Delta Burke Invitational 2006 Round 9—Questions by the Same Old Rutabagas

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Delta Burke Invitational 2006

Round 9—Questions by the Same Old Rutabagas
1. The persona of this poem has “willed [his] keepsakes” and “signed away/What portion of [himself] be assignable.” At his deathbed, those keeping vigil await “that last Onset—when the King/Be witnessed—in the room.” However, at the moment of the speaker’s death, the title insect “with Blue—uncertain stumbling Buzz” interposes itself. FTP this describes what poem of Emily Dickinson in which the common insect is heard at the persona’s demise?

A. “I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died” (acc. #128, but I doubt it)

2. On the Kardashev scale, it refers to a society which can harness all the power of a star. In astronomy, it refers to a supernova which has a characteristic plateau in its light curve after a few months. In physics, it describes a superconductor which exists in a mixed state of normal and superconducting regions. In statistics, it refers to the type of error in which one accepts a false hypothesis as true. FTP, what is this designation which also denotes the most common type of diabetes?

Answer: Type 2

3. Twenty paintings of this building’s facade executed from 1892-94 were exhibited at the Durand-Ruel Gallery in 1895. Nearly all depict the West Portal at different times of day in different light. Following other series of paintings of haystacks and lily ponds, FTP name this impressive cathedral depicted impressionistically by Claude Monet.

A. Rouen Cathedral
4. Created in 1864, it was originally designated Camp Sumter. It encompassed just over 16 acres of land enclosed by a 15-foot-high stockade; a line 19 feet from the fence was designated the “deadline,” the crossing of which would lead to the shooting of a prisoner. Liberated by Union troops in May, 1865, its commandant, Henry Wirz, was the only Confederate officer executed for war crimes by the US. FTP name this notorious Civil War prison camp in Central Georgia.

A. Andersonville

5. This man’s novellas The Clap Shack and The Long March are usually bundled together into one book. His first novel was a 1951 work about a girl, Peyton, who has killed herself by jumping from a window, and about how her friends and family remember her. That work, Lie Down in Darkness, was followed by The Confessions of Nat Turner and a best-selling memoir, Darkness Visible. FTP name this author who died on November 2nd and is best known for his novel Sophie’s Choice.

A. William Styron

6. This author of 1897’s “An Essay on the Foundation of Geometry” lived to be 97, finally dying in 1970. He won the 1950 Nobel Prize in literature, though he is primarily known for his work in logic and analytical philosophy. His prolific output includes works like Why I Am Not a Christian, A History of Western Philosophy, and a more famous collaboration with Alfred North Whitehead. FTP name this philosopher, co-author of Principa Mathematica.

A. Bertrand Russell

7. For a 10 juicy math points, find the sum of the infinite series from 0 to infinity with general term 1/2n , that is the sum 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + …

A. 2

8. The title character tells Cleonice, among other characters, that they all should sit indoors “with painted cheeks . . . and meet our mates lightly clad in transparent gowns of silk [and] they will get their tools up and be wild to lie with us.” This teasing, she argues, will make their refusal all the more persuasive. First performed in 411 BCE, FTP name this play in which women refuse sex to their husbands in order to make them stop fighting the Peloponnesian War, a famous work of Aristophanes.

A. Lysistrata

9. A writer using the pen name Pero, meaning “pen” or “feather” in Russian, this man had been a union organizer in Odessa, a founding member of the Politburo, and a theorist of permanent revolution. Lenin praised him as the most able man in the Central Committee, but criticized him as too self-confident. His power struggle with Stalin in the 1920s resulted in his expulsion from the Communist Party. FTP by what name is Lev Davidovich Bronstein better known, a Bolshevik revolutionist and Marxist theorist, who in 1940 was assassinated in Mexico City with an ice pick?

A. Leon Trostsky

10. This nation’s state of Sabah is claimed by the Philippines, and it disputes ownership of the Spratly islands with China and Vietnam, among others. Its flag, like that of the U.S., features seven horizontal alternating red and white stripes, but where the U. S. flag has stars, however, its features a crescent moon and smaller sun on a blue field. Spread over multiple islands, including Sarawak and Borneo, FTP name this island nation with capital at Kuala Lumpur.

A. Malaysia

11. A polypeptide similar to it occurs in the fruits of the bitter melon Momordica charantia, serving an unknown function. Its receptor is a tyrosine kinase which, on being activated, stimulates glycogen synthesis in the liver and the addition of GLUT4, a hexose transporter, to the plasma membrane. A certain hexose can then freely diffuse into cells, causing a drop in blood glucose. FTP what is this pancreatic hormone used to treat diabetes?

A. insulin

12. According to Bede, after encountering English slaves in a Roman market, this man is said to have muttered that "they are not Angles, but Angels,” engendering his desire to convert their home. Thus, he is responsible for sending St. Augustine of Canterbury to England in 597 to convert the Angles and Saxons. He is also considered the last Doctor of the Church. FTP name this 6th-century pope, the namesake of a liturgical musical style he may or may not have actually created, his namesake chant.

A. Gregory I or Gregory the Great

13. The persona tells us that the title figure’s “wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command” are still evident. However, “round the decay/Of that colossal wreck . . . the lone and level sand stretches away.” He learned this from a “traveler from an antique land.” FTP what title sculpture sat on a pedestal now ironically warning viewers to “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!” in a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

A. “Ozymandias

14. In its peroration, the speaker addressed Democratic colleagues and claimed to have behind him “the commercial interests and the laboring interests and all the toiling masses.” The speaker argued that the imposition of bimetallism at a ratio of 16 to 1 would indeed increase inflation, but that inflation would help farmers pay off debts. Delivered in 1896 at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, FTP name this famous speech by William Jennings Bryan that ended by saying that “you shall not crucify mankind” upon the title metaphor.

A. Cross of Gold speech

15. Its upcoming version 2 will have an "nl" element for navigation lists, and its "script" element will be renamed "handler." Version 1, which became a W3C recommendation in 2000, requires that all elements be closed and well-nested, while documents in this language must be well-formed and must have a Doctype declaration. It also requires that all attributes and tags be in lower case, which can be a hassle in updating old web pages. FTP name this language, a more extensible version of a well-known markup language.

A. XHTML (or eXtensible HyperText Markup Language)

16. Considered immoral and provocative, variations of it included the Varsity Drag, the Black Bottom, in which the partners stuck out their rumps and shook them, and the Shimmy. It originated before WWI but reached its heyday in 1924 after being featured in Runnin’ Wild, an all-black Broadway musical. Pigeon- toed flappers and sheiks knocked their knees together and gyrated while doing, FTP, what biggest dance craze of the Jazz Age, named for South Carolina’s capital?

A. The Charleston

17. Matthew Maule’s exclamation, “God will give him blood to drink!” is the curse on the title structure of this novel. The Colonel, who falsely accused Maule of witchcraft to get his land, is the first to succumb, found dead with blood on his cuff. The colonel’s family suffers many early deaths and difficulties, culminating in Clifford’s being falsely imprisoned for the murder of his uncle, and the curse ends only with the death of the Judge and the discovery of the deed to land in Maine behind the colonel’s portrait. FTP this describes what novel about the Pyncheon family by Nathaniel Hawthorne?

A. The House of the Seven Gables

18. British expert in antiquities Alan Gardiner theorized that it represented a sandal strap, the loop going around the ankle. As it also represented health and strength and was dear to Osiris, mirrors for royalty were made in this shape. Also called the Key of the Nile was, FTP, what Egyptian amulet and hieroglyph that represents everlasting life, adopted by mystical hippies everywhere.

A. ankh

19. His namesake constant equals the universal gas constant divided by Avogadro's number. Inscribed on his tombstone is the formula S = k log W, a law with which he related entropy and probability. His namesake gas law describes low-density ideal gas dynamics, and the distribution named for him and for Maxwell is the foundation of the kinetic theory of gases. FTP, name this scientist who also related power radiated from a blackbody to the fourth power of its temperature, a law he co-authored with Stefan.

Answer: Ludwig Boltzmann

20. Its founding is usually dated to the 1240 victory of its first ruler at the Battle of Kirina over the Soso king Sumanguru. As its hub was a major trading center, its first ruler converted to Islam and urged other Mandinka to do so as well. Sundiata’s grandson then made a famous hajj from this empire in 1324, spending so much gold the price was depressed for over a decade. Eventually displaced by the Songhai, FTP what was this empire that got its wealth from the trading center of Timbuktu, a city in the modern nation of this name?

A. Mali Empire

Delta Burke 2006—Round 9 Bonuses
1. Answer the following about Franz Ferdinand, the dude, FTPE.

A. Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on June 28, 1914, in this city.

A. Sarajevo

B. Ferdinand and his wife were killed by this member of the Black Hand.

A. Gavrilo Princip

C. Ferdinand’s death left this last monarch of Austria-Hungary without an heir, not that it really mattered.

A. Franz Josef I (or Francis Joseph I)
2. Answer the following about a nasty canine FTPE.

A. This oldest spawn of Loki and Angrboda was prophesied to bring about the end of the world.

A. Fenrir (acc. Fenris Wolf)

B. Only this member of the Aesir was brave enough to put his hand in Fenrir’s mouth, losing his hand in the bargain.

A. Tyr

C. Fenrir was bound by this chain, forged from the breath of fishes, the footfall of a cat, the beard of a woman, and some other wacky stuff.

A. gleipnir
3. Works by Jack Kerouac FTPE.

A. His most famous work is this novel about the peripatetic peregrinations of Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty.

A. On the Road

B. This novel counterposes the city life of Ray Smith, based on Kerouac, and the country life of Japhy Ryder, based on poet Gary Snyder, with much Buddhist noodling, as the title implies.

A. Dharma Bums

C. Kerouac fictionalizes himself as Leo Percepied in this slim novel about Leo’s romance with a Black woman and their Bohemian/underground milieu.

A. The Subterraneans
4. Name these diseases from their vectors FTPE.

A. The tsetse fly, genus Glossina

A. African sleeping sickness or African trypanosomiasis

B. The deer tick, genus Ixodes

A. Lyme disease

C. The mosquito Aedes aegypti

A. yellow fever
5. Stuff about a nutty German thinker FTPE.

A. This Austrian-born philosopher published his best-known work in 1922, promptly claimed it solved all of philosophy’s problems, and went to be a schoolteacher, before changing his mind and returning to Cambridge to teach and write.

A. Ludwig Wittgenstein

B. This is the book Wittgenstein published in 1922, famously ending “[w]hat we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence.”

A. Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

C. In one famous episode referenced in the title of a popular philosophy book, Wittgenstein brandished a fireplace poker at this author of The Open Society and Its Enemies.

A. Karl Popper

6. Stuff about an important art exhibition FTPE.

A. In 1863 this exhibition was called for by Napoleon III who wanted works not accepted by the official Paris Salon to be shown to the public.

A. Salon des Refuses (ref-u-SAY)

B. This Manet work needed a guard posted by it at the Salon des Refuses due to outrage at its depiction of a nude woman with two clothed male companions.

A. Luncheon on the Grass or Dejeuner sur l’Herbe

C. Also among the Refuses was this Monet painting of a boat on the Seine early in the morning gave its name to an art movement.

A. Impression: Sunrise
7. Identify these fictional lands visited by Lemuel Gulliver FTPE.

A. The tiny people of this island insist that the proper way to eat an egg is from the little end.

A. Lilliput

B. This nearby island also features little people who go to war with Lilliput because they believe an egg should be eaten from the big end?

A. Blefuscu

C. This floating island features men whose commitment to philosophy makes them unable to do some common activities.

A. Laputa
8. Answer the following about a group of rare earth elements, FTP each:

A. Elements 58-71 are collectively known as what series?

Answer: lanthanides

B. Sequentially, the lanthanides are the first elements to have this orbital in their ground state.

Answer: f (accept 4f)

C. Most lanthanides have this oxidation number in compounds; it's the same as for aluminum in Al2 O3 ["A-L-2-oh-3"].

Answer: +3 or 3+
9. Stuff about that well-known Dick, Richard Cheney, FTPE.

A. After gutting out his five Vietnam Draft deferments, Cheney became Chief of Staff to this president in 1975.

A. Gerald Ford

B. Cheney served in this cabinet position under George HW Bush.

A. Secretary of Defense

C. Your Tournament Director firmly believes that Cheney personally encouraged the leaking of the name of this CIA operative to punish her husband, Joseph Wilson.

A. Valerie Plame
10. Stuff about Hinduism FTPE.

A. What term denotes the concept that God has three aspects in Hinduism?

A. trimurti

B. For ten points all or nothing, what three gods form the trimurti?

A. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva (any order)

C. Generally considered synonymous with Shakti, what Hindi word meaning goddess represents the female aspect of divinity?

A. Devi

11. Name these cloud types, FTSNOP:

A. F5P, high, wispy clouds, also called "mare's tails."

Answer: cirrus

B. FTP, a "thunderhead" or "anvil" cloud, a vertically-developed cloud up to 8 miles tall.

Answer: cumulonimbus

C. F5P, low, greyish, sheetlike clouds.

Answer: stratus (prompt on "fog")

D. FTP, mid-level, puffy clouds, often having the appearance of rolls or waves of clouds.

Answer: altocumulus (prompt on "cumulus")

12. Stuff about The Odyssey FTPE.

A. As the epic begins, Odysseus is trapped on the island Ogygia with this nymph.

A. Calypso

B. The witch Circe turns Odysseus’s men into what?

A. pigs (acc. obvious alternatives)

C. When Odysseus reaches his home in Ithaca, he first seeks out this faithful swineherd.

A. Eumaeus
13. Name these winners of gubernatorial elections FTPE.

A. This guy was re-elected governor of Georgia, making your tournament director almost thankful for Charlie Crist.

A. Sonny Perdue

B. This former attorney general moved up to the governor’s mansion in Albany, New York.

A. Elliot Spitzer

C. In Pennsylvania former Philly mayor Ed Rendel beat this African-American Republican, far better known as a standout wide receiver on four Pittsburgh Steeler world championship teams and a TV football commentator.

A. Lynn Swann

14. Answer the following about equations of straight lines FTP each.

A. Find the slope‑intercept form of the equation of a line passing through the points (0, 1)

and (1, 0).

A. y = -x + 1

B. Find the slope‑intercept form of the equation of a line perpendicular to

the line y = 8 and passing through the point (2, 1).

A. x=2

C. Find the slope‑intercept form of the equation of a line parallel to the line

y = 3x and passing through the point (0, 2).

A. y = 3x + 2
15. Answer the following about a US Supreme Court case, FTPE.

A. In this 1832 case, the Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokee were entitled to federal protection from the actions of a certain southern state.

A. Worcester v. Georgia

B. This man was president at the time of the Worcester v. Georgia case, but actually didn't say "John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!"

A. Andrew Jackson

C. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court decision was ignored, which led to this forced relocation of the Cherokee to the western United States in 1838.

A. Trail of Tears

16. Name these rivers of the Southeastern US FTPE.

A. This river begins east of Knoxville and flows into Alabama before returning north.

A. Tennessee River

B. This river rises in the Okefenokee Swamp and flows southwest into the Gulf of Mexico.

A. Suwannee River

C. This river runs southwest from northeast of Atlanta, forming the southern portion of the Georgia-Alabama line.

A. Chattahoochee River

17. FTPE, answer the following about Franz Liszt.

A. Named for the nationality of Franz Liszt, this word preceeds Rhapsodies in the name of a popular collection of 19 piano works by Liszt.

A. Hungarian

B. The Franz Liszt work Christus is an example of this type of composition for voices and orchestra in which a a sacred story is told without costumes or scenery.

A. oratorio

C. Liszt died in 1886 in this German city, the site of an annual festival that celebrates and performs the operatic music of Richard Wagner.

A. Bayreuth
18. ID these early American poets FTPE.

A. This woman’s collection The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung up in America was published in 1650, making her the first published American author.

A. Anne Bradstreet

B. This emancipated former slave wrote works like “To His Excellency, George Washington.”

A. Phyllis Wheatley

C. This man earned the moniker “Poet of the American Revolution” for works like “The Prison Frigate-Ship.”

A. Philip Freneau

19. For ten points predict the geometric shapes of the following molecules according to the VSEPR model.

A. H2O A. Bent

B. NH3 A. Trigonal Pyramidal

C. SF4 A. Seesaw or Distorted Tetrahedron

20. Name these Italian City-States FTPE.

A. This northern city was ruled by the Visconti and Sforza families for much of the Renaissance.

A. Milan

B. This “Most Serene” city on the Adriatic was a republic ruled by a doge elected by the aristocracy.

A. Venice

C. This city was ruled by various Medici throughout most of the Renaissance.

A. Florence

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