Day with the Doctors

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Student recruitment


Day with the Doctors”

LSUHSC Program

Southeast Louisiana AHEC is hosting a program called “A Day with the Doctors” for high school students in their junior or senior year. I am sending information about this program, and would like to enlist your help to recruit possible candidates. The program is tentatively set for March 10th at the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans.

AHEC's mission is to meet the needs of health care providers and address medical shortages in rural and underserved areas. One way we reach that goal is by encouraging potential health care workers while they are still in high school. The “Day with the Doctors” program is an excellent opportunity for interested high school students to see what it’s like to spend a day as a medical school student.
“Day with the Doctors” is a one-day, interactive program that offers high school students who have an interest in becoming a physician an opportunity to experience doctors’ daily activities and life on LSU Health Sciences Center’s campus. Students participate in diagnosing a patient under the guidance of a physician. They also learn diagnostic skills such as taking blood pressure, listening to heart sounds, taking a radial pulse, measuring respiratory rate and listening to breathing sounds. Please see the enclosed flyer for additional information.
On March 10th, the students will depart by the school bus service to the Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. Upon arrival, the second year medical students will be presenting this daylong program which will welcome and supervise your students to the program. Southeast Louisiana AHEC staff will also be attending to help supervise these students. If you wish to aid in chaperoning this function please contact us. We are allowed to invite a limited number of supervisors for this program.
The following expenses are covered for each program participant: transportation to and from the Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, lunch on March 10th and other expenses associated with the program. Students are required to bring their own money to purchase any souvenirs or incidentals they desire. At the end of the day we might have the opportunity to visit the bookstore to allow the students to purchase mementos.
I have enclosed student applications, flyers and parent letters for you to give to the students interested in the program. Please feel free to make copies of these materials as needed. All applications for “Day with the Doctors” must be postmarked by February 5th. The selection committee will meet and send letters of acceptance and rejection by February 15th. Please instruct the students to mail their completed application, one-page essay explaining why they should be considered for this program, transcripts and one letter of recommendation to: Elizabeth Tamor; Southeast LA AHEC; 1302 JW DAVIS Drive; Hammond, LA 70403.
If you have any questions, please contact me at (985) 345-1119.

Elizabeth Tamor, Chief Learning Officer

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