Do not write it again in the first paragraph! That’s redundant! Introduction

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Guidelines for Quote Quizzes
Always start with the Four Elements of ID (name, class period, date, title).
Skip a line, then write in the center of the page the quote, author, occupation, and dates. (Do not write it again in the first paragraph! That’s redundant!)
Introduction: 1) Open with a statement that grabs your reader’s attention.

2) Assume the reader does not know the quote or its meaning. 3) Explain what the quote means in your own words.

4) Explain why the quote is important and how life or the world would be better if we all learned from the quote.

5) Transition to first body paragraph

Three body paragraphs: Do not start any part of your essay with “This quote has a lot of meanings.” Quotes usually have one meaning, but often there are several examples of its truth. Each body paragraph should be built on a different example from history or research. As you write each paragraph, ask yourself if you are addressing the fundamental issue of the quote. Review each paragraph to see if you addressed this issue clearly!
For each example, ask yourself if you are clearly relating it to the quote’s main elements, that:

  • Each of the three body paragraphs should be built around one strong example.

  • Demonstrate how life or the world would be better if we followed the wisdom in the quote.

  • For every example, tell the story! Explain it to an audience who knows nothing of the quote or the example. Think of your audience as a third grader and tell the story!

  • In each of the body paragraphs, use one example

  • Remember to use transitions between paragraphs!

Conclusion: Use your last, and perhaps your strongest example, here to drive the point home!
Before you turn your paper in, read it slowly as though someone else wrote this paper and you are reading for the first time. Revise the essay after asking these questions. Does it:

Make sense? Read well? Use complete sentences? Seem clear?

In your quote quiz essay, Do Not use the following phrases or variations of them:
“This quote has strong meaning” (Quotes are not strong, muscles are. Quotes are relevant, useful, important, even brilliant, but not strong.).
“This quote has many meanings to me.” (Quotes usually have one meaning. Perhaps there are several EXAMPLES of its truth, but usually only one meaning.) So you might say “There are many examples of this quote’s truth and validity.”

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