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Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Accessions by the JCM Library of Books Purchased from the Statistics Fund and Donated Statistics Titles
This file cmt/book/received lists books received by the JCM Library between January 1988 and November 1998.
Chris Theobald 3.12.98


AFIFI,AA & CLARK,VA Computer-aided Multivariate Analysis

AGRESTI,A Categorical Data Analysis

AGRESTI,A Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis

AITCHISON,J Analysis of Compositional Data

AITKEN,CGG Statistics and the Evaluation of Evidence for Forensic Scientists

AITKEN,CGG & STONEY,DA (Eds) The Use of Statistics in Forensic Science

AITKIN,M et al Statistical Modelling in GLIM

AKAHIRA,M & TAKEUCHI,K Non-regular Statistical Estimation

ALBERT,J Bayesian Computation Using MINITAB

ALEXANDER,KL & WATKINS,JC Spatial Stochastic Processes

ALMOND,RG Graphical Belief Modeling

ALTMAN,DG Practical Statistics for Medical Research

ANDERSEN,EB Introduction to the Statistical Analysis of Categorical Data

ANDERSEN,EB The Statistical Analysis of Categorical Data

ANDERSEN,HH, HOJBERRE,M, SORENSEN,D & ERIKSEN,PS Linear and Graphical Models for the Multivariate Complex Normal Distribution

ANDERSEN,PK BORGAN,O GILL,R & KEIDING,N Statistical Models Based on Counting Processes

ANDERSON,AJB Interpreting Data

ANDERSON,CW & LOYNES RM The Teaching of Practical Statistics

ANDERSON,TW & EYNON MINITAB Guide to Statistical Analysis of Data

ANDERSON,TW & FINN,JD The New Statistical Analysis of Data (3rd ed)

ANDERSON,TW & SCLOVE,SE Statistical Analysis of Data (2nd ed)

ANDERSON,WJ Continuous-Time Markov Chains

ANSELL,JI & PHILLIPS,MJ Practical Methods for Reliability Data Analysis

ANTELMAN,G Elementary Bayesian Statistics

APPLEBAUM,D Probability and Information: an Integrated Approach

ARMITAGE,P & BERRY,G Statistical Methods in Medical Research (2nd and 3rd eds)

ARMITAGE,P & COLTON,T Encyclopedia of Biostatistics (6 vols)

ARMITAGE,P & DAVID,HA Advances in Biometry

ARNOLD,BC Majorisation and the Lorenz Order

ARNOLD,BC BALAKRISHNAN,N & NAGARAJA,HN A First Course in Order Statistics

ATKINSON,AC Plots, Transformations and Regression (2nd impress)

ATKINSON,AC & DONEV,AN Optimum Experimental Designs

AZZALINI,A Statistical Inference Based on the Likelihood
BABU,GJ & FEIGELSON,ED Astrostatistics

BACCELLI,FL COHEN,G OLSDER,GJ & QUADRAT,J-P Synchronization and Linearity: an Algebra for Discrete Event Systems

BAILEY,NTJ Statistical Methods in Biology (3rd ed)

BAILER,J & PIEGORSCH,W Statistics for Environmental Biology and Toxicology

BALAKRISHNAN,N (Ed) Handbook of the Logistic Distribution

BARBE,P & BERTAIL,P The Weighted Bootstrap

BARKER,TB Quality by Experimental Design (2nd ed)

BARLOW,RE Engineering Reliability

BARNARD,GA et al Industrial Quality and Reliability

BARNDORFF-NIELSEN,OE Parametric Statistical Models and Likelihood

BARNDORFF-NIELSEN,OE & COX,DR Asymptotic Techniques for Use in Statistics

BARNDORFF-NIELSEN,O & COX,DR Inference and Asymptotics

BARNDORFF-NIELSEN,OE et al Networks and Chaos - Statistical and Probabilistic Aspects

BARNETT,V & LEWIS,T Outliers in Statistical Data (3rd ed)

BARNETT,V & O'HAGAN,A Setting Environmental Standards: the Statistical Approach to Handling Uncertainty and Variation

BARNETT,V & TURKMAN,KF Statistics for the Environment

BARNETT,V & TURKMAN,KF Statistics for the Environment 2: Water Related Issues

BARNETT,V & TURKMAN,KF (Eds) Statistics for the Environment 3: Pollution Assessment and Control

BARTHOLOMEW,DJ The Statistical Approach to Social Measurement

BARTLETT,MS The Statistical Analysis of Spatial Pattern

BARTOSZYNSKI,R & NIEWIADOMSKA-BUGAJ,M Probability and Statistical Inference

BASU,D Statisical Information and Likelihood

BATES,DM & WATTS,DG Non-linear Regression Analysis and its Applications

BEALE,EML Introduction to Optimization

BEAUMONT,GP Probability and Random Variables

BEAUMONT,GP & KNOWLES,JD Statistical Tests: an Introduction with MINITAB

BECKER,NG Analysis of Infectious Disease Data

BELL,PC & NEWSON,EFP Statistics for Business with MINITAB

BELSLEY,DA Conditioning Diagnostics

BENNETT,DJ Randomness

BENNETT,JH (ed) Statistical Inference and Analysis - Selected Correspondence of RA Fisher

BERAN,J Statistics for Long-memory Processes

BERENSON,M et al Applied Statistics

BERGER,JO Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis (2nd ed)

BERGER,JO & WOLPERT,RL The Likelihood Principle

BERNARDO,JM et al (Eds) Bayesian Statistics 3

BERNARDO,JM et al (Eds) Bayesian Statistics 4

BERNARDO,JM et al (Eds) Bayesian Statistics 5


BERRY,DA Statistical Methodology in the Pharmaceutical Sciences

BERRY,DA Statistics: a Bayesian Perspective

BERRY,DA Statistics: Theory and Methods (2nd ed)

BERRY,DA & STANGL,DK Bayesian Biostatistics

BERTOIN,J Levy Processes

BERTSEKAS,DP Dynamic Programming: Deterministic and Stochastic Models

BETTELY,G METTRICK,N SWEENEY,E & WILSON,D Using Statistics in Industry

BHATTACHARYA,RN & WAYMIRE,EC Stochastic Processes with Applications

BILLINGSLEY,P Probability and Measure (3rd ed)

BIRKES,D & DODGE,Y Alternative Methods of Regression

BISHOP,C Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition

BISSELL,D Statistical Methods for SPC and TQM

BLAND,M An Introduction to Medical Statistics (1st and 2nd eds)

BONIFACE,DR Experiment Design and Statistical Methods

BOOKSTEIN,FL Morphometric Tools for Landmark Data: Geometry and Biology

BOROWIAK,DS Model Discrimination for Nonlinear Regression Models

BOSTON UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW, 66, Nos 3&4 (May and July 1986) Special double issue - Proc. Symp. on Prob. & Inference in Law of Evidence

BOULEAU,N & LEPINGLE,D Numerical Methods for Stochastic Processes

BOWMAN,A & AZZALINI,A Applied Smoothing Techniques for Data Analysis: the Kernel Approach with S-Plus Illustrations

BOX,GEP & DRAPER,N R Empirical Model Building and Response Surfaces

BOX,GEP JENKINS,G & REINSEL,G Time Series Analysis: Forecasting and Control (3rd ed)

BOX,GEP & LUCENO,A Statistical Control by Monitoring and Feedback Adjustment

BRATLEY,P FOX,BL & SCHRAGE,LE A Guide to Simulation (2nd ed)

BRECKLING,J Analysis of Directional Time Series: Applications to Wind Speed & Direction

BREMAUD,P An Introduction to Probabilistic Modelling

BROCKWELL,PJ & DAVIS,RA Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting

BROCKWELL,PJ & DAVIS,RA Time Series: Theory and Methods

BROWN,D & ROTHERY,P Models in Biology

BROWN,PJ Measurement, Regression and Calibration

BROWN,PJ & FULLER,WA Statistical Analysis of Measurement Error Models

BROWNING, KA et al (Eds) Exploiting Remotely Sensed Imagery

BRYC,W The Normal Distribution

BRYK,AS & RAUDENBUSH,SW Hierarchical Linear Models

BUCK,CE LITTON,CD & CAVANAGH,WG The Bayesian Approach to Interpreting Archaeological Data

BUCKLAND,ST et al Distance Sampling

BUCKLEW,JA Large Deviation Techniques ...

BUNDAY,B Introduction to Queueing Theory

BUNKE,H Nonlinear Regression, Functional Relations and Robust Methods, vol 2

BUNKE,H & BUNKE,O Nonlinear Regression, Functional Relations and Robust Methods, Vol 1

CALLENDER,JT & JACKSON,R Exploring Statistics and Probabilty with Spreadsheets

CAMPBELL,JV, LO,AW & MacKINLAY,AC The Econometrics of Financial Markets

CARLIN,BP & LOUIS,TA Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods for Data Analysis

CARROLL,RJ & RUPPERT,D Transformation and Weighting in Regression

CARROLL,R RUPPERT,D & STEFANSKI,L Measurement Error in Nonlinear Models

CASELLA,GC & BERGER,RL Statistical Inference

CAULCUTT,R Statistics in Research and Development (2nd ed)

CHAMBERS,JM Programming with Data: a Guide to the S Language

CHAMBERS,JM & HASTIE,TJ (Eds) Statistical Models in S

CHATFIELD,C Problem Solving - a Statistician's Guide (1st and 2nd eds)

CHATFIELD,C Statistics for Technology (3rd ed)

CHATFIELD,C The Analysis of Time Series: an Introduction (4th and 5th eds)

CHATTERJEE,S & PRICE,B Regression Analysis by Example (2nd ed)

CHAUDHURI,A & MUKERJEE R Randomised Response: Theory and Techniques

CHAUDHURI,A & VOS,JWE Unified Theory and Strategies of Survey Sampling

CHOI,BS ARMA Model Identification

CHRISTENSEN,RA Analysis of Variance, Design and Regression

CHRISTENSEN,RA Data Distributions: a Statistical Handbook

CHRISTENSEN,RA Linear Models for Multivariate, Time Series and Spatial Data

CHRISTENSEN,RA Log-linear Models

CHRISTENSEN,RA Log-linear Models and Logistic Regression

CHRISTENSEN,RA Plane Answers to Complex Questions (1st and 2nd eds)

CLARKE,GM Statistics and Experimental Design (3rd ed)

CLARKE,GM & KEMPSON,RE Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Experiments

CLAYTON,D & HILLS,M Statistical Models in Epidemiology

CLEVELAND,WS The Elements of Graphing Data

CLEVELAND,WS Visualizing Data

COBB,GW Introduction to Design and Analysis of Experiments

COHEN,SS Practical Statistics

COLEMAN,S et al The Pocket Statistician: a Practical Guide to Quality Improvement

COLLETT,D Modelling Binary Data

COLLETT,D Modelling Survival Data in Medical Research

CONRAD,S (Ed) Assignments in Applied Statistics

CONVERSE,JM & PRESSER S Survey Questions

COOK,RD & WEISBERG,S An Introduction to Regression Graphics

COWAN,G Statistical Data Analysis

COX,CP Handbook of Introductory Statistical Methods

COX,DR HINKLEY,DV & BARNDORFF-NIELSEN,OE Time Series Models: in Econometrics, Finance and Other Fields

COX,DR & SNELL,EJ Analysis of Binary Data (2nd ed)

COX,DR & TITTERINGTON,DM (Eds) Complex Stochastic Systems

COX,DR & WERMUTH,N Multivariate Dependencies

COX,TF & COX,MAA Multidemensional Scaling

CRAWLEY,MJ GLIM for Ecologists

CRESSIE,N Statistics for Spatial Data

CRESSIE,N Statistics for Spatial Data (revised ed)

CROWDER,MJ & HAND,DJ Analysis of Repeated Measures

CROWDER,MJ KIMBER,AC SMITH,RL & SWEETING,TJ Statistical Analysis of Reliability Data

CRYER,JD Time Series Analysis

CTI Centre for Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics and Statistics Guide to Software for Teaching (3rd ed)

DAGPUNAR,JS Principles of Random Variate Generation

DALEY,DJ & VERE-JONES,D An Introduction to the Theory of Point Processes


DANIEL,WW Applied Nonparametric Statistics (2nd ed)

DANIEL,WW Biostatistics (4th and 5th eds)

DAVID,HA The Method of Paired Comparisons (2nd ed)

DAVIDIAN,M & GILTINAN,D Nonlinear Models for Repeated Measurement Data

DAVIES,N (Ed) Teaching and Using Statistics

DAVIS,MHA Markov Models and Optimisation

DAVIS,PJ & RABINOWITZ,P Methods of Numerical Integration (2nd ed)

DAVIS,T & GROVE,D Engineering, Quality and Experimental Design

DAVISON,AC & HINKLEY,DV Bootstrap Methods and their Application

DECARLI et al (Eds) Statistical Modelling (Proc. GLIM89)

DeFINETTI,B Theory of Probability, Vols 1 and 2

DeGROOT,M Probability and Statistics (2nd ed)

DEUTSCH,CV & JOURNEL,AG Geostatistical Software Library and User's Guide

DEVORE,J Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences (4th ed)

DEVORE,JL & PECK,R Statistics: the Exploration and Analysis of Data (3rd ed)

DEVROYE,L A Course in Density Estimation

DEVROYE,L Non-uniform Random Variate Generation

DEVROYE,L GYORFI,L & LUGOSI,G A Probabilistic Theory of Pattern Recognition


DIGGLE,PJ Time Series: a Biostatistical Introduction

DIGGLE,P LIANG,K-L & ZEGER,S Analysis of Longitudinal Data

DOBSON,AJ An Introduction to Generalized Linear Models

DOUCET,P & SLOEP,PB Mathematical Modeling in the Life Sciences

DOWDY,S & WEARDEN,S Statistics for Research (2nd ed)

DRAIN,DC Handbook of Experimental Methods for Process Improvement

DRAIN,DC Statistical Methods in Industrial Process Control

DRAPER,NR & SMITH,H Applied Regression Analysis (3rd ed)

DROESBEKE,F Spatial Processes

DRYDEN,I & MARDIA,KV Statistical Shape Analysis

DUNN,G Design and Analysis of Reliability Studies

DUNN,G & EVERITT,BS Clinical Biostatistics

DUNN,OJ & CLARK,VA Applied Statistics: Analysis of Variance and Regression

DYKE,GV Comparative Experiments with Field Crops (2nd ed)
EDGINGTON,ES Randomization Tests (2nd and 3rd eds)

EDWARDS,AWF Pascal's Arithmetic Triangle

EDWARDS,D Introduction to Graphical Modelling

EFRON,B & TIBSHIRANI,RJ An Introduction to the Bootstrap

EIGEN,M & WINKLER,R Laws of the Game

EMBRECHTS,P KLUPPELBERG,C & MIKOSCH,T Modelling Extremal Events for Insurance and Finance

ENDERS,W Applied Econometric Time Series - a User's Guide

ENGLE,R (Ed) ARCH: Selected Readings

EUBANK,RL Spline Smoothing and Non-parametric Regression

EVANS,DH Probability and its Applications for Engineers

EVANS,IG Starting Statistics

EVANS,M HASTINGS,N & PEACOCK,B Statistical Distributions

EVERITT,BS Cluster Analysis (3rd ed)

EVERITT,BS Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using S-Plus

EVERITT,BS Statistical Methods for Medical Investigations

EVERITT,BS The Analysis of Contingency Tables (2nd ed)

EVERITT,BS & DUNN,G Applied Multivariate Data Analysis

EVERITT,B & RABE-HESKETH,S The Analysis of Proximity Data

FAHRMEIR,L & TUTZ,G Multivariate Statistical Modelling Based on Generalized Linear Models

FALCONER,DS Introduction to Quantitative Genetics (3rd ed)

FAN,J & GIJBELS,I Local Polynomial Modelling and its Applications

FANG,KT & ANDERSON,TW (Eds) Statistical Inference in Elliptically Contoured and Related Distributions

FANG,KT KOTZ,S & NG,K Symmetric Multivariate and Related Distributions

FANG,KT & YUAN,W Number Theoretic Methods in Statistics

FANG,KT & ZHANG,YT Generalized Multivariate Analysis

FAREBROTHER,RW Linear Least Squares Computations

FERGUSON,TS A Course in Large Sample Theory


FIENBERG,SE The Analysis of Cross-Classified Categorical Data

FIENBERG,SE (Ed) NAS/NRC Report of Panel on Statistical Assessments as Evidence in Courts

FINKELSTEIN,MO & LEVIN,B Statistics for Lawyers

FISHER,LD & van BELLE,G Biostatistics

FISHER,NI Statistical Analysis of Circular Data

FISHER,RA Statistical Methods, Experimental Design and Scientific Inference

FISHMAN,G Monte Carlo: Concepts, Algorithms and Applications

FLEMING,TR & HARRINGTON,DP Counting Processes and Survival Analysis

FLURY,B Common Principal Components and Related Multivariate Models

FLURY,B A First Course in Multivariate Statistics

FLURY,B & RIEDWYL,H Multivariate Statistics ; a Practical Approach

FOUGERE,PF (Ed) Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods (1989)

FOWLER,J & COHEN,L Practical Statistics for Field Biology (2nd ed)

FOWLKES,EB A Folio of Distributions


FREEDMAN,D PISANI,R & PURVES,R Statistics (3rd ed)

FREEMAN,DH Applied Categorical Data Analysis

FREEMAN,PR & SMITH,AFM Aspects of Uncertainty - a Tribute to DV Lindley

FRENCH,S Decision Theory

FRENCH,S & SMITH,J The Practice of Bayesian Analysis

FREUND,JE Mathematical Statistics (5th ed)

FREUND,JE & SIMON,GA Modern Elementary Statistics (9th ed)

FREUND,JE & SIMON,GA Statistics: a First Course (6th ed)

FREUND,JE & WALPOLE,RE Mathematical Statistics (4th ed)

FRIEDMAN,LM FURBERG,CD & DeMETS,DL Fundamentals of Clinical Trials (3rd ed)

FULLER,W Introduction to Statistical Time series (2nd ed)

FULLER,WA Measurement Error Models
GAL,I & GARFIELD,JM (Eds) The Assessment Challenge in Statistics Education

GALAMBOS,J Introductory Probability Theory

GALE,WA Artificial Intelligence and Statistics

GALLANT,AR Nonlinear Statistical Models

GAMMERMAN,D Markov Chain Monte Carlo

GANI,J (Ed) The Craft of Probability Modelling

GANI,J & PRIESTLEY,MB (Eds) Essays in Time Series and Allied Processes

GANS,P Data Fitting in the Chemical Sciences

GARCIA-DIAZ,A & PHILLIPS,DT Principles of Experimental Design and Analysis

GARDINER,WP Statistics for the Biosciences

GARDINER,WP & GETTINBY,G Experimental Design Techniques in Statistical Practice

GARRETT HE Statistics in Psychology and Education (6th ed)


GASTWIRTH,JL Statistical Reasoning in Law and Public Policy, vols 1 and 2

GATSONIS,C et al Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics Vol II

GEISSER,S Predictive Inference

GELMAN,A CARLIN,J STERN,H & RUBIN,D Bayesian Data Analysis


GENSTAT 5 COMMITTEE GENSTAT 5 Release 3 Reference Manual

GETSON,AJ & HSUAN,FC {2}-inverses and their Statistical Applications

GHOSH,S Statistical Design and Analysis of Industrial Experiments

GHOSH,M & MEEDEN,G Bayesian Methods for Finite Population Sampling

GHOSH,M & RAO,CR Handbook of Statistics 13: Design and Analysis of Experiments

GIANOLA,D & HAMMOND,K Advances in Statistical Methods for Genetic Improvement of Livestock

GIBBONS,JD Nonparametric Statistical Inference (2nd ed)

GIBBONS,JD & CHAKRABORTI,S Nonparametric Statistical Inference (3rd ed)

GIFI,A Nonlinear Multivariate Analysis

GILBERT,N Biometrical Interpretation (2nd ed)

GILKS,WR RICHARDSON,S & SPIEGELHALTER,DJ Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Practice

GIRI,NC Multivariate Statistical Analysis

GLASBEY,CA & HORGAN,GW Image Analysis for the Biological Sciences

GNANADESIKAN,R Methods for Statistical Data Analysis of Multivariate Observations (2nd ed)

GODAMBE,VP (Ed) Estimating Functions

GOEL,PK & RAMALINGAM,T Matching Methodology: Some Statistical Properties

GOLDIE,C & PINCH,RGE Communication Theory

GOLDSTEIN,H Multilevel Statistical Models

GOLDSTEIN,H & LEWIS,T (Eds) Assessment: Problems, Developments and Statistical Issues

GONIN,R & MONEY,AH Nonlinear Lp-norm Estimation

GOOD,P Permutation Tests

GOURIEROUX,C ARCH Models and Financial Applications


GRAHAM,A Investigating Statistics

GRANDELL,J Mixed Poisson Processes

GRAYBILL,FA IYER,HK & BURDICK,RK Applied Statistics: a First Course in Inference

GREEN,D Teaching Statistics at its Best

GREEN,PJ & SILVERMAN,BW Nonparametric Regression and Generalized Linear Models

GREENFIELD,AA Research Methods: Guidance for Postgraduates

GREENWOOD,PE & NIKULIN,MS A Guide to Chi-Squared Testing

GRENANDER,U General Pattern Theory: a Mathematical Study of Regular Structures

GRIFFITHS,D, STIRLING,WD & WELDON,KL Understanding Data: Principles and Practice of Statistics

GRIMM,L Statistical Applications for the Behavioural Sciences

GRIMMETT,G Percolation

GRIMMETT,G & STIRZAKER,D Probability and Random Processes (1st and 2nd eds)

GRIMMETT,G & WELSH,D Probability: an Introduction

GROENEVELD,RA Introductory Statistical Methods: An Integrated Approach Using MINITAB

GRUBER,MHJ Improving Efficiency by Shrinkage

GUTTORP,P Stochastic Modeling of Scientific Data
HAALAND,PD Experimental Design in Biotechnology

HAHN,GJ & SHAPIRO,SS Statistical Models in Engineering

HAINING,R Spatial Data Analysis in the Social and Environmental Sciences

HAIR,JF ANDERSON,R TATHAM,R & BLACK,WC Multivariate Data Analysis (4th ed)

HALD,A A History of Mathematical Statistics: from 1750 to 1930

HALD,A A History of Probability and Statistics and their Applications before 1750

HALL,P The Bootstrap and Edgeworth Expansion

HALSEY,AH British Social Trends Since 1900

HAMILTON,JD Time Series Analysis

HAMILTON,LC Modern Data Analysis

HAMPTON, RE Introductory Biological Statistics

HAND,DJ (Ed) Artificial Intelligence Frontiers in Statistics

HAND,DJ Construction and Assessment of Classification Rules

HAND,DJ et al A Handbook of Small Data Sets

HAND,DJ & CROWDER,MJ Practical Longitudinal Data Analysis

HAND,DJ & EVERITT,B The Statistical Consultant in Action

HAND,DJ & JACKA,S (Eds) Statistics in Finance

HANNAN,EJ & DEISTLER,M Statistical Theory of Linear Systems

HARDLE,W Applied Nonparametric Regression

HARDLE,W Smoothing Techniques: with Implementation in S

HARDLE,W KERKYACHARIAN,G PICARD,D & TSYBAKOV,A Wavelets, Approximation and Statistical Applications

HARRIS,EK & ALBERT,A Survivorship Analysis for Clinical Studies

HART,JD Nonparametric Smoothing and Lack-of-Fit Tests

HARVEY,AC Time Series Models (2nd ed)

HARVILLE,DA Matrix Algebra from a Statistician's Perspective

HASTIE,T & TIBSHIRANI,RJ Generalised Additive Models

HAWKINS,A (Ed) Training Teachers to Teach Statistics

HAWKINS,A JOLLIFFE,F & GLICKMAN,L Teaching Statistical Concepts

HEALY,MJR GLIM: An Introduction

HEATH,D An Introduction to Experimental Design and Statistics for Biology

HEDAYAT,AS & SINHA,BK Design and Inference in Finite Population Sampling

HEIBERGER,RN Computer science and statistics: Proc. 19th Symp on the interface

HELLER,B Macsyma for Statisticians

HENGEVELD,R Dynamics of Biological Populations

HETTMANSPERGER,TP Statistical Inference Based on Ranks

HETTMANSPERGER,TP & McKEAN,JW Robust Nonparametric Statistical Methods

HEYDE,CC Quasi-Likelihood and its Application: a General Approach to Optimal Parameter Estimation

HINKELMAN,K & KEMPTHORNE,O Design and Analysis of Experiments: Introduction to Experimental Design

HINKLEY,DV REID,N & SNELL,EJ Statistical Theory and Modelling: In Honour of Sir David Cox

HJORTH,JSU Computer Intensive Statistical Methods

HOAGLIN,DC & MOORE,DS Perspectives on Contemporary Statistics

HOAGLIN,DC MOSTELLER,F & TUKEY,JW (Eds) Exploring Data Tables, Trends and Shapes

HOAGLIN,DC MOSTELLER,F & TUKEY,JW (Eds) Fundamentals of Exploratory Analysis of Variance

HOCKING,RR Methods and Applications of Linear Models

HOFFMANN-JORGENSEN,J Probability with a View Towards Statistics, vols I and II

HOGG,RV & CRAIG,AT Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (5th ed)

HOGG,RV & LEDOLTER,J Applied Statistics for Engineers and Physical Scientists (1st and 2nd eds)

HOGG,RV & LEDOLTER,J Engineering Statistics

HOSMER,DW & LEMESHOW,S Applied Logistic Regression

HOWSON,C & URBACH,P Scientific Reasoning: the Bayesian Approach

HOYLAND,A & RAUSAND,M System Reliability Theory: Models and Statistical Methods

HSU,JC Multiple Comparisons

HUBER,P Robust Statistical Procedures (2nd ed)

HUBERTY,CJ Applied Discriminant Analysis

HUET,S BOUVIER,A GRUET,M-A & JOLIVET,E Statistical Tools for Nonlinear Regression

HUNTSBERGER,DV & BILLINGSLEY,P Elements of Statistical Inference

HUTCHINSON,TP Road Accident Statistics

HUTCHINSON,TP & LAI,CD Continuous Bivariate Distributions, Emphasising Applications

INGELFELDER,JA et al Biostatistics in Clinical Medicine

INSTITUTE OF STATISTICIANS Proceedings of the 1982 IOS Conference on Practical Bayesian Statistics

ISAAC,R The Pleasures of Probability

ISAAKS,EH & SRIVASTAVA,RM Applied Geostatistics

IVERSEN,G & GERGEN,M Statistics: the Conceptual Approach
JACKSON,JE A User's Guide to Principal Components

JAECH,JL Statistical Analysis of Measurement Errors

JAMBU.M Exploratory and Multivariate Data Analysis

JAMES,M Classification Algorithms

JAMES,M Pattern Recognition


JARROW,RA Modelling Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Options

JENSEN,FV An Introduction to Bayesian Networks

JENSEN,JL Saddlepoint Approximations

JESSOP,A Informed Assessment: An Introduction to Information, Entropy and Statistics

JEWELL,NP KIMBER,AC LEE,M-LT & WHITMORE,GA (Eds) Lifetime Data: Models in Reliability and Survival Analysis

JOBSON,JD Applied Multivariate Data Analysis, Vol 1: Regression and Experimental Design

JOBSON,JD Applied Multivariate Data Analysis, Vol 2: Categorical and Multivariate Methods

JOE,H Multivariate Models and Dependence Concepts

JOHN,JA & WILLIAMS,ER Cyclic and Computer Generated Designs

JOHN,PWM Statistical Methods in Engineering and Quality Assurance

JOHNSON,DE Applied Multivariate Methods for Data Analysis

JOHNSON,NL & KOTZ,S Leading Personalities in Statistical Sciences: from the Seventeenth Century to the Present

JOHNSON,NL KOTZ,S & BALAKRISHNAN,N Continuous Univariate Distributions, Vol 1 (2nd ed)

JOHNSON,NL KOTZ,S & BALAKRISHNAN,N Continuous Univariate Distributions, Vol 2 (2nd ed)

JOHNSON,NL KOTZ,S & BALAKRISHNAN,N Discrete Multivariate Distributions

JOHNSON,NL KOTZ,S & KEMP,A Discrete Distributions (2nd ed)

JOHNSON,NL KOTZ,S & WU,X Inspection Errors for Attributes in Quality Control

JOHNSON,R & BHATTACHARYA,G Statistics: Principles and Methods (2nd and 3rd eds)

JOHNSON,RA & TSUI,K-W Statistical Reasoning and Methods

JOHNSON,RA & WICHERN,DW Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis (2nd, 3rd and 4th eds)

JOLLIFFE,IT Principal Components Analysis

JONES,B & KENWARD,MG Design and Analysis of Cross-over Trials

JONES,RH Longitudinal Data with Serial Corelation: a State-Space Approach

JORGENSEN,B The Theory of Dispersion Models

JORGENSEN,B The Theory of Linear Models

JORION,P Value at Risk,J & SEN,PK Robust Statistical Procedures

KADANE,JB Bayesian Methods and Ethics in a Clinical Trial Design

KADANE,JB & SCHUM,DA A Probabilistic Analysis of the Sacco and Vanzetti Evidence

KANAL,LN & LEMMER,J Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

KANTZ,H & SCHREIBER,T Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

KAPADIA,R & ANDERSON,G Statistics Explained

KARATZAS,I & SHREVE,SE Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus

KARIYA & SINHA Robustness of Statistical Tests

KASS,RE & VOSS,P Geometric Foundations of Asymptotic Inference

KAUFMAN,L & ROUSSEEUW,PJ Finding Groups in Data

KEARSEY,MJ & POONI,HS The Genetical Analysis of Quantitative Traits

KELLY,FP Reversibility of Stochastic Networks

KELLY,FP ZACHARY,S & ZIEDINS,I Stochastic Networks: Theory and Applications

KEMPTON,RA & FOX,PN (Eds) Statistical Methods for Plant Variety Evaluation

KHURI,AI Advances in Calculus with Applications in Statistics

KIEFER,J Introduction to Statistical Inference

KINGMAN,JFC Poisson Processes

KIRKWOOD,BR Essentials of Medical Statistics

KISH,L Statistical Design for Research

KITANIDIS,PK Introduction to Geostatistics

KITCHENS,LJ Exploring Statistics

KLEIJNEN,JPC Statistical Tools for Simulation Practitioners

KLEIJNEN,JPC & van GROENENDAAL,W Simulation: a Statistical Perspective


KLEINBAUM,DG Survival Analysis: a Self-Learning Text

KLEINBAUM,DG KUPPER,LL & MULLER,KE Applied Regression Analysis and Other Multivariate Methods (2nd and 3rd eds)

KNOTTNERUS,P Linear Models with Correlated Disturbances

KORNBERG,H & WILLIAMSON,MH Quantitative Aspects of the Ecology of Biological Invasions

KOTZ,S Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences: Update Volumes 1 and 2

KOTZ,S Breakthroughs in Statistics, Volume 3

KOTZ,S & JOHNSON,NL Breakthroughs in Statistics, Volumes 1 and 2

KOTZ,S & JOHNSON NL (Eds) Encyclopaedia of Statistical Sciences (including Supplementary Volume)

KRAUSE,A & OLSON,M The Basics of S and S-Plus

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KRISHNAIAH,PR & SEN,PK Nonparametric Methods (Handbook of Statistics, Vol 4)

KRISHNANKUTTY,N Putting Chance to Work ... A Life in Statistics

KRZANOWSKI,W An Introduction to Statistical Modelling

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KRZANOWSKI,WJ (Ed) Recent Advances in Descriptive Multivariate Analysis

KRZANOWSKI,WJ & MARRIOTT,FHC Multivariate Analysis, Part 1: Distributions, Ordination and Inference

KRZANOWSKI,WJ & MARRIOTT,FHC Multivariate Analysis, Part 2: Classification, Covariance Structures and Repeated Measures


KUEHL,RO Statistical Principles of Research Design and Analysis

KULKARNI,VG Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Systems

KURZ,L & BENTEFTIFA,MH Analysis of Variance in Statistical Image Processing

KWOK,Y-K Mathematical Models of Financial Derivatives
LAD,F Operational Subjective Statistical Methods

LAMBERTON,D & LAPEYRE,B Introduction to Stochastic Calculus Applied to Finance

LANCASTER,HO Expectations of Life


LANGBEIN,LI & LICHTMAN,AJ Ecological Inference

LANGE,K Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Genetic Analysis

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LE, CT Fundamentals of Biostatistical Inference

LE CAM,L Asymptotic Methods in Statistical Decision Theory.

LEA,P NAES,T & ROBOTTEN,M Analysis of Variance for Sensory Data

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LEE,PM Bayesian Statistics (1st and 2nd eds)

LEITCH,RD Reliability Analysis for Engineers: an Introduction

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LINDSEY,JK Applying Generalized Linear Models

LINDSEY,JK Introductory Statistics: the Modelling Approach

LINDSEY,JK Modelling Frequency and Count Data

LINDSEY,JK Models for Repeated Measurements

LINDSEY,JK Parametric Statistical Inference

LINDSEY,JK The Analysis of Stochastic Processes Using GLIM

LINDVALL,ET Lectures on the Coupling Method

LINHART,H & ZUCCHINI,W Model Selection

LITTLE,RJA & RUBIN,DB Statistical Analysis with Missing Data

LOGOTHETIS,N & WYNN,HP Quality through Design

LOHMULLER,JB Latent Variable Path Modelling with partial Least Squares

LONGFORD,NT Random Coefficient Models

LONGLEY,JW Least Squares Computations Using Orthogonalization Methods

LORENZEN,TJ & ANDERSON,VL Design of Experiments: a No-Name Approach

LOWRY,R The Architecture of Chance

LUPTON,R Statistics in Theory and Practice

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LUTKEPOHL,H Introduction to Multiple Time Series
MacDONALD,IL & ZUCCHINI,W Hidden Markov and Other Models for Discrete-Valued Time Series

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MALLER,R & ZHOU,X Survival Analysis with Long-term Survivors

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MANLY,BFJ Resource Selection by Animals

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MANTON,KG & STALLARD,E Recent Trends in Mortality Analysis

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McDONALD,LL MANLY,BFJ LOCKWOOD,JA & LOGAN,JA Estimation and Analysis of Insect Populations

McLACHLAN,GJ Discriminant Analysis and Statistical Pattern Recognition

McLACHLAN,GJ & BASFORD KE Mixture Models : Inference and Applications to Clustering


McNEIL,D Epidemiological Research Methods

McPHERSON,G Statistics in Scientific Investigation

MEAD,R The Design of Experiments

MEAD,R & CURNOW,R Statistical Methods in Agriculture and Experimental Biology

MEAD,R CURNOW,RN & HASTED,AM Statistical Methods in Agriculure and Experimental Biology (2nd ed)

MEDDIS,R Statistics Using Ranks: A Unified Approach

MEIER,PC & ZUND,RE Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry

MENDENHALL,W & SINCICH,T Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences (3rd ed)

MESTERTON-GIBBONS,M A Concrete Approach to Mathematical Modelling

METCALFE,AV Statistics in Civil Engineering

METCALFE,AV Statistics in Engineering

MEYER,R & KRUEGER,D A MINITAB Guide to Statistics

MICHIE,D SPIEGELHALTER,DJ & TAYLOR,CC Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification

MIETTINEN,OS Theoretical Epidemiology

MILLER,A Subset Selection in Regression

MILLER,RG Beyond ANOVA: Basics of Applied Statistics

MILLS,TC The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series

MILLS,TC Time Series Techniques for Economists

MONK,A Exploring Statistics with Minitab

MONTGOMERY,DC Design and Analysis of Experiments (3rd and 4th eds)

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MORGAN,BJT Statistics in Toxicology

MOSER,BK Linear Models: a Mean Model Approach

MOSTELLER,F & WALLACE Applied Bayesian and Classical Inference

MOTULSKY,H Intuitive Biostatistics

MULLER,HG Non-parametric Regression Analysis of Longitudinal Data

MURRAY,JD Mathematical Biology

MURRAY,MK & RICE,JW Differential Geometry and Statistics

MYERS,RH Classical and Modern Regression with Applications

MYERS,RH & MONTGOMERY,DC Response Surface Methodology

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NASH,JC & WALKER-SMITH,M Nonlinear Parameter Estimation

NEAVE,H & WORTHINGTON Distribution-free Tests

NEFTCI,SN Introduction to Mathematics of Financial Derivatives

NELSON,W Accelerated Testing: Statistical Models, Test Plans and Data Analyses

NEUTS,MF Algorithmic Probability

NEWELL,C Methods and Models in Demography

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OAKLAND,JS Statistical Process Control - a Practical Guide

OAKLAND,JS & FOLLOWELL,RF Statistical Process Control (2nd ed)

OGDEN,RT Essential Wavelets for Statistical Applications and Data Analysis

O'HAGAN,A Kendall's Advanced Theory of Statistics: Bayesian Inference

O'HAGAN,A Probability: Methods and Measurement

OKABE,A BOOTS,B & SUGIHARA,K Spatial Tessellations

OKSENDAL,B Stochastic Differential Equations: an Introduction with Applications (5th ed)

OLIVER,RM & SMITH,JQ (Eds) Influence Diagrams, Belief Nets and Decision Analysis

OPEN UNIVERSITY Statistics in Society: Handbook

OPEN UNIVERSITY Statistics in Society. Units A0-A5: Exploring the Data, B1-B5: Statistical Inference, C1-C5 Data in Context

O'RUANAIDH,JJK & FITZGERALD,WJ Numerical Bayesian Methods Applied to Signal Processing

OSTLE,B Engineering Statistics

OTT,J Analysis of Human Genetic Linkage
PACE,L & SALVAN,A Principles of Statistical Inference from a Neo-Fisherian Perspective

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PAVEL,M Fundamentals of Pattern Recognition (2nd ed)


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PFEIFFER,PE Probability for Applications

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PIANTADOSI,S Clinical Trials: a Methodologic Perspective

PILZ,J Bayesian Estimation and Experimental Design in Linear Regression Models

PITMAN,J Probability

PLEWIS,I Statistics in Education

POLE,A WEST,M & HARRISON,J Applied Bayesian Forecasting and Time Series Analysis

POLLARD,D Convergence of Random Processes

PORT,SC Theoretical Probability for Applications

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POWELL,D & LEISS,W Mad Cows and Mother's Milk: the Perils of Poor Risk Communication

PRESS,SJ Bayesian Statistics

PRIESTLEY,M Non-linear Time Series Analysis

PUKELSHEIM,F Optimal Design of Experiments


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RAO,CR Selected Papers Vol I

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RAO,CR & CHAKRABORTY,R Handbook of Statistics 8: Statistical Methods in Biological and Medical Sciences

RAO,CR & KLEFFE,J Estimation of Variance Components and Applications


RAO,PSRS Variance Components Estimation: Mixed Models, Methodologies and Applications

RAO,PV Statistical Research Methods in the Life Sciences

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RATKOWSKY,DA EVANS,MA & ALLDREDGE,JR Cross-over Experiments: Design, Analysis and Application

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RAYNA,G REDUCE: Software for Algebraic Computation

READ,T & CRESSIE,N Goodness of Fit Statistics for Discrete Multivariate Data

REES,DG Essential Statistics (2nd and 3rd eds)

REES,DG Essential Statistics for Medical Practice

RENCHER,AC Methods of Multivariate Analysis

RENCHER,AC Multivariate Statistical Inference and Applications

RENDALL,FJ & WOOLF,DM Statistical Sources and Techniques

RENSHAW,E Modelling Biological Populations in Space and Time

RICE,JA Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis (1st and 2nd eds)

RIEDER,H (Ed) Robust Statistics, Data Analysis and Computer Intensive Methods

RIPLEY,BD Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks

RIPLEY,BD Statistical Inference for Spatial Processes

ROBERT,CP The Bayesian Choice

ROBERTSON,B & VIGNAUX,GA Interpreting Evidence: Evaluating Forensic Science in the Courtroom

ROBERTSON,T WRIGHT,FT & DYKSTRA,RL Order Restricted Statistical Inference

ROGERS,LCG & WILLIAMS,D Diffusions, Markov Processes and Martingales, Vol 1 - Foundations (2nd ed)

ROSENBAUM,PR Observational Studies

ROSS,GJS Nonlinear Estimation

ROSS,SM A Course in Simulation

ROSS,SM A First Course in Probability (5th ed)

ROSS,SM Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

ROSS,SM Introduction to Stochastic Dynamic Programming

ROSSMAN,AJ Workshop Statistics

ROUSSAS,GG A Course in Mathematical Statistics (2nd ed)

ROYALL,RM Statistical Evidence: a Likelihood Paradigm

RUBIN,DB Multiple Imputation for Non-response in Surveys

RYAN,BF & JOINER,BL MINITAB Handbook (3rd ed)

RYAN,TP Modern Regression Methods

SAMUELS,ML Statistics for the Life Sciences

SANTNER,TJ & DUFFY,DE Statistical Analysis of Discrete Data

SAVILLE,DJ & WOOD,GR Statistical Methods: a Geometric Primer

SAVILLE,DJ & WOOD,GR Statistical Methods: the Geometric Approach

SCHAFER,JL Analysis of Incomplete Multivariate Data

SCHEAFFER,RL GNANADESIKAN,M WATKINS,A & WITMER,J Activity-Based Statistics: Instructor Resources

SCHEAFFER,RL MENDENHALL,W & OTT,L Elementary Survey Sampling (4th ed)

SCHERVISH,MJ Theory of Statistics

SCHIFF,D & D'AGOSTINO,R Practical Engineering Statistics

SCHOTT,JR Matrix Analysis for Statistics

SCOTT,DW Multivariate Density Estimation

SEARLE,SR Linear Models for Unbalanced Data


SEBER,GAF Multivariate Observations

SEBER,GAF & WILD,CJ Nonlinear Regression

SELVIN,S Modern Applied Biostatistical Methods, Using S-Plus

SELVIN,S Statistical Analysis of Epidemiological Data (2nd ed)

SEN,A & SRIVASTAVA,M Regression Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications

SEN,PK & SINGER,JM Large Sample Methods in Statistics

SENN,S Cross-Over Trials in Clinical Research

SENN,S Statistical Issues in Drug Development

SESHADRI,V The Inverse Gaussian Distribution

SHAFER,G The Art of Causal Conjecture

SHAH,KR & SINHA,BK Theory of Optimal Designs

SHAM,P Statistics in Human Genetics

SHAO,J & TU,D The Jackknife and Bootstrap

SHENNAN,S Quantifying Archaeology

SHIRLAND,LE Statistical Quality Control with Microcomputer Applications

SHIRYAYEV,AN Probability

SHUMWAY,RH Applied Statistical Time Series Analysis

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SIEGEL,S & CASTELLAN,NJ Nonparametric Statistics in the Behavioural Sciences (2nd ed)

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SIOTANI,M et al Modern Multivariate Statistical Analysis

SKINNER,CJ HOLT,D & SMITH,TMF (Eds) Analysis of Complex Surveys

SMALL,CG The Statistical Theory of Shape

SMITH,JQ Decision Analysis

SNELL,EJ & SIMPSON,HR Applied Statistics: Handbook of GENSTAT Analyses

SNELL,JL Introduction to Probability

SOKAL,R & ROHLF,J Biometry (3rd ed)

SPALL,JC (Ed) Bayesian Analysis of Time Series and Dynamic Models

SPECTOR,P An Introduction to S and S-Plus

SPEED,T & WATERMAN,M Genetic Mapping and DNA Sequencing

SPENCER,BD Statistics and Public Policy


A Crash Course in S-Plus (Unix and Windows)

A Gentle Introduction to S-Plus (Unix and Windows)

Global Index (Unix and Windows)

Guide to Statistical and Mathematical Analysis (Unix and Windows)

Installation and Maintenance Manual (Unix)

Programmer's Manuals (Unix and Windows)

Read Me First booklet (Unix)

Reference Manual (Windows, 2 vols)

Version 3.2 Supplement (Windows)

Version 3.3 Supplement (Unix)

Trellis Displays User's Manual (Unix)

Trellis Graphics User's Manual (Unix)

User's Manuals (Unix and Windows)

S-Plus 4

Guide to Statistics

Programmer's Guide

User's Guide

SPRENT,P Applied Nonparametric Statistical Methods (1st and 2nd eds)

SPRENT,P Data Driven Statistical Methods

SPURRIER,JD EDWARDS,DG & THOMBS,LA Elementary Statistics Laboratory Manual (DOS version)

STAHEL,W & WEISBERG,S Directions in Robust Statistics and Diagnostics, Parts I,II

STAPLETON,JH Linear Statistical Models

STONE,CJ A Course in Probability and Statistics

STOYAN,D & STOYAN,H Fractals, Random Shapes and Point Fields - Methods of Geometrical Statistics

STOYAN,D KENDALL,WS & MECKE,J Stochastic Geometry and its Applications (1st and 2nd eds)

STREET,AP & STREET,DJ Combinatorics of Experimental Design

STRIKE,PW Statistical Methods in Laboratory Medicine

STUART,A & ORD,JK Kendall's Advanced Theory of Statistics, Vols 1 and 2 (5th ed)

STUART,A & ORD,JK Kendall's Advanced Theory of Statistics, Volume 1 (6th ed)

SUBBA RAO,T Developments in Time Series Analysis

SUBBA RAO,T PRIESTLY,MB & LESSI,O Applications of Time Series Analysis in Astronomy and Meteorology

SUNDARAM,RK A First Course in Optimization Theory

SWAN,ARH & SANDILANDS,M Introduction to Geological Data Analysis

SZEKELY,GJ Paradoxes in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
TANAKA,K Time Series Analysis

TANNER,MA Tools for Statistical Inference (1st, 2nd and 3rd eds)

TARTER,ME & LOCK,MD Model-free Curve Estimation

THISTED,RA Elements of Statistical Computing, Vol I

THOMPSON,JR Empirical Model Building

THOMPSON,JR & KORONACKI,J Statistical Process Control for Quality Improvement

THOMPSON,JR & TAPIA,RA Nonparametric Function Estimation, Modeling and Simulation

THOMPSON,M Theory of Sample Surveys

THOMPSON,WA Point Process Models

TIAO,GC (Ed) Selected Works of GEP Box, Vols I and II

TIJMS,HC Stochastic Models: an Algorithmic Approach


TITTERINGTON,DM Complex Stochastic Systems and Engineering

TODOROVIC,P An Introduction to Stochastic Processes and their Applications

TONG,H Non-linear Time Series

TONG,YL The Multivariate Normal Distribution

TRUSSELL,J HANKINSON,R & TILTON,J (Eds) Demographic Applications of Event History Analysis

TUCKWELL,MC Elementary Applications of Probability Theory (1st and 2nd eds)

TUFTE,ER Envisioning Information

TUFTE,ER Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative

TURNER,CF & MARTIN E Surveying Subjective Phenomena (2 vols)
UPTON,G Spatial Data Analysis by Example Vol 2

UPTON,G & COOK,I Understanding Statistics

UTTS,JM Seeing Through Statistics
VARDEMAN,SV Statistics for Engineering Problem Solving

VENABLES,WN & RIPLEY,BD Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus (1st and 2nd eds)

VIERTL,R (Ed) Probability and Bayesian Statistics

VINCENT,TL MEES,I & JENNINGS,LS Dynamics of Complex Interconnected Biological Systems

VINING,G Statistical Methods for Engineers

VINOGRADOV,O Introduction to Mechanical Reliability

VITO,GF Statistical Applications in Criminal Justice

VONESH,EF & CHINCHILLI,VM Linear and Nonlinear Models for the Analysis of Repeated Measurements

WACKERLY,DD MENDENHALL,W & SCHEAFFER,RL Mathematical Statistics with Applications (5th ed)

WAHBA,G Spline Models for Observational Data

WAINER,H Visual Revelations: Graphic Tales of Fate and Deception

WALKER,M Interpreting Crime Statistics

WALLEY,P Statistical Reasoning with Imprecise Probabilities

WALPOLE,R MYERS,RH & MYERS,S Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (6th ed)

WALTON,M The Deming Management Method

WAND,MP & JONES,MC Kernel Smoothing

WANG,C Sense and Nonsense of Statistical Inference

WANG,S-G & CHOW,S-C Advanced Linear Models: Theory and Applications

WARDROP,R Statistics: Learning in the Presence of Variance

WATT,TA Introductory Statistics for Biology Students

WEERAHANDI,S Exact Statistical Methods for Data Analysis

WEI,WWS Time Series Analysis

WEIR,BS Genetic Data Analysis

WELSH,AH Aspects of Statistical Inference

WEST,M & HARRISON,J Bayesian Forecasting and Dynamic Models (1st and 2nd eds)

WETHERILL,GB & BROWN,D Statistical Process Control: Theory and Practice

WHITE,DJ Markov Decision Processes

WHITEHEAD,J The Design and Analysis of Sequential Clinical Trials (1st and 2nd eds)

WHITTAKER,J Graphical Models in Applied Multivariate Statistics

WHITTLE,P Probability via Expectation (3rd ed)

WHITTLE,P Systems in Stochastic Equilibrium

WICKENS,TD The Geometry of Multivariate Statistics

WILCOX,RR Introduction to Robust Estimation and Hypothesis Testing

WILLIAMS,BG Biostatistics

WILLIAMS,D Probability with Martingales

WOLTER,KM An Introduction to Variance Estimation

WOODWARD,WA et al Directory of Statistical Microcomputer Software

WOOLSON,RF Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Biomedical Data

WRIGHT,G & AYTON,P Subjective Probability
XIE,Z Case Studies in Time Series Analysis
YANDELL,BS Practical Data Analysis for Designed Experiments
ZACKS,S Introduction to Reliability Analysis

ZAR,JH Biostatistical Analysis (3rd ed)

ZEHNA,PW A Minitab Companion with Macros

ZEISEL,H & KAYE,D Prove it with Figures

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