make connections and begin building evidence:

I find this essay to have the same characteristics as the essay I read “O Muse! You do make Things Difficult!” by Diane Ackerman. They both focus on different types of English and how they are applied in real life situations. That the way English is understood and spoken is generally based on the persons background and their customs.

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