Daily Oral Language 1

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Daily Oral Language 1

    • ive took the long poem the prelude to read tonight i should of began it sooner don’t you agree
    • because cameron has throwed successful passes in many games he was chose to be interviewed for the community magazine called around our town

Daily Oral Language 2

  • the book the return of the native is frequently studied in english classes mr lopez said this afternoon
  • mom she wont leave me and raul take joses bike on larchmont highway this Wednesday

Daily Oral Language 3

  • generally you write good but today you have to many short sentences in youre essay
  • to be an accomplished athlete youll have to run faster than bobbi has ran said coach gonzalez

Daily Oral Language 4

  • i was so tired i wanted to lay down my dad he suggested that i ate in an hour
  • 2. the new employee was requested to do there things first complete the Form second submit a reference and third he was asked to mail a resume to the personnel office

Daily Oral Language 5

  • 1. the article new digital photography appears in the book photograpy today it also appears i believe in the book how to take great pictures
  • 2. she was so angry she flinged the letter in the fire and sweared shed never speak to her sister again

Daily Oral Language 6

  • 1. the self assured actor turned to the director and asked will you be auditioning talented actors for the french movie at 230 PM on Friday
  • 2. she lives at 319 beverly drive los angeles california which is located off of highway 108

Daily Oral Language 7

  • the laocoön and his sons is a statue in the vatican museun in rome italy it was made on the island of rhodes in greece and later it was sent to italy
  • my sister she has spoke many times in fact about that book the grapes of wrath

Daily Oral Language 8

  • we havent no cassette of the song stand by me but i think that you might find it at fredricks music store
  • be careful not to fall off of the mountain ledge and watching out for falling rocks

Daily Oral Language 9

  • that there dog has bit several Children her owners would do good to keep her muzzled don’t you think
  • the boat mystic adventure by the way sunk to years ago want it moored over their

Daily Oral Language 10

  • we went to joshs apartment which is located on thirty ninth avenue for the september surprise party
  • the portrait jan six the portrait that was painted in 1654 is considered the better work of many similar paintings that rembrandt completed

Daily Oral Language 11

  • if youll help my memorize the poem the raven ill help you analyze the short story snowfall in childhood
  • she hasnt never showed much self assurance or growed much from her mistakes

Daily Oral Language 12

  • he could of ran faster but he had tore one of his tendons consequently the race was lost by him
  • to be able to complete there science projects both rosa and sam the two who are juniors this year will have a two weeks extension

Daily Oral Language 13

  • i should of spoke sooner about my trip to nashville by the way where in sundra right now
  • the sky rockets the group that is a rock and roll band appeared in the april 24 2000 concert at phoenix

Daily Oral Language 14

  • the meyers and baqueros boats were damaged on lake arrowhead when the to boats collided
  • because we have went their twice on our way to visit my sister and brothers Resort which is located in northern california

Daily Oral Language 15

  • were sure there is 8 speakers participating in the symposium such speakers will draw large crowds
  • the three doctors all of them foreigners decided to give a lecture on Saturday but the classroom was not available

Daily Oral Language 16

  • 1. adam received the bad news he was really shook
  • there is three students who are all sophomores who will earn extra credit for his hard work

Daily Oral Language 17

  • 1. 4923 dumore ave
  • syracuse ny
  • october 20 2001
  • 2. digital software
  • 1874 moore dr
  • boulder co 89822
  • dear sir or madame

Daily Oral Language 18

  • irregardless of the windy day father said we choosed to drive through yosemite national park
  • when i rose the lid of the box that I found inside of the attice i seen a copy of the herald tribune from tuesday january 7 1958

Daily Oral Language 19

  • the japanese had came to paris france to discuss how the airbus a huge plane is different than other planes
  • dr wong is it true that you have wrote the article the future of computers and a book entitled our digital world

Daily Oral Language 20

  • my parents was in the east at christmas time and brung back some gifts a box of videos a bag of imported chocolate and a set of luggage
  • there is four classmates of mine who have won a trop to see the brooklyn bridge on the twenty sixth of june

Daily Oral Language 21

  • ling a friend of mine purchased a pair of boots while in mexico with tapered heels
  • during the semester kim said the classes in this here school are alright

Daily Oral Language 22

  • during the blizzard the doors of our dadge had froze shut therefore we eat at home and not at the village café
  • behind the truck in the alley I and my brother catched a german pointer we had saw running down parma rd earlier

Daily Oral Language 23

  • because the students brung a copy of time to class with a article about the korean government
  • at 415 mom drived me and my friends to fairmont park where we played basketball

Daily Oral Language 24

  • the workers didnt pick up none of the old clothes i had weared and donated to the salvation army
  • our english teacher may of saw millers death of a salesman an awfully powerfully play at the shubert theater in new york

Daily Oral Language 25

  • the poem the raven is exciting to read it is one of 6 poems ms serrano have we students to read
  • deciding to reply to the want ad in the village voice a letter was wrote by chas yesterday morning

Daily Oral Language 26

  • their interested in helping we students-if we support rayanne for student council president
  • id better finish the short story a dayswork i need more As on daily Tests

Daily Oral Language 27

  • dr torres she called at 405 AM vicky said and tells me about the fire at the oceanview motel on sunset boulevard
  • no mr soto dont have those magazines that this here class needs

Daily Oral Language 28

  • sarah and me choosed these here activities at arts camp to sculpt dancing sing and to compose
  • the british ocean liner lusitania sunk in the atlantic ocean on may 7 1915 on a voyage from new york to liverpool

Daily Oral Language 29

  • us students have began practicing tomorrow the better song on this here cassette for the 24th contemporary music festival
  • last summer grandfather growed teo many peaches he gived some to father to can

Daily Oral Language 30

  • we havent took no videos to ridgewood middle school for three years or so give or take a few weeks
  • after the reading prof diaz introduced me and sam to sharon olds whose a poet she told us about her long poem the race

Daily Oral Language 31

  • first he asked to who i was e-mailing second he wanted to know who had rode a Motorcycle down the alley
  • watch out for the newly planted seeds in the garden mom shouted or youll get mulch on youre shoes

Daily Oral Language 32

  • has dad spoke to she and kate concerning an article in the magazine teen people about snowboarding in the rocky mountains
  • noone in my family has never went to the art museum in new york and saw monets painting water lilies

Daily Oral Language 33

  • capt bookman is it alright to assume that most of the thirty eighth division personnel is from texas
  • after you have drew up a map showing the route from sheridan blvd to highway 78 you may continue reading the book great expectations

Daily Oral Language 34

  • the salespeople at that there store is the more helpful in town for example one left me examine all the videos inside of the Case
  • had she knew before the all county swim championship that geraldo has swam every day since april 2 2000

Daily Oral Language 35

  • the larchmont glee club has gave it’s approval to order twenty one cases of salsa ten dozen avocados and they also have ordered five cartons of tacos
  • she wants to lay on the floor and watch dawson’s creek this program will be on television at 800 PM in the evening

Daily Oral Language 36

  • ms riaz said that when she teached at ravenhill academy the students theirselves choosed the topics for there essays
  • my friend he hasnt never put them puppies in the backyard cuz it cant stand being alone for long periods

Daily Oral Language 38

  • we dont want to leave noone go into that auditorium because theirs danger of a stampede sgt miller said
  • the us army are expanding faster i think then was expected

Daily Oral Language 39

  • consumer reports is an informative magazine i think that the consumers union publishes for prospective buyers
  • skateboarding in the park the ball hit the girl but the girl was not seriously injured

Daily Oral Language 40

  • bobbi should of took the too Videos the book and the cassette to the library if she had the time
  • carriers transformation scene is a spooky poem wrote in the 20th century

Daily Oral Language 41

  • the american colonists had been antibritish before the war but in the 17th century this was not true
  • the movie star wars is a hands down favorite of many film buffs prof hillier said in his lecture

Daily Oral Language 42

  • the marathon runner couldnt see nothing she hit a fellow runner the one who was right ahead of her
  • on the first serve the tennis player swinged the racket and missed but the tennis ball was hit by her on the second serve

Daily Oral Language 43

  • he was close to sitting an new olympic record when he nearly fainted and his advantage was lost
  • the short story the birds is a terrifying tale it is about a life threatening change in a natural world

Daily Oral Language 44

  • yes teresa has sang in the monroe high school jazz club for 3 years i think
  • please note josé that you used to many xs in the caption mr monroe said and the type needs to be smaller

Daily Oral Language 45

  • the friendly dog a labrador was everyones favorite at the greenwich animal shelter on mercer street
  • the metroliner was a fast Train that ran among philadelphia and new york according to an article in the washington post

Daily Oral Language 46

  • 1. 408 first avenue
  • tranton nj
  • may 21 2004
  • 2. clemens benjamin and brantley law offices
  • 204 state street
  • albany ny 12205

Daily Oral Language 47

  • my sister she has wrote several celebrity profiles for the ledger which is a weekly newspaper
  • to leave school on time we had to do the following turn off our computers lock the doors and get our coats

Daily Oral Language 48

  • i and my brother have ate at the lakewood cafeteria the place is located on the south side three times
  • we will make an effort to do these things irregardless of the time catalog the books expand the librarys hours and helping the younger readers

Daily Oral Language 49

  • our van which was parked in the mechanics garage was broke into it was vandalized
  • there are several buyers who wants to examine seaside at dawn the better of the four paintings

Daily Oral Language 50

  • after completing the italian homework mark begun to do his assignment in Calculus later, he done his science assignment
  • is your friend reading the novel the mayor of casterbridge or is she watching felicity on television

Daily Oral Language 51

  • our class of 35 students are going to have a hours practice on the computer this afternoon i think
  • im enrolled in courses in spanish drama and american history this semester victor said

Daily Oral Language 52

  • since its snowing to hard she dont want to go to central park this morning
  • he hasnt choose no subject for his essay she added so why doesnt us help him

Daily Oral Language 53

  • manny has wrote a article called website designing which will appear in the march issue of laptop magazine
  • nathaniel dont have no interest in learing mai and i to use that there computer yet hes willing to learn the to of us how to load that there new software

Daily Oral Language 54

  • the centurion community choir want to learn this land is your land for the tri county community choral competition
  • your to use one third cup of sugar according to the cookbook desserts made simple

Daily Oral Language 55

  • marie asked has joanne lent you the article job hunting successfully or have katya and you read it already
  • tony was to have gave we boys the movie reviews to right for the school newspaper however some other students writed it

Daily Oral Language 56

  • i was to have took the biggest of the too boxes of equipment but i forget and left them laying on the floor
  • has the speaker phone rang that loud before or did your sister turn up the volume to here it in her bedroom

Daily Oral Language 57

  • i like the jeans that leanne bought at wanamakers warehouse with the embroidered cuffs
  • will you be reading the prelude the autobiographical poem in you english Class this semester

Daily Oral Language 58

  • tomorrow he said we will be visiting grandfathers house going skateboarding and take the dog to the Vet
  • yes veronica has knowed which is the best of the two computers but she has never saw neither of them in operation

Daily Oral Language 59

  • she drunk the protein shake first and then exercise was needed by her for a hour
  • neither of the 2 amateur actors wish to be the one whom presents the monologue

Daily Oral Language 60

  • max has chose an electronic organizer for mothers gift im buying her a expensive sweater made in england
  • isnt rachel and sarah angry with selinas and joannes discussion of the surprise party

Daily Oral Language 61

  • we should of finished the science project in may but there was no time to research careful for such a complicated exhibit
  • yesterday he wants to go with dad and mom to see beauty and the beast the famous musical but he had to baby sit with david

Daily Oral Language 62

  • between the five of we classmates only one have wrote a paper that is very difficult than the other 4
  • have you read troys short story the open window for todays class sam asked

Daily Oral Language 63

  • its alright to use them newspaper editorials if leroy dont need it
  • the 4 page brochure entitled spanning the world deal with surfing the web i think

Daily Oral Language 64

  • rachel dont have a lot of books and videos to return back to the Library cuz most of them were returned back on Monday
  • she has went by that there theater many times of course however she cant remember the name

Daily Oral Language 65

  • since ignacio should of took the plane we were surprised not to find him at the airport
  • look at the race bobby said pulling ahead i can see the american runners

Daily Oral Language 66

  • 4913 simpson ave
  • denver co
  • january 11 2002
  • technocraft corporation
  • the lear building
  • 148 waverly dr
  • sacramento ca 94203

Daily Oral Language 67

  • we could of stayed longer but raul was anxious too leave he wanted to watch the 6 oclock news program at this uncles house
  • the truck that arrived at our house contained the furniture shipped from the east coast but noone was home to meet him

Daily Oral Language 68

  • don’t warren know that the further he drives on this narrow road the less chance we have of arriving on time at juanitas house
  • the car skid and hit a tree the tree was on our lawn the car was defective but the driver was not hurt

Daily Oral Language 69

  • please try and find my copy of ernest hemingways the sun also rises tim so that I can borrow it to sarah
  • mr e r cavendish my piano teacher has a poster with this here quotation from john erskine music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing

Daily Oral Language 70

  • architecture in toronto canada is an interesting blend of old and new skyscrapers exist harmonious with well preserved old buildings
  • in the television lounge of westview nursing home many residents were setting and watching wheel of fortune

Daily Oral Language 71

  • mrs blake the president of the pta appointed linda as Chairperson because she felt strong about the health committees task
  • my cousin frank commented that washington high school is different than emerson middle school in three ways size expectation and facilities

Daily Oral Language 72

  • mr schnick he didn’t allow no one to see the movie charly who didn’t finish reading daniel keyess novel flowers for algernon
  • even though we didn’t leave until 440 pm for the nelsons super bowl party we arrived early because the traffic on carlton blvd was light

Daily Oral Language 73

  • Look at them beautiful paintings of adoreable little monkeys
  • The artist painted they at just three year of age!

Daily Oral Language 74

  • Wang Yani was born in 1975 she growed up in gongcheng China.
  • Her enjoyed walking along the river and exploreing the countryside near gongcheng

Daily Oral Language 75

  • Yani began to draw animals trees and other natureal thing
  • she saw monkeys at the Nanning Zoo she decided to paint them.

Daily Oral Language 76

  • Have you seen wang Yani's painting called A Hundred Monkeys
  • This painting is thirty five foots long and actually shows one hundred twelve monkies.

Daily Oral Language 77

  • Yani painted many monkeys but later she beginned too paint other subjects.
  • Many of Yani's paintings illustrateions of stories from her imagination

Daily Oral Language 78

  • George did you watch Jackie Joyner-Kersee at the Olympics in Barcelona spain?
  • Yes her skill in track-and-field events amazs I!

Daily Oral Language 79

  • Ms Joyner-Kersee practics many hours a day for the woman's heptathlon
  • This contest consist of seven events, including running jumping and throwing.

Daily Oral Language 80

  • I read a article called A special Fire in Sports Illustrated magazine.
  • It gived the measurment of joyner-Kersee's Olympic-record long jump in 1988.

Daily Oral Language 81

  • In 1988, Joyner-Kersee's long jump was twenty four foots, three and one-half inches.
  • She won a gold medal and she won the heptathlon to.

Daily Oral Language 82

  • She won a gold medal and she won the heptathlon to.
  • Me and Darlene think this gracful woman is the most greatest female athlete ever!

Daily Oral Language 83

  • Me and Pam think the story about John henry is believeable.
  • It may be about a real person but no one are sure.

Daily Oral Language 83

  • John Henry was a dependible worker he builded railroads and tunnel.
  • Him could swing his hammer for ten hour and not never be tired.

Daily Oral Language 84

  • Henry's boss buyed a steam drill to build the big bend Tunnel.
  • John henry said, that steam drill won't beat I!"

Daily Oral Language 85

  • The steam drill made a admirible hole nine foots deep.
  • Henry's hole were fourteen feet deep him had beaten the steam drill!

Daily Oral Language 86

  • After the contest john falled down dead with his hammer in his hand.
  • He were buried in an suituble place it was near the tunnel

Daily Oral Language 87

  • I'd love too be a time travelor then I'd visit king Louis XIV.
  • On may 14 1643, four-year-old Louis became the king of France.

Daily Oral Language 88

  • In those days the noblemans of france often challenged the king's power.
  • Louis was a clever leadder him kept them nobles busy with endless ceremonies.

Daily Oral Language 89

  • Every morning at 800, the waking-up ceremony beginned.
  • Lucky noblemen help louis put on his wig shave and get dressed.

Daily Oral Language 90

  • King Louis loved flowers many gardenors tend his four million tulips
  • In his large garden too thousand orange trees was sometimes in bloom.

Daily Oral Language 91

  • David asked "was king Louis XIV a good billiards playor?"
  • "I don't know i replied, but at parties everyone watched him play."

Daily Oral Language 92

  • Mr Stein said Every animal risponds to changes in temperature.
  • Even us human need ways to keep cool.

Daily Oral Language 93

  • in hot climates, many mammals has large ear for keeping cool.
  • Heat is lost through the animals' ears this loss re-duces they're temperature.

Daily Oral Language 94

  • some animals re-treat from the sun during the day but them come out during the night.
  • Scorpions escapes the very hotter temperatures by hiding beneath stones

Daily Oral Language 95

  • The light-colored coat of a zebu refflects the sun so heat bounce off it's back.
  • An elephant covers itself with mud the mud keeps it cool than water can

Daily Oral Language 96

  • A fox cool off by panting, and an hippopotamus re-freshes itself in a cool river.
  • On an horse's body, sweat glands keeps the coat damp and preevent overheating.

Daily Oral Langauge 97

  • The Republic of the Philippines is located in the Pacific ocean
  • The nations two most large islands Luzon and mindanao.

Daily Oral Language 98

  • The philippine island of Luzon produces copper gold tobacco and rice.
  • Manila is a important city on Luzon its the countrys capital.

Daily Oral Language 99

  • "Luzon have many mountains and inactive volcanoes, grandmother said
  • "Farmers grow they're crops on shelfs of land cut into the mountainside."

Daily Oral Language 100

  • "On what date" thuha asked, did the Philippines become an independent nation?"
  • It happened on july 4 1946, answered the teachers assistant.

Daily Oral Language 101

  • This travelers guide describe colorful vehicle called jeepneys in Philippine cities
  • Jeepneys is small than buses but may people crowd in for a ride.

Daily Oral Language 102

  • Once African americans in the south couldn't never sit with white people on busses
  • A woman named Rosa parks figthed two change this unfair law.

Daily Oral Language 103

  • Ms Parks lived and worked in Montgomery alabama
  • Too earn extra money, her made dress's in the evenings.

Daily Oral Language 104

  • On thursday december 1, 1955 Parks get on a bus
  • Parks sitting in the section for blacks or whites but one white person didn't have no seat.

Daily Oral Language 105

  • Get up!" yell the bus driver but parks wouldn't move no way
  • Parks goed to jail it was the first of many clashs to come.

Daily Oral Language 106

  • To protest parks's arrest, African Americans refused to ride buses in montgomery
  • Bus companies reported huge loss's of money the law were changed.

Daily Oral Langauge 107

  • John a Ciardi was born on June 24 1916 in Boston, massachusetts
  • Do you think maria that this clever poet was a jenius?

Daily Oral Language 108

  • Ciardi believe that most poetry for childs was boring and silly
  • Some of his poems are strang, but them is always interesting!

Daily Oral Language 109

  • You may borrow my copy7 of the book Fast and slow by John ciardi
  • Me and Matt like the poem about the polluted river.

Daily Oral Language 110

  • Mr Gomez will you read the poem called The Shark to we children?
  • This poem describes a dangurous shark but the poem are very funny!

Daily Oral Language 111

  • Yesterday I writed my own poem about elfs on the shelfs of my kitchen
  • Now i writing a poem about a majic bicycle.

Daily Oral Language 112

  • yes the two of you have youre mothers permission
  • snowy our cat is the whiter of all of the cats on our block

Daily Oral Language 113

  • did you read a copy of science fiction digest my favorite magazine
  • mother brung the groceries home or it could of been dad

Daily Oral Language 114

  • there taking mrs jackson theyre friend too albert park with them
  • one of the birds are making it’s nest

Daily Oral Language 115

Daily Oral Language 116

  • get youre room cleaned up mother said or your not going to the show
  • i to have just finished reading night visits john smiths long poem

Daily Oral Language 117

  • us girls havent never tore the paper into to pieces
  • won’t you give kim and i there popcorn

Daily Oral Language 118

  • we have knew that prof bagley plays golf real good
  • yesterday i laid down in the hammock and read tom sawyer a novel by mark twain

Daily Oral Language 119

  • their was to little water for the grass to grow more tall
  • may curt and me go to the riverside beach asked jan

Daily Oral Language 120

  • yes the to of you have youre mothers permission
  • there reading arctic fury a short story

Daily Oral Language 121

  • has you ever been to a audition for a play
  • were glad that sammy is on hour team this year

Daily Oral Language 122

  • allen watch television form 630 to 830 last night
  • them boys rides the bus two school ever day

Daily Oral Language 123

  • werent their no cookies left
  • why cant jerome never get here on time

Daily Oral Language 124

  • matt walked nervous to the plate knowing his team would loose the game if he striked out  
  • boy we was sure tired after climbing to the top of pikes peak  

Daily Oral Language 125

  • sherry need a new break on her motorcycle before shell be able to race  
  • theys dog gots mud in his fir from rolling in a mud puddle  

Daily Oral Language 126

Daily Oral Language 127

  • after he gived hi dog a bath carlos was so wet and dirty he taked one hisself      
  • why doesnt you come over four homemade ice cream said mr choi

Daily Oral Language 128

  • miguel pablo and carlotta is going to mexico for christmas  
  •   dont walk threw them mud puddles in your good shoes  

Daily Oral Language 129

  • lets meat at the park four a picnic  
  •   put that down write now and dont took it again

Daily Oral Language 130

  • if we leave now she said well be right on time
  • do you have dear mr henshaw alice ask the clerk

Daily Oral Language 131

  • a mongoose is to curius to frighten easy
  • rikki-tikki behaves tame with people but hes fearce toward his animal enemys

Daily Oral Language 132

  • the british rule india until 1947
  • rudyard kipling who’s first name was actully joseph is sent away to england when he was only six

Daily Oral Language 133

  • were nag or nagaina the more meaner cobra
  • if animals could talk would people lissn

Daily Oral Language 134

  • when robert Frost lived in new England he use to see colts, who are young horses
  • julio that lives in florida hasn’t never seen snow

Daily Oral Language 135

  • cassie is eight christopher is seven john is six and stacey the eldest was eleven
  • her big brother say that the song of the trees are only the sound of the wind

Daily Oral Language 136

  • yesterday the girl listen to the pines of the forrest
  • when mr anderson came back he grateful to the family

Daily Oral Language 137

  • one hundred dollars arent much money for all them trees
  • Mildred D. Taylor the author of the short story Song Of The Trees modeled david logan after herself’s own father

Daily Oral Language 138

  • Was kevins leg broke
  • allthough anne McCaffrey live in ireland she was growing up in N.J.

Daily Oral Language 139

  • whats your favoritest food
  • them peaches is still green

Daily Oral Language 140

  • ernestor galarza didn’t speak no english when he entered First grade at the lincoln school
  • wheres the lincoln school at

Daily Oral Language 141

  • every wensday and Saturday her and her mother goes shoping for fresh vegtables
  • what do your family eat on christmas day

Daily Oral Language 142

  • we began using chopsticks instead of a fork after reading the story Fish Cheeks by amy tan
  • by the time she was Fortie, the poet emily dickinson weared only white cloths

Daily Oral Language 143

  • ray bradbury was 12 when he decides to become a writer
  • the idea of collonizing mars and other planets interest many serious sceintists

Daily Oral Language 144

  • the story the name of the names if from a ray bradbury book titled the martian chronicles
  • the colonists looked differently after having lived on mars for a few years

Daily Oral Langauge 145

  • seperated from his homeland by thousands of miles vladimir dreamed of playing again in snow
  • do people develop different personalitys when they leave thier hometowns

Daily Oral Language 146

  • patrolmen wells is a loyall Police Officer and frend
  • they call him silky Bob because hes a smoothe operater

Daily Oral Langauge 147

  • why do some writer’s adopt pen names rather than use thier real one’s
  • william sydney porter the author of the short story After Twenty Years is known as O. Henry

Daily Oral Language 148

  • the lives of a investigative reporter are very dangerous
  • i have always want to be an investigative reporter

Daily Oral Language 149

  • the mason-dixon line is not an actul line drawed on the ground
  • my mother whose from ohio remebers a time when she have to stand up for her rights

Daily Oral Language 150

  • if youre bestest friend couldnt go somewhere with you would you go anyway or stay behind
  • the hole golf teem wanted to play at that country club

Daily Oral Language 151

  • has you ever been to a audition for a play
  • were glad that sammy is on hour team this year

Daily Oral Language 152

  • yes the two of you have youre mothers permission
  • snowy our cat is the whiter of all of the cats on our block

Daily Oral Language 153

  • did you read a copy of science fiction digest my favorite magazine
  • mother brung the groceries home or it could of been dad

Daily Oral Language 154

  • there taking mrs jackson theyre friend too albert park with them
  • one of the birds are making it’s nest

Daily Oral Language 155

  • in chicago illinois we stayed at the conrad hilton hotel
  • we read the longest day a short poem in class

Daily Oral Language 156

  • get youre room cleaned up mother said or your not going to the show
  • i to have just finished reading night visits john smiths long poem

Daily Oral Language 157

  • us girls havent never tore the paper into to pieces
  • won’t you give kim and i there popcorn

Daily Oral Language 158

  • we have knew that prof bagley plays golf real good
  • yesterday i laid down in the hammock and read tom sawyer a novel by mark twain

Daily Oral Language 159

  • their was to little water for the grass to grow more tall
  • may curt and me go to the riverside beach asked jan

Daily Oral Language 160

  • yes the to of you have youre mothers permission
  • there reading arctic fury a short story

Daily Oral Language 161

  • dr and mrs j r stone went to everglades national park in florida
  • last tuesday we read about africas victoria falls

Daily Oral Language 162

  • the dinosaurs were sleeping on there feet
  • you go inside and sit down she sail. no he replied.

Daily Oral Language 163

Daily Oral Language 164

  • do mr And mrs colena attends a baptist church in iowa
  • the french poodle were taken to uptown grooming shop

Daily Oral Language 165

  • in english our class enjoyed the book roll of thunder, hear my cry
  • has you visited the kansas state fair each day, wendy

Daily Oral Language 166

  • my aunt mary brang carnation ice cream at martins drugstore
  • has fannys fudge factory moves downtown to brookside drive

Daily Oral Language 167

  • a alaskan cruise are scheduled to leave for the island
  • the papago indian are located in eastern arizona

Daily Oral Language 168

  • georgia is located in the south
  • should i had ask grandma to meet us at rustlers restaurant

Daily Oral Language 169

  • the red cross meets last friday with governor jonas t phelps
  • the books title is success through a positive mental attitude

Daily Oral Language 170

  • did napoleon lost at the battle of waterloo
  • we seen judge barnworths car at a kiwanis club meeting

Daily Oral Language 171

  • are columbian tea or folger’s coffee served at hungry boy restaurant
  • the club does meets at the st marks community hospital

Daily Oral Language 172

  • dawns siamese cat have been found by officer brown
  • the dree middle school were open on presidents’ day

Daily Oral Language 173

  • doctor hughes the veterinarian needs an african elephant liver
  • officer jones pulled them womans from the burnin’ ford bronco

Daily Oral Language 174

  • i sits in line for two hour to get me drivers license
  • sam yelled double dutch while karen screamed no way

Daily Oral Language 175

  • i meet james at walmart to get some of them cheap yella’ bananas
  • the colossus scares me when i gone to lagoon last year

Daily Oral Language 177

  • dont make me do state testing george yelled you must she insisted
  • saddam hussein blows up the tanker and then he builded it back

Daily Oral Langauge 178

  • me hair feel dirty and full of gunk said jim well warsh it out she said
  • i is not willin to paints yer house fer free bo jangles said

Daily Oral Language 179

  • no dont tare down the gap she said as her husband cheers
  • officer hatchet yelled freeze punk and johnny dropped his ice cream

Daily Oral Language 180

  • brittney sangs like a sick mule and needs to wears more clothes
  • i hate pullin them weeds when them thorns sticks me in the thumbs

Daily Oral Language 181

  • she screamed give me the donut you mongrel mutt but I ignored her
  • i cants believe it the year is over josh said as he rans out the door

Daily Oral Language 182

  • did milton the english poet right the long poem paradise lost
  • theyll seems to be many problems with them too companies

Daily Oral Language 183

  • them too have fighted since kindergarten but being apart is best
  • darrel announced I is ready to jump through the center of the earth

Daily Oral Language 184

  • i got scared readin’ the story the monsters are eating maple street!
  • cents i need to make it home you needs to drive with common since

Daily Oral Language 185

  • john yelled don’t step on my toe and jane said leave me alone
  • she gone to the tower to do some dancin friday night

Daily Oral Language 186

  • after looking for wheaties i choose to buy corn flakes insteads
  • George said watch out for the mower John yelled ouch

Daily Oral Language 187

  • yous guys take me to the march of dimes haunted house right now
  • I buys my pizzas at pizza hut and dominos

Daily Oral Language 188

Daily Oral Language 189

  • I likes burgers and fries at wendys but not at mcdonalds
  • my sister anita speaks arabic and studies iranian customs

Daily Oral Langauge 190

  • them dentists comes here daily to fix broke teeth
  • the vaccine were being given by doctors at the holy cross hospital

Daily Oral Language 191

  • the german language teacher are ill with the asian flu
  • while we was in san francisco we cross the golden gate bridge

Daily Oral Language 192

  • sam said why don’t we go home then john said no way
  • the paint from thems cans were leakin on the table

Daily Oral Language 193

  • wow bat man i gotsta go home
  • the japanese mafia stealed trained monkeys to robbing banks

Daily Oral Language 194

  • the juice from thems oranges were tasty on me tongue
  • youre dog are smart to just lay in the shade on such a hot day

Daily Oral Language 195

  • the repair man just speaked in pig latin and didnt fix me clock
  • the last day john kellys latest book is really exciting

Daily Oral Language 196

  • my friends they has ate at conner park many times and play game to
  • hasnt the boys never catched any fish in the luck river

Daily Oral Language 197

  • mrs jacobs have you ever went to the catskill mountains and hiked
  • my social studies teacher learned me that africa is by the ocean

Daily Oral Language 198

  • there is to many commas in youre paragraph but its still good
  • Saturday morning carl and me sold forty six copies of the la times

Daily Oral Language 199

  • turtle yelled don’t pull my hair but doug said hush up you midget
  • we drived all night but i wouldnt want to do that again

Daily Oral Language 200

Daily Oral Language 201

  • anglicanism the state religion of england began with henry viii
  • did you finish memorize the poem ode to the west wind

Daily Oral Language 202

  • last summer our family gone to yellowstone national park
  • did the byu cougars won the championship

Daily Oral Language 203

  • we seen mr dudleys car at the store
  • last year our school goes to hogle zoo

Daily Oral Language 204

  • i luv livin in spanish fark
  • i brung my coat to gives to them homeless ones

Daily Oral Language 205

  • dunt make me mad, ricky said to lucy
  • that there movie were just totally stupid

Daily Oral Language 206

  • i gives all my homework time to my english essay
  • i stays up late watching who wants to be a millionaire

Daily Oral Language 207

  • you're sister sat the table and your to wash the dishes
  • food costs have raised this year said mr lopez

Daily Oral Language 208

  • i gots up early to washes me clothes
  • when i was in the south last year i gone to fort henry

Daily Oral Language 209

  • didnt youre teacher learn you nothing about the election
  • the edgewood clinic is located on terry street in anoka idaho.

Daily Oral Language 210

  • if you give the puppy to pam she well see that its taken home
  • us girls is going to susans slumber party tonight

Daily Oral Language 211

Daily Oral Language 212

  • wolves are predators and hunt other animals such as Moose Elk and Deer for food
  • in stories like little red riding hood the wolf is described as being evil

Daily Oral Language 213

  • Native americans hold the wolf in high regard. And believe that wolves have many good qualities
  • wolves were brought in to yellowstone park in 1995

Daily Oral Language 214

  • smaller and lighter than gray wolves the arctic wolf lives on the islands in canadas arctic
  • the red wolf used to lived as far north as pennsylvania and as far west as texas

Daily Oral Language 215

  • the leader of a wolf pack is called the alpha wolf the leader of the united states is called the president
  • the sawtoothpack lives on the nez perce reservation in idaho.

Daily Oral Language 216

  • wolves communicate by howling growling whimpering whining barking squealing
  • I writeing a report called The orphan trains of New York.

Daily Oral Language 217

  • My friend Les and I can learn you about this trains.
  • In 1853, the children's aid society of new York seed thousands of homeless children.

Daily Oral Language 218

  • Charles L. Brace the founder maked a unusual proposel
  • we have drank all of the fruit punch eric but mother will buy some more for we kids

Daily Oral Language 219

  • they arrived late they missed the beginning of the movie raiders of the lost ark
  • inside of the room you could see how good he had sat the Dining room table

Daily Oral Language 220

  • vicky is the better of the four athletes but she cant be at all the games
  • if you had shook the malt good you could of drank it easily

Daily Oral Language 221

  • please do the following things mail that package type the lists straightening the books and phoning
  • mrs ames ive never had no desire to have him learn me how to drive because hes to critical i would of froze that corn but i couldnt get it off of the cob

Daily Oral Language 222

  • i would of froze that corn but i couldnt get it off of the cob
  • will you read the novel time warp or will you read the magazine article scientific mysteries over the weekend

Daily Oral Language 223

  • marty and me have ate our lunches therefore well carry the boxes to the room
  • unless you lay down for a while youll collapse from overwork

Daily Oral Language 224

  • i and my brother seen the movie young frankenstein at the majestic theater
  • there are two girls who are reading the short story called the indian swing they’ll share it in Class

Daily Oral Language 225

Daily Oral Language 226

  • to be specific the chicago tribune is different from the chicago sun times because the former contains more sections
  • he learned we students to refinish furniture as a result i refinished this table

Daily Oral Language 227

  • to enjoy a shakesperean play like hamlet a person should read it before seeing it i believe
  • since donnas poem entitled springtime won first prize mr harris our teacher read it to us

Daily Oral Language 228

  • the japanese company has began to develop to new computers and they plan to market there products next year
  • please leave roy read carls popular mechanics magazine since carl has already wrote his report

Daily Oral Language 229

  • cindy she dont borrow her bicycle to many people however she will leave a friend use it
  • holy cross church must of purchased the twenty nine trees for it’s landscaping project

Daily Oral Language 230

  • this here quote appeared on the poster be not the first by whom the new is tried
  • the sun will of rose over the catskill mountains by 610 AM tomorrow

Daily Oral Language 231

  • that woman who is buying a ticket must like to travel alot because she has went to europe every summer for ten years
  • i ran father then the other forty nine people i believe

Daily Oral Langauge 232

  • has sarah took my book again asked george angrily
  • this rose colored dish was gave to my mother and i by my Aunt who lives in savannah

Daily Oral Language 233

  • after finishing a note to jan the pan was put away by Gloria
  • on vacation at stone lake the bailey family enjoyed boating swimming to fish and to hike

Daily Oral Language 234

  • she should of chose the best of the two plays which was life with father
  • juan stated me and my sister are reading the interesting novel the prince and the pauper

Daily Oral Language 235

  • 1. 320 merlin circle
  • cincinnati oh 45200
  • july 23 2006
  • 2. dear bill
  • do you have a sleeping bag i can lend when we go camping together
  • sincerely
  • john

Daily Oral Language 236

Daily Oral Language 237

  • if you want to see an interesting Television program then watch the simpsons on sunday evenings
  • i would of drew the outline but i didnt have nothing to draw with

Daily Oral Langauge 238

  • me and barry visited cliff st in the afternoon and then in the evening we go to the movie willow
  • on august 28 2003 we visited donna and her mother at 7213 ninth avenue seattle washington

Daily Oral Langauge 239

  • she’s certainly doing good in her new job at the waxford tire co
  • the abandoned house that no one is living in is located in the southern part of boulder colorado

Daily Oral Language 240

  • I think the Mountains in the east is beautiful but mom thinks the ones in the west is most beautiful
  • the battle of the Alamo is a Historic event of interest to many Texans

Daily Oral Language 241

  • she dont go to India in the summer because its too hot instead she travels to Norway
  • you have to many simple sentences in this paragraph jeff vary you’re sentences for a better paragraph

Daily Oral Language 242

  • the poem october is a serious poem written by r frost in the twentieth century
  • We divided the project between the five of us but were not sure well finish on time prof Jackson

Daily Oral Language 243

  • will you lend me fifty five cents to take the bus to brownell park
  • hes going too his best Friends house to pick up the novel the outsiders

Daily Oral Language 244

  • because aunt alice and him went to the somerset inn for lunch and then stopped outside of the marine bank to talk to nicks friend
  • after she had rang the bell many times she gives up and left these items by the door cookies fudge and cake

Daily Oral Language 245

  • he has gave subscriptions to newsweek as christmas gifts for twenty nine years
  • celebration has been a popular song for more than twenty five years i think

Daily Oral Language 246

  • my car had a flat tire i was late for the movie star wars
  • i seen my father fix the faucet standing in the door

Daily Oral Langauge 247

  • them students they are reading the article entitled pollution on the rise
  • she arent to concerned about reading the short story the gift of the magi shell see it on television next tuesday

Daily Oral Language 248

  • they would of rode the cable car at niagra falls but they refused to wait in the long line their
  • the young girl who was six years old was trapped inside of the empty closet which had nothing in it

Daily Oral Language 249

  • mrs vetter told us to do the following read the assignment take notes and to write a Report
  • brittania record company
  • 7321 westridge boulevard
  • los angeles ca 90049

Daily Oral Language 250

  • she dont want to leave we too kids attend the football game weve been gone to much recently
  • leave the book playing dead on the shelf until your ready to read it said mr Arnold

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