Department of the Army boss representative Recruitment Notice Deadline – 30 September 2008 Why Apply?

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Department of the Army BOSS Representative
Recruitment Notice

Deadline – 30 September 2008
Why Apply?
Serves as the face of the BOSS Program globally. Should you be chosen for this highly desired position, you will be the voice of the single Soldier at HQDA level.  The selected Army BOSS Representative will serve as an advocate for single Soldier issues, and be a mentor and coach for BOSS representatives and presidents Army-wide. You will be exposed to Army senior leaders, providing excellent opportunity to learn career advancing skills.  Along with unique travel experiences, this job will grow your personal, communication and leadership skills. 
How to Apply:
Interested Soldiers must submit the documents below to be considered for the Army BOSS Representative position by 30 September 2008. Upon selection, the Soldier will

PCS to FMWRC to perform sole duties as the Army BOSS Representative.

Please submit requirements

THRU your Chain of Command/NCO Support Channel:


Command Sergeant Major


4700 King Street

Alexandria, Virginia 22302
The packet will include the following:
1. Essay on 'Why I Should be the Army BOSS Representative". The essay should

also contain your knowledge of BOSS, your vision for the BOSS program and

how your experiences and training will complete your vision. In your Essay,

please include your military experience, how long you have been in the Army,

DEROS, MOS history, etc.
2. Provide a DA photo and a FULL LENTGH ACU photo (ACU Photo can be from

other than DAPMIS sources)

3. Civilian and Military Certifications
4. MWR & BOSS Training Certificates
5. Letters of recommendation from MWR Advisor, Company lSG/Commander and

Garrison or Senior Mission CSM

6. Copy of Enlisted Record Brief (ERB).
7. Last three (3) NCOERs
8. Copy of Physical Fitness Card.
9. Height and weight statement verified by 1SG or Company Commander/Body Fat Worksheet if applicable
Army BOSS Representative Selection Criteria:
1. Must be a single Soldier.
2. Must not have any adverse action pending nor received any within previous 2

3. Must meet height and weight standards in accordance with AR 600-9.

4. Must have passed the APFT within the past six months of application date and not have a profile against running.
5. Must be able to communicate very well orally (to include public speaking) and in writing.
6. Must possesses excellent computer and writing skills
7. Must be a SGT-SSG
8. MOS is immaterial, deployment history is irrelevant.
9. Must have served as a BOSS President for as least 1 year (lMCOM Korea 8


10. Must be able to serve two years as the Army BOSS Representative.
11. Must be a leader who elicits single Soldier concerns; able to communicate those concerns back to senior leadership; able to capture a sense of single Soldier issues Army-wide; is devoted to advocate for single Soldiers; and is energetic and in order to invigorate the BOSS constituency.
12. Be of high moral character.
13. Must assist in the preparing and delivering of oral and written presentations and reports.
14. Able to assist in the drafting and submission of articles, flyers, and news releases to FMWRC Marketing Department for publication.
15. Equal Opportunity as described within AR 600-20 will be adhered to.


To plan, implement and assist the FMWRC CSM and the BOSS Program Manager

with BOSS activities and events, develop a close working relationship with Region BOSS Councils and serve as the FMWRC CSM’s representative regarding BOSS issues at units and garrisons worldwide. The BOSS representative must have the ability to work with minimal supervision, independently and as a team player.

There will be a 4 month probationary period which begins on the first reporting day to FMWRC BOSS.
Position requires frequent TDY to meet with Region BOSS Councils, visit garrisons worldwide and meet with single Soldiers, and attend conferences. To serve as the FMWRC CSM’s eyes and ears regarding BOSS issues.
Additional Position Requirements:
1. Responsible for reporting systemic issues, concerns or special requests from the field to the FMWRC Chain of Command.
2. Participates at Region and Department of the Army BOSS Forums and other related BOSS training events.

3. Assists with the FMWRC BOSS Forum.

4. Serves as advisor and mentor to the Region BOSS Reps / Presidents.
5. Provides assistance to BOSS Reps and Soldiers with inquires and complaints.
6. Keeps FMWRC CSM and BOSS Program Manager informed at all times regarding

BOSS Program issues.

7. Assists and advises in the creation of multi media presentations for FMWRC BOSS

Forum and other related training.

End document.

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