Directions: Cross out the idea in each list that does not relate to the main idea. The main idea is underlined inside my house colors countries

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Directions: Can you arrange these scrambled paragraphs into the correct order? Remember to look at transition words!

Next, I go to physical education.

Finally, I have art and music.

Second, I have math.

My school day starts with reading and writing.

Fourth, I study science and health.


Then she opened the front door.

Chris was going to go hiking on Saturday.

It was raining.

She got dressed and packed her lunch.

Chris decided to read a book instead.


Step by Step
Directions: Give three reasons that support your topic sentence. Be sure to use complete sentences.

I would like to lose my big toe or three reasons. The first reason is


_______________________________________________. Another reason is__________

_____________________________Finally, if I lost my big toe,_____________________

__________________________________________________I want to keep my big toe!

Directions: Try another one!

I should receive an “A” on this homework assignment for three reasons.


Add the Middle!
Directions: Complete these paragraphs. Be sure each sentence you add supports the topic sentence.

Last night, space invaders landed in my backyard______________________

I was lucky to survive with my life!

(Writing Hint: What happened? Were you scared?)

The pet you have is the most adorable pet I have ever seen._____________
May I take her home?

(Writing Hint: What makes the pet adorable?)

The party at school on Friday was the best party of the year._____________
The thing I liked most of all was when I danced with my English teacher.

(Writing Hint: Describe the party. Why was it the best?)

Finish These, Please!
Directions: Finish these paragraphs. Each topic sentence is written for you. Make sure all your sentences support and relate to the topic sentence. Your ending sentence should sum it all up and be interesting.

1. There is no reason to be bored during summer vacation.

(Give things to do and places to go.)

2. I would make a fantastic President!

(Give reasons why you would make a fantastic President.)

3. Allowing homework to pile up can be disastrous.

(Explain what can happen to you if you let all your homework pile up.)

A narrative paragraph tells a story. It explains what happens in a natural time order.
Directions: Write three narrative paragraphs. Choose one of the main ideas given or use one of your own.

1. The first time I ever (rode a bike, cooked, baby-sat) was a total disaster. First,


2. (My family, School, Money) is very important to me. In the past,


In the future,

3. I had never been (happier, more embarrassed, madder) in my life!

(Remember, tell your story in time order.)

A descriptive paragraph is a word picture. It makes you feel as if you are there.
Directions: You are lost and alone in the forest at night. You are very frightened. Answer these questions about your fear.

What do you see?

What do you hear?

What do you smell?

eyes staring at me

a wolf's howl


What do you touch?

How does fear make you feel?

A snake

my stomach is in knots

Directions: Write a descriptive paragraph about fear. Start with the topic sentence below. Use details to describe your main idea. Use the senses and feelings listed above to help you.

Fear is all I can feel. I am lost and alone in the forest.

Compare and Contrast
Directions: Use comparison to develop this paragraph. Tell what things are alike and can be compared.

My (a family member)_____________and I have several things in common. First,

We both also

A third thing we have in common is

Because we have these things in common, we have fun!

Directions: Use contrast to develop this paragraph. Tell how your ideas are different.
My teacher and I have different ideas about the perfect student. (He or She)


I think

The only problem is _________________________gives grades!

Directions: Write an original paragraph. Use comparison or contrast to develop your paragraph.
Detail and Example
Directions: Develop this paragraph by using details. Ask yourself these questions: who, what, when, where, why and how. Be sure to use your imagination!
Poindexter Peabody broke the world's record for eating peanut butter today.

(Tell more about him. What exactly did he do? When and where did it happen? How and why did he do it? How does it feel now? Use your imagination and have fun!)

Directions: Develop this paragraph by using examples. Please change the names to protect “innocent” teachers.
There are many types of teachers, and our school has them all. One type of teacher


There is also


(Give examples of four types of teachers.)

Convince Us!
Directions: Write about a food you either like or don't like. Give all the details you can to convince us why.


I do not like zucchini. Every time I see the long, skinny vegetable, I think of the summer my mother had her prize zucchini garden. We must have had one hundred zucchini ripen each week and it seemed as if I had to eat each one. We had zucchini bread, zucchini salads, zucchini casseroles, zucchini everything. That summer I really believed that I was going to turn green. I still nearly turn green every time I see one. I do not like zucchini!

Convince us!



In these paragraphs, you will explain a process. Make sure your sentences are in a natural time order. Give easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions. Use transitions to make your writing easier to understand.

Explain how to wash your hair.

Explain how to make a peanut butter sandwich.

Explain how to ride a bike.

An opinion paragraph explains how you feel about something.
Directions: Complete this opinion paragraph.

There are several reasons why I (like, dislike)______________school. First,


But the most important reason why I ______________school is


Directions: Write an opinion paragraph about an important belief you have. Your opinion will be your topic sentence. Then support your belief with strong reasons, saving your most important reason for last. Finally, sum up your opinion in the last sentence.

(Some ideas for your opinion paragraph: war, allowance, homework, religion, why my birthday should be a holiday, equal rights, or any other opinion you have!)

Group Paragraph

Students sit in five-member groups, either in rows or circles. There is to be no talking during this assignment (or looking “over the shoulder” to help!).

Step 1 -- Person 1 writes a topic sentence and passes the paper to person 2.
Step 2 -- Person 2 writes a logical second sentence and passes the paper to person 3.
Step 3 -- Person 3 writes a logical third sentence and passes the paper to person 4.
Step 4 -- Person 4 writes a logical fourth sentence and passes the paper to person 5.
Step 5 -- Person 5 writes a good concluding sentence and proofreads the entire paragraph. Person 5 then reads the paragraph to the class or brings the paragraph to the teacher for reading aloud.

Person 1

Person 2

Person 3

Person 4

Person 5
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