Debatable Thesis: Having more gun laws would cause more harm than good. Comments to myself

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Leann Stephens

Anne Walker

Writing 10

March 12, 2014

Essay Four Brainstorm Outline Model: Are you Protected?

Debatable Thesis: Having more gun laws would cause more harm than good.

Comments to myself: In high school, every year I had to write a controversial essay about a governmental topic. One topic that I was very involved in was an essay about gun control. I am very against gun control because I have been raised to understand the protection guns can give you and to have right taken away would result in my loss of available protection. If you are being attacked, what would protect you more; a cell phone to dial 911 or a gun pointed at your would be attacker? A gun of course. I could be long dead before any police show up so a gun would allow me to protect myself from being hurt, raped, or killed right away.

Two Academic Sources:

• TBA, the library visit on March 19, 2014 will help me find these sources.

• I think that I will look resources on the statistic evidence of crime rate before and after gun ownership was prohibited.

• I might just look up “gun laws” and countries that had strict gun laws in academic (peer reviewed) articles and see where that will lead me

Main Points Pro:

Guns help with our survival

• Give us protection from criminals such as muggers, rapists, and serial killers.

• If a criminal knows or even suspects that their intended victim has a weapon, they are less likely to attack.

Main Points Con:

• Guns are used and give people the means to kill people. (Shootings at schools)

• Guns are dangerous.

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