Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart

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Argumentative Essay: Anne Frank
Anne Frank wrote, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” You will write an argumentative essay based on this quote. Using evidence from her diary, “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Make a claim arguing whether you agree or disagree with that statement. Use textual evidence to support your claim. Also, use connections from your daily life and the informational articles we read to help support your claim.

Your essay will be 4 paragraphs with a clear introduction making your claim, two reasons with evidence why you either agree or disagree, and a conclusion that supports your argument. Make sure to use proper conventions of English. You need to cite any direct quotations or outside information in your essay.

First, decide what you think:

In the end, I believe people ARE/ARE NOT good at heart.

Now…fill out the web below. Put your opinion statement in the middle, then brainstorm reasons why you have this opinion. Try to think of as many as you can!

Fill out the graphic organizer to help formulate ideas and outline your essay.

Argument Writing Brainstorming Map
Claim: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Evidence 1

Reason 1

Evidence 2

Evidence 3

Evidence 1

Reason 2

Evidence 2

Evidence 3




In the end, I do believe people are really good at heart.

Evidence 1: Anne’s Hannakuh celebration. (pg. 738)

Reason 1:

People do good tthings for those tthey hardly know, oor don’t know at all.

Evidence 2: Taking in Mr. Dussell without even knowing him. (Pg. 729)

Evidence 3: People rushing in to help after the bombs exploded in the Boston Bombing.

Evidence 1: Mr. Van Daan felt terrible about taking the food. (pg. 764)

Reason 2:

People learn to be evil, but can also change. (Perspective)

Evidence 2: Anne kept making the adults mad, but she felt terrible about it. (pg. 736)

Evidence 3: In Wreck it Ralph, he really wants to change. He helps Venelope, even though he is supposed to be the “bad guy”.

Conclusion: I agree with Anne Frank that people are really good at heart. Everyone has the power to be a good person and do the right thing to help others. Anne Frank was a person who showed us all how to be a person who thought the best of everyone. As Mr. Frank stated in the last line of the play, “She puts me to shame.”

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