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Curriculum Vitae

Personal information:

Name: Beyene Chekol Syoum

Birth: 04 March in 1972

Citizenship: Ethiopian


Home Address: Debre Markos / Ethiopia

Home Phone: ----

Home E-mail or Fax:

Office Address: Debre Markos University

Office Phone: +25158771-67-69

Mob. :+251910351836

Office E-mail or Fax: +251587711764

Linguistic proficiency

Amharic: advance Knowledge

English: basic knowledge

Current Title and Affiliation: Senior Lecturer; in Debre Markos University


Elementary & Secondary Education

Sep. 1987 – June 1990 Senior Secondary School, Student in Dangila

Sep. 1985 – June 1997 Junior Secondary School, Student in Chara Elementary & Junior secondary school

Sep. 1980 – June 1985, Elementary School, Student in Gissa Elementary School

College and University Education

Sep. – June 1992: One year Study at Gondar Teachers Training Institute, (Certificate)

Certificate in June 1992

Courses: English, moths, Amharic, History, Geography, Civics, Biology,

Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Pedagogy.

Oct. 1998 – June 1999: Study of History (major) and Geography minor) at Gondar Teachers

Training College (Diploma) in June 1999

Major Subject Specialized courses: Ethiopian, African and World History courses

Minor Subject Specialized courses: Demography, climate, cartography, landform

2002-2005: Study of History (major) and Geography minor) at Bahir Dar University (Degree)

Degree: Bed. (Bachilor of Education in History);

Major specialized courses: Ethiopian, African and World early, medieval & modern

History courses

Minor specialized courses: Demography, climate, cartography, land form courses. In

addition as a common course English and profession courses are taken during these


Senior Essay Title:

Year Received: Sep. 2005

Sep. 2010 – July 2011: Study of History (major) at Addis Ababa University, (Master)

- Degree: MA. (Master of Arts in History);

- Major specialized courses: Historiography & Advanced historical research method,

Major Themes in the History of Africa, Socio-cultural History of Ethiopia, Major

Issues in the History of Ethiopia

-Year Received: July 2011

- Research Project Title: Retrospective Rummage in Local Districts: A History of Javi

Tihnan Warada (West Gojjam: Ethiopia), 1941 – 1991

Additional Schooling during University Education:

Certificate study in Research work

Certificate study in curriculum development

Certificate study for language proficiency (ILETS)

Work Experience:

Teaching Experience

July 1992 to Oct. 1998, Teacher in Sigla and Fagita Elementary Schools (6 years)

July 1999 to August 2005, Teacher in Addis Qidame Elementary and Junior Secondary School (5Years)

Sep. 2005 to August 2007 Teacher in Dangila Sinior Secondary School (2 Years)

Sep 2007 to Oct. 21, 2007 Teacher in Bahir Dar Higher Education Preparatory School (1.6 months)

Nov. 03, 2007 to Nov. 2008, Graduate Assistant I, Debra Markos University (1 Year)

Dece. 2008 to Nov. 2009 Graduate Assistant II in Debre Markos University (1 Year)

Dece. 2009 – June 2011 Assistant Lecturer in Debre Markos University (2.57 Years)

July. 2011 to the Present, Lecturer in Debre Markos University (Totally 10 year in Debre Markos University)

Department Head:

Committee Membership:

  • Various committee membership experiences in DMU and elementary and secondary schools

Recent publications or conference papers and researches:

  • Two published papers

  • Two research papers already reviewed and accepted for publication

  • Two research papers submitted for review

  • One paper reviewer (At Haddis Alamayehu Cultural Study Institute)


In my leisure time and on a voluntary basis I help disabled persons in accomplishment of their tasks. I enjoy reading books as a pastime and occasionally look the football games.

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