Destruction of u. S. War ship in cuba was the work of an enemy

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  • CAUSE: The thing that happened FIRST. The REASON something happened. EFFECT: What happened after. The result of something.

Causes of the Spanish-American War

Cuban Revolution

  • Cuba under Spain’s control.
    • Spain put Cubans in concentration camps and over 200,000 prisoners
  • Cuba fought Spain many times in the 1800s for freedom.
  • Spanish sent thousands of soldiers to Cuba.

U.S. desire to expand

  • Americans proud of US
  • Wanted country to grow
  • If they defeated Spanish Empire, the US would get territory outside of north America.
  • Wanted Cuba and Puerto Rico as part of the United States.

Yellow Journalism

  • Newspapers tried to get the U.S. into war
  • Print stories how cruel Spain was (sometimes told lies)
  • Yellow Journalism was used to attract readers
    • Report sensational stories and headlines
    • Biased or untrue
  • William Randolph Hearst (NY Journal)
  • Joseph Pulitzer (NY World)
  • Headlines from newspapers:
  • “Truths from Cuba that will shock the Civilized World”
  • -November 8, 1897
  • “Vultures pick out sailors’ bones—people want war”
  • -February 24, 1898
  • “200,000 people are starving—Spanish try to kill off Cubans”
  • -April 15, 1897

Sinking of the USS Maine

Spanish-American War (1898)

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