Distinction task (D1)

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Distinction task (D1)
In order to reach a distinction you need to compare and contrast (highlight similarities and differences) between the rules, regulations and scoring systems of the two sports you have been studying for the practical unit.
D1 Criteria – Compare and contrast the roles and responsibilities of officials from two selected sports, suggesting valid recommendations for improvement to the application of rules, regulations and scoring systems for each sport.
A model answer is shown below to assist you with this task:
The roles and responsibilities of officials in football and badminton have some similarities and some differences. The officials in both sports are responsible for keeping the score, ensuring the rules are followed, and making sure that all players adhere to the code of conduct for fair play. However, although these responsibilities are fundamentally the same, they are also very different.
The scoring systems of both sports are very different. In badminton, for instance, the score along with who won the previous rally, will affect who serves and which side they serve from. The official is also responsible for deciding whether or not the shuttle landed in or out. In contrast, in football keeping the score is much more straightforward as there are not normally as many goals scored as there are points won in a badminton match. The referee is given assistance on deciding who touched the ball last and therefore who restarts the game with a throw-in, corner or goal kick.
Fair play, or unfair play, is a bigger difference between the two sports as football players often try and cheat the referee and this is not commonplace in the sport of badminton. Officials in badminton only have a maximum of four players to contend with, whereas in football the referee has to manage twenty-to outfield players as well as the managers and bench, who can sometimes be more of a handful then the players.

This work is heading towards Distinction criteria because:

  • The learner has a good start by comparing and contrasting the roles and responsibilities of the officials in both football and badminton.

  • They have highlighted some of the key differences between the 2 sports.

They would need to continue with their answer by:

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