Directions: Select 3 essay topics to answer thoroughly, in a 300-500 word essay. Use Tbe

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Directions: Select 3 essay topics to answer thoroughly, in a 300-500 word essay. Use TBE and ACE: Answer, Cite, Explain

1. Could the story in TKR exist without the class difference between Amir and Hassan? Defend your thesis, using specific plot points and historical facts.

2. In this story, Amir lives with guilt. Can guilt of this magnitude ever be absolved? Describe the effect of the characters’ guilt on the reader. How does Amir deal with it?

3. Describe the character changes Amir went through in the book. How did politics, religion, friends, and family affect him? Use specific examples. Include a personal commentary about your feelings about Amir.

4. Describe how the universal ethical code pertaining to personal gain at the expense of others is depicted in this book. Use specific examples from the text to support your description.

5. Amir's mother died shortly after his birth. Describe how his life might have been different had his mother survived. Cite support for your hypothesis.

6. Religion is an underlying theme of the novel. Describe what effect Baba’s religious beliefs had on Amir. Then explain how Amir's religious views and beliefs affected a different character, using specific examples from the book.

7. Examine the concept of circularity of the novel. What important cycles exist in the characters’ lives and histories? How is circularity connected to redemption?

8. The author used the writing technique of flashbacks throughout this book. Was this an effective writing technique? Why or why not?

9. Even though countless events occur in the novel, the title refers to kite fighting and kite running. What do these activities represent in the novel, and why are they so important? To whom or what does the title, “The Kite Runner,” refer?

10. Irony was used frequently throughout The Kite Runner. Describe and explain at least four instances and their effects on the tone, mood, and plot of the novel.

11. Is violence essential to convey the message of this story? What is Hosseini’s message? You may want to consider: Hassan’s rape, the stonings at Ghazi Stadium, Assef and Amir’s fight, Sohrab’s suicide attempt, Sohrab’s rape, the story of Kamala and his father, Hassan and Farzana’s murders, Sanaubar’s appearance at the house, and the activity of kite running.

12. Explore the way in which courage is portrayed in the novel. What constitutes true bravery? What are key moments when TKR’s characters demonstrate bravery? How do these events propel the action of the novel? In the big picture, is anyone truly brave? Use specific examples to support your argument.

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