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Part VIII: Sensorial Fieldwork

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WALKING AS KNOWING. http://www.walkinginplace.org/converge/iprh/index.htm

AAA new ethnographic writing:



story of a famous photo taken during the U. S. war on Vietnam told from different perspectives (photographer, subject, audiences).


a wide selection of photos from an on-line course in photo ethnography focusing on urban poverty, gentrification, social exclusion.

Journals: Visual Anthropology, Visual Anthropology Review, Critique of Anthropology, Anthropologica, American Anthropologist, Canadian Journal of Native Studies.

Examples of photoessays:


(2) http://cc.joensuu.fi/sights/carol.htm

WALKING AS KNOWING. http://www.walkinginplace.org/converge/iprh/index.htm

story of a famous photo taken during the U. S. war on Vietnam told from different perspectives (photographer, subject, audiences).


a wide selection of photos from an on-line course in photo ethnography focusing on urban poverty, gentrification, social exclusion.

Journals: Visual Anthropology, Visual Anthropology Review, Critique of Anthropology, Anthropologica, American Anthropologist, Canadian Journal of Native Studies, Senses and Society, Cultural Anthropology, Liminalities, Storytelling, Text & Performance Quarterly, The Drama Review, Anthropology and Humanism.

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