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PH26A: Introduction to African Philosophy I


Faculty of Humanities & Education, UWI, Mona Campus

Levels I, II and III - Semester I: 2007-2008 Academic Year



No assignment will be accepted after deadline date for submission. Please be guided accordingly.


Select one question for ESSAY submission and a different question for your TUTORIAL assignment/presentation.

  1. Carefully examine the supposition that philosophy started around the mid-century before the common era in ancient Greece.

2) Either: The philosophy of St. Augustine is a typical example of African

contribution to classical philosophical literature. DISCUSS.
Or: 'The philosophy of W. Anton Amoo is German as well as Africa.' Discuss

this statement in the light of the German philosophy traditions of Amoo's time.

3) Examine the concepts of Mo and Gbagbo in Yoruba epistemology.

  1. Discuss Kwasi Wiredu's contention that truth is opinion in Akan philosophy.

  1. Carefully examine Kwame Gyekye's account of freedom-determinism in Akan philosophy system.

  1. Carefully examine any African ethnic groups ideas concerning the question of immortality of the soul, and its implication for morality in such a society.

  1. Carefully examine the concepts of private and public morality in Yoruba, Akan or Ibo philosophical system.

  2. Undertake a philosophical critique of Mbiti's concept of morality in African philosophy.

  1. Comment carefully on the concepts "African Socialism" or "Communalism" in Nkrumah's Consciencism or in Nyerere's Ujamaa.


COURSE OUTLINE, ESSAY & TUTORIAL TOPICS FOR PH26a (Introduction to African Philosophy I).

Presenter: Mr. Paschal Mmere – Semester I, 2007-2008 Academic Year. Office – Room 68 (New Arts Block/Top Floor)

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