Destiny aka Fate, Fortune In the end…

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  • aka Fate, Fortune

In the end…

  • Examine three of the works you have read and compare the authors’ ideas, regarding the idea of Destiny. Is Destiny something we can control, as in Manifest Destiny? Or, is the idea of making your own destiny antithetical to the Idea of Destiny itself? How can free will and destiny co-exist? What do the writers and artists have to say about this? Use specific textual evidence to substantiate your ideas.

Your Thoughts on Destiny

  • Look over the quotes.
  • Pick 1-3 that you think best align with your personal beliefs regarding destiny.
  • Write down the quotes.
  • Then, write a brief paragraph explaining your beliefs regarding destiny.

Text #1: “The Lady, or the Tiger?”

  • Answer Focus question on p. 44
  • Read “Building Background”
  • Make up 7 sents. using vocab on p. 44
  • Read p. 45-50 & practice active reading strategies
  • Answer “Personal Response” and 1-10 on p. 51
  • How did/do you feel about the reading strategies?

Let’s Discuss

  • Rules of Discussion:
  • Discussion Questions:
  • Which was it: the lady or the tiger?
  • Was it his choice or did fate decide?

Text #2: “Astrology” from Gale Encyclopedia

  • Before Reading
    • What do you already know about astrology?
    • What do you think you will learn by reading this article?
  • During Reading
    • Read & apply nonfiction strategies. Stop at least 5 times.
  • After Reading
    • What is astrology?
    • What do astrologists believe about destiny?

Text #3: Research

  • What are some people’s views on destiny?
    • Who controls it?
    • Is it set or can it change?

Text #4: “Field Trip”

  • Before Reading
  • During Reading
    • Apply active reading strategies
  • After Reading


  • What is Naomi Shahib Nye’s view on destiny?

Text #5: “The Flat of the Land”

  • Before Reading
    • Journal, Background, Vocab. Sents.
    • Allegory Lesson
  • During Reading
    • Apply active reading strategies (Prediction + 7 stops)
  • After Reading
    • Discuss pg. 967 1-15 & “Magical Realism” and p. 968 “Role of Isolation”
    • Read p. 970 & summarize
    • Discuss & write down 3 thoughts/questions to share.
    • Discuss: Is this an allegory?
    • Discuss: What is the tone? mood?

“The Flat of the Land”

  • Quiz
  • Let’s discuss
    • Your thoughts? Allegory? Tone? Mood?
  • Reflect
    • In your opinion, what is this author’s view on destiny? Why do you think that?
    • Is this an allegory? Explain.
    • How would you describe the overall tone & why?
    • How would you describe the mood & why?

Text #6: Poems

  • Explain TPCASTT & Model with “Sonnet 14”
  • Practice with partner on “Universe” – p. 986
  • Choose another poem & complete the process on your own. Submit for grade.

What about destiny?

  • “Sonnet 14”
  • “The Universe”
  • “so much depends”
  • “The Wishing-Caps”
  • “Dream Deferred”

Text #7: Songs

  • Share song presentations
  • As we present
  • After presentations:
    • I believe we can all agree that music is a reflection of the human experience. Knowing that and thinking about all the songs presented today, what conclusions can we draw about the human experience?
  • Song
  • Theme
  • Agree? Explain

Destiny Essay

  • Triple Venn diagram
  • Outline
  • Write rough draft
  • Peer Revise
  • Final Draft

Outline in General

  • Intro
    • Hook
    • Background
    • Thesis
  • Body 1 - ?
    • Transition +Topic
    • Details
    • Concluding/ Transition/Link to Thesis
  • Conclusion
    • Restate thesis
    • Summarize
    • Final Thought/ Connect

Outline Options

  • Intro
    • Thesis: all same
  • Text #1
  • Text #2
  • Text #3
  • Conclusion
  • Intro
  • Text #1
  • Text #2
  • Text #3
  • Conclusion

Outline Options Cont’d

  • Intro
  • Text #1
  • Text #2
  • Text #3
  • Similarities
  • Differences
  • Conclusion
  • Intro
  • 1 & 2
  • 2 & 3
  • 1 & 3
  • All
  • Conclusion
  • Intro
  • View 1
  • View 2
  • Conclusion


  • What is destiny?
  • In your opinion, who controls it or what determines it?
  • What are the other philosophies about destiny?

Warm-Up Quiz


  • Thinking back to our discussion questions
  • yesterday, write our your personal responses to
  • these 2 questions.
  • Which was it: the lady or the tiger? Explain. Be sure to support your answer with evidence from the text.
  • In your opinion, which destiny philosophy does the author (Frank Stockton) support? Explain. Be sure to support your answer with evidence from the text.


  • Choose 2 of the 4 texts we’ve read so far. Draw a Venn diagram and compare & contrast the author’s views on destiny. Try to come up with at least 3 items for each section.
    • “Astology” article
    • “The Lady, or the Tiger?”
    • Research article
    • “Field Trip”


  • Thus far, we have read 5 texts that touch on destiny. Today we will read several poems and look at songs that speak about destiny. Why do you think our society has such a preoccupation with fate? Is it something that normally preoccupies your mind? Explain.


  • Share your thoughts about the TPCASTT method. Like? Dislike? Useful? Good parts? Bad parts? Suggestions for improvement?
  • What is an allegory and why would an author use one?


  • Tell me what you already know about writing essays.


  • What role does music play in our lives? Explain. Why do you think it does so?


  • Tell me all your thoughts on this essay:
    • Why should we write this essay?
    • Does it matter what these texts say about destiny?
    • What do you feel you have learned from this process?
    • What have you not learned that you wish you had?

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